OLYMPICS 2020-2021

Brilliant to see these going ahead, and I hope safely. Gold medals for Ecuador and Bermuda amongst the 20 countries with golds so far. (How the IOC decides on what a country is, is beyond me as the list I just referred to had Hong Kong and Chinese Taipei as well as ROC).


Numbers seem to be falling which is brilliant news. A note of caution though, with schools on holiday and people deleting the NHS app the number of tests might be significantly lower. So probably best to wait for the ONS survey in the community on Friday, or to see if hospitalisations (up 26% on the week) and deaths(up 50% on the week) follow the trend and reduce rapidly.


I do not think the connection between Conservative Government Policies and the increase in abusive behaviour are unconnected. Anti-vaccination devotees are threatening NHS staff whilst others threaten them because they are not due for their second jab yet (for their personal holidays). People without tickets organised to rush Wembley gates to obtain entry. 150000 supermarket staff have been abused and threatened (mainly due to Covid rules).


The Maori way of explaining your place in the world, (pronounced farkapapa) has apparently been used by the England performance coach. Owen Eastwood has also worked with the British Olympic Association, the royal Ballet School and NATO!


On July 4th in the USA more than 180 people died from gun related incidents as reported by CBS. The freedom to carry a gun. 200 people die every year in the UK from drink related driving incidents. The freedom not to wear a mask – deaths not calculated yet. The freedom to travel to and from India after restrictions were placed on Pakistan and Bangladesh, thus allowing the Johnson strain to spread, deaths still rising (TBC).


I am assuming the following are true. Case of Covid could reach 100.000 a day (Secretary of State for Health); cases in Central Oxford – a university student area- have reached 2011 per 100.000. Other university towns and cities are also reporting higher levels of the virus, Students have not been prioritised for vaccination. the Secretary of State for Transport has not published research into Covid connections with amber list countries. The Secretary of State for Education has not had a positive thought regarding education, probably ever. The NHS is cancelling operations due to increased numbers of covid cases, and staff having to self isolate. Covid is affecting people from poorer areas and BAME backgrounds disproportionately. The WHO has recommended that all countries lift restrictions slowly.


I actually love that someone, hopefully children, have sussed out how to produce a false positive Covid test. I know I should not be pleased at this, but as the test is pretty useless anyway, it is good to see inventiveness coming through! Video.


Whilst New York is fitting air purifiers in every classroom, and Belgium is fitting CO2 monitors in public buildings, our wonderful government thinks rhetoric will ventilate our schools and public buildings. So my recommendation for the winter will be to buy extra layers to keep warm – bamboo t-shirts are wonderfully soft, nice woolly jumpers (we have a glut of wool in the Uk, and throw open those windows!


Oh please, I would be more excited about a Fuck Off Day – why does every campaign need a day. Christmas Day and Birthdays were the exciting ones in the calendar, now we have so many I guess they will have to split them into morning, afternoon, evening and night. I will celebrate the night ones by sleeping. And a f**k off day would be fun if targeted at organisations rather than people!