Government control freaks continue to treat the measures against the virus in a one size fits all way. Prof Mark Woodhouse , an expert on infectious diseases at Edinburgh Uni, has pointed out that the money spent on the lockdown, etc. is equivalent to £250000 per household. Prof Woodhouse was not suggesting that the we should ‘learn to live with the virus’ but that measures should have been targeted – care homes were, and are under funded, and is the NHS. Protection for the vulnerable and less restrictions on the less vulnerable.


Johnson acclaims the victories – crown stamps on pint glasses and selling goods in pounds and ounces. And then he went on about immigration where the system does not work, new rules for taxing alcohol, and new trade deals with Australia. Whoopee fucking do. BREXIT is a disaster and slowly the British Public is acknowledging this. This country has a huge number of bigots – but even some of the Brxit ones are saying that they were misled and conned.