Number of cases admitted to hospital with flu is 3716 per day of whom 267 are in critical care beds. The number of NHS staff off with Covid was 8029 per day (up 47%). Why was the government reluctant to impose restrictions on Chinese people travelling to the UK?

It seems that Covid is still lurking in the corner! Numbers round here are creeping up slowly (and I presume that reported numbers are less than half the reported totals. It would be easy for me to predict doom and gloom, and delete this post when it does not happen – so I will not.

I think that this country is fairly well immunised so vulnerable should be OK (I hope as I am probably one!). The young should have built up some immunity so we should be able to avoid lockdown. However those in middle age with no top up injections may suffer? I am thinking and hoping not hospitalisation, but serious enough to cause absence from work. The NHS is already on its knees due to government mismanagement, serious absenteeism could be devastating (and NO I do not want NHS staff to report for duty if Covid positive.


Edson Arantes do Nascimento – RIP. As a footballer he is amongst the very best there has ever been, but he was more than that. He promoted football in Brazil instead of taking the riches offered elsewhere (yes I know he joined NY Cosmos at the end of his career, but that was to promote football in the USA). In genius he may have some who could get close – Maradonna, Cruyff, Messi, Ronaldo – but when we consider the state of the pitches, the weight of the ball, the absence of protection from referees (1966 World Cup springs to mind) no one is able to make a concerted claim to be the best ever other than Pele.

His longevity as a player, his 1200 goals, the number of moves he instigated, and then his work post playing, make him the undoubted Number One.


I am fed up with people who do not/can not listen to other points of view. These are almost invariably people whose view does not stand up for scrutiny. yesterday an old guy (The only Express reader in the village – ps. I am the only Guardian reader although Observer does well in Sundays) stated that capital punishment should be brought back. He was not interested in any actually statistics , just convinced that murders have become a lot more common and DNA meant the police would never get it wrong. There would be no way to get him to change his mind. Incidentally the number of murders has gone up a little since the 1950’s from 350 in a pop. 50 million to 594 in a pop of 70 million.


Warm and wet – well 10C. North America suffering from record cold temperatures. I think I have got the analysis correct. Cold air has been brought south throughout the centre of the continent by the jet stream shifting south to the Gulf of Mexico. This is bringing very cold conditions to the Prairie states, although Manitoba has yet to declare a weather warning as -40F temps are not that unusual!! There is also low pressure system over the NE of the continent which is also bringing cold air from the Arctic, but also moisture and high winds – snow, blizzards and freezing rain and icy conditions. Low pressure in the Pacific Region is also bringing snow to Vancouver and British Columbia. Just as temps fell quickly they may do the opposite over the next few days. The following article from Bloomberg, whilst being full of hyperbole, suggests that climate change is responsible for the erratic changes in the jet stream.


The following is a response to a discussion with my son. I love it that we do not agree, I think we both think each other a bit pig headed! The one argument I will not back down on is the world population.  In my lifetime it has gone from 2.6 billion to nearly 8 billion.  That is another 5.400.000.000 mouths to feed, bodies to clothe and house and approximately an extra 5.4billion x 20cm shit per day impacting on the environment (rich or poor!)!  I accept that the rich 1% have a disproportionate impact on the environment (especially air pollution and climate change), but the evidence of species facing extinction is appalling species on earth have declined by 20-40% in last 100 years whist humans have increased by 5/600%.

It is not just the rich burning the rainforest and destroying environments.  Companies extracting raw materials might be run by the rich but they are producing goods for the consumer, and the more people = more consumers (and more profits for the rich).  Cut the profits for the rich will not reduce the demand for these products.  I accept that you may be correct about the 3rd industrial revolution (although I believe it will take decades before it becomes normal).  

Perhaps the biggest issue we did not discuss was who will control AI?  Some big issues there.  Also how much of the world will be covered by the 3rd Industrial Revolution (I think the word modern needs inserting! – Iron Age was surely an industrial revolution?  Many parts of the world are barely out of the Iron Age and have skipped the others.  It is fascinating to think what impact AI will have in the Sahel or Magreb regions of Northern Africa.  And presumably the mass unemployment you suggested would happen could suggest too many people?

In 1700 probably 80%+ people in the UK worked in primary industries. By 1900 this had fallen to approx 20% whilst manufacturing (in the cities) had grown tonally 50%.  Today primary is less than 5%, secondary industry around 20% or less, whilst services are 7-80%.  But the AI sector of R&D is above 10%.  Forever changes and not always apocalyptical!  

Our conversations are always lovely and make me think.  You once said that I will never admit I am wrong – well I think this is showing that I am willing to countenance this absurd possibility!😀  Seriously though I think you are correct about AI and the 4th Industrial Revolution happening but do not agree with your suggested outcomes.  

I hope you do not see this as patronising or bigoted!

We have only one planet, and it is not getting bigger.  Population growth (fortunately slowing down) is a major hazard to all life on earth. If our way of life in this country for the masses was replicated around the globe we would need about 2 planet Earths (with the rich it is over 3).  The disproportionate distribution of wealth exacerbates this, and the wanton consumption of the wealthy has an exponential impact!  I think I may have swallowed a thesaurus! (Fucking love spell check!).  


North America is facing extreme cold weather -45C in the Great Plains. Even Texas and Florida will be as low as minus 9C. Eventually the insane will realise that our climate is changing.


I had aspirations and a belief in the goodness of people and thought the future would be better. I joined Greenpeace and raised money for them. I eventually became a teacher and did my best to enlighten children to the wonderful world we live in and point out the problems we are causing.

OK I was idealistic but realised it would take time. Incremental progress was being made – whaling banned by all but countries – all was positive. Even Thatcher did not kill my optimism. Basically it all started going disastrously wrong with pony David Cameron and the Eton cabal. Johnson destroyed any belief in human nature, Truss emphasised it and Sunak obliterated whatever hope I had with his right wing paymasters.

What do I tell my grandchildren about the future? Without lying.


Sleaze-Dogg says troops should shut up and do as they are told. He also wanted to say that to the rest of workers on strike. His opinion is of course worth more than anyone else as he was born to privilege and an affected speech defect. Sunak has disappeared from sight as he has nothing to say of any importance. The last comment I saw from him was telling Gary Neville to stick to football. A pattern is developing here – tell the workers to shut up and be grateful. No negotiation or discussions. The government have also said they will introduce more anti-union legislation on the new year.


Sunak has a go at Gary Neville for making remarks about the strikes whilst having nothing to say about the vile comments made by Clarkson! Perhaps Sunak is too influenced by the right wing trolls who pull his strings? Lord Faulkes (chair of IPSO – part time earning over £150000) had to cancel a dinner with Murdoch) over the Sun’s publishing of the hateful material (thousands of complaints).

The Sun is going down on our society.

A start with a C List celebrity – Jeremy Clarkson spouting misogynistic pornography with the collusion of the Sun paper (which made a loss of over £50 million last year). He has made a statement which is far from an apology. Freedom of speech would seem to have been clearly transgressed here. Personally I think Harrying Megan are spoilt rich privileged brats, but Clarkson went beyond acceptability. Yet I am sure there are many low life who will support this, from under all stones of politics (rich and poor: left and right). Personally I see this as more evidence to get rid of the monarchy and sell off (or put into public ownership) most of the assets they have accrued via centuries of corruption. Camilla invited the toad to an expensive party (funded by us), only this weekend. If Megan sues the Sun it will be a gift to Murdoch & Co.