Press briefing late, just like the lock down.

Until they sort out test, trace and isolate nothing will change. The 98% tests are negative – perhaps they are wasting their time! And without the trace and isolate element, a complete waste of time and money.

Be effective – test and if positive – ensure economic security for isolation and proper support. And schools and universities to stay open. Firstly universities – there can be no sensible reason for keeping them open. Schools, a bit different as they tend to be more local in catchment (if not shut them), I don’t know what the stats are. Similarly with shops. Why shut a garden centre that has clear social distancing at all times? The same with cafes and restaurants.

What I am saying is that compliance, effective measures; test, track, isolate and support are what is needed. Interesting talk with an epidemiologist on the radio who had looked at what Vietnam, N.Z, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan had done that made them better than us. It seems that there is not one thing. Proper TTTS was important but also clear guidelines for public to follow, isolation for 14 days after any foreign travel,

Prediction that BJohnson will talk up Christmas, a vaccine and other bollocks!


Forget super spread(er) xmas meals. Plan for safe spring time picnics and outside parties. I am planning my menu now.

OK so the menu will develop – add ideas please.

Xmas has songs/carols whatever. But suggestions for a spring/summer list of sing a long songs or old favourites – please post comments.


It seems so obvious. With the R number being above 1 or even 2 and the number of cases rising just about everywhere something is not working! Are masks and social distancing not enough, or are people not observing the basic rules? What research is being done into how the virus is spreading so fast at the moment?

Bank Managers

Bank Manager.  Mr.Parish you have gone over your overdraft limit.  Yes but you are charging me loads for it.  But you did not ask.  Well I did not want to, but 2 kids and whatever.  Mr.Parish – you would not like it if I came and took your TV without asking.  Well I might if we had one, which we do not!  But if I took your washing machine,   nope, not got one of those either.  Well your car – nope, not got one.  Well if I came to stay at your house – well sir I am sure we would sort something out for you!  In retrospect I f**king love this story!


I am bored with Covid, but the nonsense being spouted is just so annoying. Rich M.P’s complaining about possible restrictions over Xmas. Of course they will be ok in their large houses and gardens. They will probably want flashy restaurants to open too, pleading the economy as an excuse. It is the poor who will bear the brunt as usual. Confined to small flats and terraced houses where the virus can spread rapidly. Some are talking about an amnesty for Xmas Day and Boxing Day. This is a joke I hope?


As you can see from the stats North Somerset (up 25% in 3 days), Cornwall (up 60%) and Bristol (up approx 38%) are all rather grim. I don’t know whether there is a quirk in the testing regime, but these 3 figures in particular, seem to show that the R number is getting increasingly out of control. It also seems that 500 is about a peak if measures are taken.