A study in the Journal of Applied Ecology has found that regardless of size – gardens in Bristol contributed massively to the production of nectar for insects. Get rid of the lawn, or part of it, plant flowers and herbs (especially useful in cooking and well-being).


Time to get prepared – my jobs are cutting back raspberries; cutting back roses; attacking brambles and other invasive around the greenhouse; pruning apple tree; cutting back purple elder and the spikes one! Then move all the mint and herb pots and strim gently.


Just ordered a trimmer to tidy up the garden a tad. Nothing too major though. I will move the pots and see what comes up from all the bulbs I have planted – and put some plugged ones in from the greenhouse.


Golden lemon verbena leaves, crushed and soaked in boiling water, add finely chopped ginger, lemon juice and honey. Then some brandy and reheat and enjoy!


A new toy to play with. I think it could be brilliant in schools at 6th form level. My first attempt is here.


Perhaps our most colourful wildlife. This summer I saw very few, and most of them were small whites. The wet spring may have been a case as they are coldblooded insects. But statistics show a decline of 76% since 1976.


In line with recent times it looks like this winter could be ‘interesting’. Fuel prices are definitely going to be higher – by how much we do not know yet. The impact on commercial coal firms is already hitting with CO2 production slashed which has an impact on meat processing and fizzy drinks, as well as the NHS whose supply the government says is safeguarded. So food and drink supplies are likely to be disrupted rather than curtailed. Power supplies should be OK but it might be touch or go at times if we have overcast high pressure reducing wind capacity and leading to low temperatures.


Things are winding down now – only 2 tomatoes ripe this morning, Bright orange chillies have been good with about 30. I have had 2 red peppers and might get another couple. I also have cranberries ripening – hopefully enough for Christmas dinner! Quite a lot of parsley if anyone wants – I could dry some I suppose.