Reports of African’s being reused entry to Poland and other borders. We should not forget that many other countries are homophobic, racist and misogynist. Now we have regrettably left the EU we have lost influence in these countries but we should be exerting influence over this. Most of these people are students who presumably what to make their way home – we should aid this, or offer alternative educational courses.


The invasion of Ukraine seems to be taking much longer than perhaps Putin expected. The number of deaths is growing. Would he have expected an easy passage like how surrogate fighters had in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea? Huge troop movements seem to be underway – but also it seems likely that street by street battles are likely to ensue. therefore it would seem that Putin has to be in for a long slog? Even killing Zelenskiy will not solve the problem.

Ukraine is not part of NATO so interventions cannot be made without being seen to be an invasion. However strengthening of the defences of Poland, Latvia, etc. is totally valid. Putin’s nuclear threat needs to be met with similar alertness from the west, but a steady hand.

Will Putin now go for a full scale onslaught with planes, missiles, and tanks? This will cause massive destruction and slaughter, probably mainly of civilians, and certainly on the Russian side – conscripts.

How many of the Russian donors to the Conservative Party are now giving similar or larger amounts to support Ukrainian Refugees and even the State of Ukraine? Presumably the Tories will be publicising the details?

Reports seem to show that there are supporters of Putin in Kyiv.

A humanitarian disaster – Kyiv is a city of 2.5 million (after refugees have left) where there will be starvation without aid.

If Putin follows past action will we see carpet bombing of residential areas as in Syria and Chechnya? How will the west react to slaughter on a huge scale in Ukraine. We ignore it in Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Libya, Iraq.

Interesting to see Turkey taking important action. With fuel shortages, does this create an opportunity for Iran? With oil prices going up will that help Venezuela (or has the USA got that country sussed)?

We need to be aware of the fluid nature of international relationships. And Trump might make a new bid for president despite evidence about just about anything. Are Americans really that stupid?


Stop lying, stop delaying the imposition of sanctions on the oligarchs in London and the UK. The EU has blocked air space to all Russian planes, Turkey has closed the Bosphorus to the Russian Navy which I suspect is a big deal. Sanctions against the Russian Central Bank could impact on their reserves of $630 billion. How this works in not known by me, but is said to be a very big deal.


these turned out really nice.

225g flour 50-50 plain and spelt/wholemeal, 175g butter, 150g cheese (75g cheddar and 75g blue veined semi-hard) Pinch mustard, pinch cayenne, semi-dried tomatoes – a few, ground pepper. 15 mins @ 230C

Just trying a new version a la Parish. 225g OO flour; enough olive oil to make a sort of dough, cheese Wensleydale, cheddar, parmesan, Szechuan pepper, baking powder and salt and parsley.


Ok tomorrow might be wet, but we now have light when I do the papers in the morning. I have just filled 150 pots with soil ready for seeds next week – I have also been doing labels as I am rubbish at remembering what is what.


Abramovich hands over stewardship to the Chelsea’ charitable Foundation. He did not mention Ukraine – a clever legal move to retain ownership I suspect. meanwhile Johnson is pondering adding over 500 more Russians to the frozen cast. Why the delay? To pay school fees, transfer ownership of whatever to puppets?


The big question is what should the west do? Firstly ignore the idiots who want us to send in troops, planes and cruise missiles. Second it is to ensure that Putin does not think he can do the same anywhere else – perhaps by posting troops in e.g. Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland.