It is only June and the hurricane season is under way. Danny dumped 150mm of rain on Alabama but no great damage. There are a couple of weather systems to keep a watch on, but neither have been named – Elsa is next, to be followed by Fred. There has been a rare hurricane in the South Atlantic which has been named Raoni by the Brazilian navy and has brought winds in excess of 110kph.

Climate change? I think that no one event can be put down exclusively to global warming/climate change, but the collective increase in weather related incidences. Further problems occur when trying to compare historic data. Deaths are inevitably a key statistic, but world population has trebled since 1950, more people have moved to places like Florida meaning that insurance claims have increased. More people have built houses in fire vulnerable situations and in flood danger areas. And we have ever better recording devices including satellites. However despite these caveats it does seem that our weather has made some changes. In the UK spring is coming earlier, temperatures are creeping up, subtle changes. Wildlife with no border controls or passports and visa’s seems to be reflecting this.


Weather has always been, and is, capricious, but record breaking temperatures in Western Canada and the USA, stretching up to the Arctic are of concern. It would be easy to quote global warming and climate change, but this might be too simplistic. Extreme weather events have happened throughout history. However it would be naive to ignore the nearly 50 degree centigrade temperatures. The high pressure is spreading across the North American continent bringing high temperatures across the Great Plains and into the Great Lakes region. Will, this impact on grain production?

I will do a weekly review of world weather in future. Basra reported 49C, whilst Bankok 36C, New York 35C and New Delhi 42C were also high. Looking for a cooler destination? Wellington 8C seems nice! So we have not had a great summer sun wise in Somerset this year so far, but the garden has been brilliant and I guess this is true for farmers? (Although they always moan!).


England football team produced a very professional performance to defeat their usual nemesis Germany. Raheem Sterling was again the first scorer (3 in a row in these championships) and then Kane ended his drought with a brilliantly taken goal. So we are in the quarterfinals. I think Southgate has the wherewithal to take us to the finals. We have an excellent team, good organisation and ability to play the modern game, i.e. knowing when and who to bring on from the subs bench. Today it was Grealish, but there are many others with skills that could make this team great. Rashford, Foden, Sancho Calvet-Lewin to name a few attacking options. And we should not forget that the England defence still has not conceded a goal (yes there has been a little luck – but no more than anyone else). We have not scored loads, but we have been winning.


Data driven or having’ a laugh. The data is concerning. The plight of those unable to open businesses is concerning. The balance between the two is difficult.

How many people are clamouring to get back to low paid exploitative jobs? How many business people are complaining about their inability to make profits. And there is a shortage of staff? I do not understand this last bit. I know that the Brexit Fiasco has resulted in many Europeans going home, and The Home Office is toxic to immigrants – well done Patel. But I suspect that (That phrase basically means I have not got a clue – before you point it out). That means higher wages, and companies would say higher profits and prices. It does not have to be like that. Higher wages for the workers, and lower profits (but still profits). Remember that pension funds are the main investors and gainers from increased profits. Time of the general public to think about economics.

I know this is mega oversimplified, but interviews of pub landlords and restaurant owners are common, waiting staff and go for’s seemingly absent! It is up to the government to ensure that safety is paramount for staff (although I believe they are all now called colleagues!) and customers.


It would seem that Williamson did not realise that this weeks game was a binary contest between Hancock and Johnson – it went to extra time before Hancock gave up, but then Johnson went for this weeks prize by claiming that he had sacked Hancock, before facilitating on whether he had or not – seems he cannot remember! So ever ready, zip open Johnson has this weeks prize of a chocolate teapot.


Can we have a clear explanation of the present situation. Cases are high in many areas, including here, Bristol and Cornwall. But deaths and hospitalisations are ???? obviously lowered, but low enough? I want a statement that says “Whilst Covid is not defeated we are in a situation to manage it it. Those over 60 and those with other conditions should continue to exercise maximum care. The vaccine is not a total shield against the virus or more importantly the variants. Therefore mask wearing and social distancing should be maintained in confined areas like shops. People, especially the young should be aware of the risks of close encounters with others in places like night clubs, and the risk of passing it on to vulnerable people. But the virus has not disappeared, and we all need to accept its existence in our day to day lives”.


The Pacific North west is already suffering temperatures above 42C, but predictions for above 45C are expected. Impacts on wildlife, including river life like salmon, are also thought vulnerable. Copied from google – “Increased heat, drought and insect outbreaks, all linked to climate change, have increased wildfires. Declining water supplies, reduced agricultural yields, health impacts in cities due to heat, and flooding and erosion in coastal areas are additional concerns.”. And remember that the hurricane season in the Caribbean has only just started.

And do not be fooled by this summers useless start in the UK. Personally I am happy with this summer, plenty of light rain for the garden, it could have been a bit warmer though!


Oliver Dowden – Minister for Culture or the soon to be created Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda – has decreed that all publicly funded bodies should adhere to its rules and regulations regarding the artefacts looted during Britains Colonial Past. Dowden (aka Goebbels) seems to want to glorify former slave owners like Hans Sloane. He has also failed to provide access to the EU for musicians and artists. Is he going for the prize of muppet of the week?


By any normal and moral standards this should be a government in crisis. And in reply to comments that no one cares about sleaze and corruption in government, well numbskulls, huge numbers of people are not selfish or stupid. There are many questions to be answered about the handling of the pandemic from Day One. But the government will not form an enquiry into it.