Desperate to be liked (seems like a tory obsession!), Sunak has declared that he is on the side of motorists. Firstly I am not sure when it became a matter of sides, and he forgets that whilst 74% of adukts have a full driving licence, 100% of adults are pedestrians and there are 20 million bikes in the uk. I think Suna might need some maths lessons! Did he do a straw poll in Tory HQ or Tufton St and ask who loved Top Gear with Clarkson? he forgets that Johnson was behind many LTN’s in London, and in general once they are designated they become popular with residents. However there are motorists who rely on their car for their sexuality and believe they have the right to destroy others lifestyles – similar philosophies are used by off the roaders in National Parks. Ao it seems that Suna is appealing to the mind set of the ignorant and the selfish (his home ground).

I am sure that not all LTN’s have been well planned and wait for the Mail, Express and Telegraph to illustrate these errors in glorious irony!

Can we return to the 15 minute city concept please? Change of lifestyles is needed, not just LTN”s. With the reduced income from petrol tax the government will be forcedto look at pricing per mile, – with variable rates this would enhance the ability of councils to reduce traffic in certain areas. Just had a thought – wait for the squealing when petrol/diesel users have to pay both fuel tax and mileage tax! And this will be comong to your car soon!

Will the government really order the removal of LTN’s and open them up to cars?

And now Rishi has flown to Scotland to promite the sale of new exploration licences., The arguement that we will need oil/gas for decades is a good one, but new exploitation is not necessary, and in the future carbon capture is a possibility. Oil is also used to make plastics – another shit idea!

Positive thought – My village has about 1000 inhabitants – number of papers sold on week days -32 per day and falling. Most sales are to over 50’s.


A very simple recipe for everything! 3 lemons, 1/2tsp dried oregano, 100ml olive oil, salt and pepper.

I think my favourite cookbook at the moment is Taverna by Georgina Hayden. Latest adaption of her recipe is flatbreads stuffed with tomatoes, garlic, feta and mixed herbs. 200g flour,1/4 tsp salt, 50ml olive oil, 1/2 tbs wine vinegar, mix knead an leave rest for 45mins. Roll out 0.5 cm thick. Make 5 patties and fill. Prepare filing – I chose tomato, garlic, chilli and feta. Heat frying pan with a little oil, 2/3 minutes each side.


Name one good thing the toroes have done in 13 years? Asked an Express/Telegraph reader this morning and was met by mumbling and no answer. Sunak’s latest plan is to divide and rule. He sys he will support the “car owners” – by definition this means he is anti-clean air. Personally i believe that the ULEZ zones are correct for health and quality of life, BUT need to be created with greater public consultation and exceptions, together with a generous scrappage scheme. Petrol heads still. get worked up about seat belts ad drink driving laws. They hate traffic calming and schemes that block rat runs and child friendly neighbourhoods.

Shapps is, after failing to find anything good to extol about the 13 years of tory misrule is now attacking with the intellect – of a tory actually (every animal species seems to have greater powers than people like Shapps). There will be blackouts under Labour is his latest infantile chant as he dribbles down his chest. Labour will have many problems die to the massive misrule by the Tories.

back to ULEZ – it is not if, but when.


A tidy garden is a sterile one. Leave some stinging nettles for our most popular butterflies for whom it is their only food (Peacock, Small Tortishell, Red Admiral, and Painted Lady) and several moths too.. And should you be lucky enough to have wild thistles with their magnificent heads, they are food for paineted lady butterflies and later in the year their dried stems provide protection for over wintering insects and their larvae. Add a few rotting logs under a bush and see what happens. My neighbours lawns are nicely trimmed and as interesting as a wall of drying paint!

It is hardly a wildlife haven but a couple of bees and a small white and a skipper butterflies on the chickory.


We know what the problem is, we know how to fix it, and still the worlds leaders prevaricate and procrastinate. COP28 will be headed by the Head of the UAEs national oil company for fuck sake! Tony Blair preaches caution about the speed of change, whilst lunchinbg with Murdoch with Starmer. What is needed is for the UK to set a world example by explaining the need, bringing strict green planning, abolishing tax relief on aviation fuel, offering subsidies to firms growing food and making stuff in this country and Europe rather than in the Pacific Region. Radical change and a vision – tax pollution to subsidise environmentally friendly schemes.


Fires are now alight all the way around the Mediterranean. From Spain to Lebanon to Algeria and Morocco. Shapps says government will ‘max out North Sea oil and gas’ whilst Gove talks about the need to ‘stop an environbmental crusade’. Goldsmith – arch Brexiteer admits that this government has used Brexit to do the wrong things regarding the environment.

Meanwhile the Daily Express continues to. fuel Frages ego-trip rather than admit that tye public do not give a shit as to whether the shit has a Coutt’s bank account or not, and the Daily Mail is trying to fuel hatred at lawyers representing asylum seekers.


My own take on it. Home grown tomates, garlic, herbs, cooked and left overnight and then squashed! Poolis made and then 6hours later add flough to make a dough, flatten out and in fridge for the night. Next morning oven on at 200C and put finger marks into dough, sprinkle with rosemary and salt crystals. Add tomato mash and bake for 20 minutes. Voila!


Apparently 18 million Americans believe that violence is justified in returning Trump to the White House! Basically USA is a third world country with a veneer of respectability. A country with some of the most advanced technologies is also one which lacks the depth of democracy which runs thjrough most of Western Europe. I am aware of the growth of right wing parties in Germany, Netherlands, Italy and more, but they seem to adhere to democratic values at their core. Is religion at the base of this American lunacy? Total belief in the unproverable – it is clear that the belief, or not, in God is not open to scientific justification. This gives huge swathes of American society a justification in whatever fantasy they want to believe in. even when there is clear and incontraversal proof of something e.g. the geological time scale – millions of Americans totally belive that humans walked the earth with dinosaurs! A friend of mine refered to te USA as being like a huge experiment that had gone badly wrong.

Is it because the vast majority of Americans are descended from migrants (Ntive Americans excepted) who in the most part were fleeing from persecution or poverty (usually the result of persecution of the poor). Basically most were fleeing from, and had a total mistrust of authority. Power was for those who could grab it – hence the prevalensce of lynchings and gun law. The state is fundamentally distrusted by millions. The contradictions in their philosophy are unimportant as is their belief in god.

That they are trying to export this belief in the lunacy of the individual to the UK is of concern. The employment of grifters like JR-M, Wooton, Farage, Johnson, Dorries undermines our democracy


Rhodes and Corfu continue to burn, USA and China have record temperatures, India has floods and high temperatures – and the right wing looneys supported by the RW trash press move to cut back on net zero. All because of ULEZ (which they introduced themselves into London) giving them a vague chance of retaining seats in the suburbs of London. ULEZ is about health rather than climate, although the two are inexcurably linked. We know the right wing extremists like JR-M & Co hate scientists and the facts – they prefer to believe the ones they conjure up themselves.

But FACT – global average temperature has been brokem this year.FACT – sea tea[peratures are te highest recorded, Heat waves in Europe are 2.5C hotter than normal, in USA 2C and China 1.5C hotter. These heatwaves will occir much more frequently as the temperature warms up.

The Greek navy has helped evacuate people from the beaches with 19000 displaced – where are the Brish Navy? Large numbers of British nationals are involved. The government has not even issued a don’t travel warning, leaving it to the travel companies and airlines who were flying people in last weekend despite the situation.

The arguments made by the loonies on the right are that a. Global warming is a natural phenomenon and we need to adapt to it (also the belief of the proponent if the GAIA philosophy); b. The climate crisis is a scam by governments and industries to rip people off (which they know ALL ABOUT!). c. Why should we act if China and the ISA do not? (a reasonably good point to a degree, but inaction makes us all complicit – we could become world leaders in the new technologies and then do a Tim Berniers-Smith and give it to the world for free?).

OK so I am an optimist and and naive and idealistic. Please Keir do not let me down!


Tomato weight so far = 1.7kg and 2 little chillies. Lots of basil – so looking for recipes – passata seems favorite at the moment.