5 grey parrots at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park have had to be separated as they set each off into bouts of swearing!

Health versus Economy

Probably and over simplification of the title of this blog, because it is not an either or situation. Rather a case of the balance between the two. The main problem would seem to be a lack of a functioning test, track and trace system. This was entirely predictable when the government ignored local NHS bodies with experience to hand out large contracts to private companies with no relevant expertise. To my mind the solution is …..


Round 5. Lucky, lucky Everton. Pickford should have been sent off and offside decision was a joke. But sometimes things go your way, and sometimes they don’t! And still top but the game showed that they may well not stay there for long. I hope their injured players recover quickly. Chelsea will need to sort out their defence. ManU look good against mid table and lower, I guess they will get better. ManC and Arsenal as expected really. Bristol City gutted to drop a couple of points. Wins for Sunderland, Plymouth and Forest Green. B.Rovers drew. A surprise loss by Swansea at home. Chelmsford City drew away, so ok. And then Aston Villa beat Leiceste3r away and Leeds lost to Wolves. All looking like an interesting season.

Round 3. The toffees stay top for now after a controversial win against Palace. The handball rule does seem harsh at times! ManU win in 10th minute of added on time with penalty after final whistle! Arsenal stuff Spurs 4-0 to reach WFA Cup with a couple of vintage goals. The Black Cats win at home over promotion rivals Peterborough. Gasheads bottom of League 1 whilst FGR mid-table after a draw away at Salford (ManU Old Boys?).

Election America

America once prided itself on being a wonderful democracy. That is beginning to look like it may change. Trump has said he might not observe the result. Why……


I am not sure what variety of apple I have, it is sort of half way between eater and cooker, and good for both! It is also late, another month I think. So whilst I did have a raspberry and apple stewed fruit with some windfalls yesterday I am going to collect apple recipes here.

Breakfast tomorrow

I get up at stupid o’clock and sort out the papers for the local shop by 6.30. So having done a Waitrose shop (I don’t care – I am middle class!), tomorrow I an going to treat myself to wholemeal sourdough toast with smoked salmon and avocado with a dash of lemon juice – maybe even a dash of chilli sauce to jerk me into consciousness and the day!

Covid-19 app.

I just downloaded the app. Very simple to do – once I had reset my forgotten apple password! It does not work on iPhone 6 or earlier.