I was surprised to read that there are still climate deniers around. Presumably they do not watch the news from around the world. Or are they deluded into thinking that it is a problem for other countries. Apparently the Treasury is more concerned to balance the books short term than take advantage of the long term benefits of being at the forefront of clean technology.


Today. 5.25am thrashing rain, high wind blowing over recycling and bins. 7.15 overcast but dry and calm with little breeze. 8.15 bright sunshine force 3 wind. 9.15 overcast again and noticeably colder. 3.10pm high hail stones with thunder and lightning – size of snowberries. And now sunny again. I just love our climate. 4pm sunshine


In line with recent times it looks like this winter could be ‘interesting’. Fuel prices are definitely going to be higher – by how much we do not know yet. The impact on commercial coal firms is already hitting with CO2 production slashed which has an impact on meat processing and fizzy drinks, as well as the NHS whose supply the government says is safeguarded. So food and drink supplies are likely to be disrupted rather than curtailed. Power supplies should be OK but it might be touch or go at times if we have overcast high pressure reducing wind capacity and leading to low temperatures.


With speed up to 110kph and 25mm of rainfall this tropical storm is dying down and although he rainfall could cause problems should not cause a major problem. There are no more imminent tropical. storms at the moment.


The hot dry spell has hit the durum wheat crop in Canada, whilst the wet spring has already affected the Italian crop. Climate change hitting spagbol and pizza is a real crisis.

Prices for pasta are expected to rise by 50% in line with recent price rises of the wheat. I shall stock up on ‘OO’ flour.


Likely to lash into Bermuda later today, at the moment is too far north to affect USA. 9th of September is early to have reached L in the alphabet of storms and there are 6 or 7 weeks of potential hazards to go.


Ok the BBC weather on 5Live says it might rain later, very vague so I check their weather web site and it says 14% chance at 2pm rising to 41% by 7pm. Alexa says 58% chance by 5pm, MetOffice says 30% chance of rain at 10pm and Siri says rain at 4pm and then continuing to the late night.


I like the quote ‘there is no need to give two sides of an argument about whether it is raining – just look out of the fucking window”. The fossil fuel industry, having spent $billions supporting spurious scientific claims about climate change is in retreat. However the Tory party is full of selfish pricks.