COP26 will be held in Glasgow. It is time to stop the prevarication, the promises, the lies, basically the bollocks, and do something. I will promise not to write another damning comment on Coco if he delivers this time! No slogans, fist pumping, arm waving, just guaranteed policies to do what needs to be done. No comments about us doing better than, more committed than, what is needed is leadership bozo! Electricity generation and infra structure need to be forefront, energy efficiency in all areas close behind. `No comments like ‘by 2030 all houses in the uk will need to be energy efficient”, replace the 2030 with from tomorrow – that is the sort of kick up the backside builders need. Aviation fuel tax made prohibitive for private planes – if mega rich people leave the ok we can always send them a Xmas card!


Although there was a nice breeze whilst watering the garden at 5 am. At least it is not as hot as Western North America, or as wet as central Western Europe has been or South Island, New Zealand. 320.000 residents of Yakutsk have been warned to stay indoors to avoid the thick toxic smoke from forest fires in this Siberian region. Zhengzhou is trying to recover from a record flood which inundated the subway system drowning at least 12. The rainfall broke hourly and daily 70 year data. Hurricane season in North Atlantic predicted to be less than last year (The weather channel), conflicting with earlier predictions).

Lots of cumulus humbles this afternoon. Met office predicts no rain until Saturday though.

Time for the nasty party to start a campaign against the loss of freedom which will be perceived with higher taxes on fossil fuels. Arguments about the economy and fear mongering will develop.


Well it’s hot! 9am and 25C indoors. My Best Buy of the year has been a fan – amazing. Even if for just a few days a year, worth every penny of £46.99. With solar panels no running costs. yesterday it was on for 8 hours. I have not needed it at night yet as I opened the windows wide and only partially pulled the curtains – my plants preserve my privacy, and hopefully safety (big rose bush by bedroom window!). Looks like the same for next few days


Floods across Central Europe – where rainfall has smashed previous records (95mm to 154mm in Koln). Canada and West USA braced for more record temperatures and associated fires. And the hurricane season has not really got going yet. And of course records from other parts of the world are hardly reported.

1mm rain = 1 litre of rainfall per square metre. An interesting statistic that I looked up after hearing that parts of Germany received 148 litres per square metre in a 48 hour period. Being a gardener (I would not say keen!) I am aware of how much a 5 litre watering can do. This is a bit like the comments about ‘half the size of Wales’ – but I have 5 big pots of mint and probably water them with a litre each every day or so. That rainfall was like about me pouring 30 cans over them in 2 days! What was the point of the last few sentences – none really, but as no one else reads this it does not matter!

4 thousand km2 burning in 71 wildfires. The largest are creating pyrocumulonimbus clouds (hail, lightning and tornadoes). It really does seem as if the earth has had enough of our nasty habits. The Amazon is now in oxygen deficit due to clearing by fire for farming under the policies of their bozo president.

And the UK – will have a relatively minor heat wave for the next few days. This weather can always set of thunderstorms and localised flooding events. It all depends where these are. Sorry, but I am cynical. It depends on where it its. If it is an area with crowded housing or people below the £1 million threshold there will be much hand wringing, and bleating about support and help, but basically nothing will be done to change the land use that creates the problem (especially if a grouse moor). If only the floods could hit Henley or Sandbanks, I am sure stronger action would be taken. I suppose the rich mostly built their houses on hills so they could look down on the peasants! Certainly true of Clifton within Bristol and the owners mansions overlooking the harbour.


Western states of the USA and Canada continue to suffer from the extreme heat. And whilst the temperatures have dropped the rain has not. Huge fires rage out of control covering a total area greater than North Somerset. The world’s hottest place is thought to be Death Valley, California at 54 C. Although parts of the Sahara seem pretty hot to. Australia should be in winter I think? But temperatures of 25-29 C do not seem very winterish?

Major flooding in Western Germany and Belgium and the Netherlands with over 50 deaths reported.

No hurricanes of note yet, but it is early in the season/

The Uk has had a typical summer with bits of everything except a long dry spell – which is now predicted for the next few days/weeks. Temperatures up to 28/29 C here over the weekend.

Many, possibly more than 70, people have been killed by lightning at the onset of the monsoon season in India..

Weather prediction has come a long way and there are few surprises, just awful planing!


A grand title with ok ideas, but they are just that, ideas. up to now most initiatives have failed or been so watered down as to be useless. The food lobby is powerful and rich. But the cost to the NHS and government via other support payments, and to industry in days lost is also very high.


Floods in London after 70mm of rain fell in 90 minutes. Yes that is heavy rainfall but should not have led to flood waters a metre high. The reason being that we have paved over vast areas of our cities and towns to create parking spaces. What we really need is to create more sponge type areas. mature trees can absorb 250lts or more per day, with the added benefit of ameliorating temperature extremes, and during hot spells providing welcome shade and habitats for wildlife.


Excellent. Perhaps not usual July weather, but wet and cool. My water butts are full, I am saved an hour or two of watering and all my new plants seem to be thriving. The forecast is for a bit of heat wave later in the month so I look forward to enjoying the best of the British weather at its best, providing a little of something for everyone.

My tomatoes are nearly ready for ripening (I have picked 3 so far) but my next job is drying herbs and putting in jars, jam making, then sun dried tomatoes.


Parliament shuts down on 22 July so they can all scuttle off to wherever. The month of August used to be called the ‘silly season’ as newspapers basically had to make up headline news to replace the news coming out of Westminster. This year however it is the chance to leave behind the comedy club (except it has not been funny – just embarrassingly useless) and take time to reflect on the real issues. No more gaffs by Bozo and Co for a couple of months.