There are people on social media stating that the the restrictions proposed by government are curtailing freedom. Well Mr. and Mrs. Moron – what definition of freedom entitles you to endanger my life?

BREXIT and Sunday musings.

The decision to leave was not based on facts but emotion – FACT! I also believe that people are unwilling to admit they were wrong – so we are stuck with it. Even if a trade deal is done this week there will be chaos. This is just another fact. Industries do not know yet what paperwork they will need as it has not been created yet, as we still do not know the nature of the deal/no deal. To get a deal done it almost certainly needs a border affecting Northern Ireland, either land or Irish Sea, either will have severe repercussions, which will affect us all.


With Trump hopefully about to leave the White House, the Israelis seem to have used the opportunity for yet another assassination in Iran. Wonder whether Putin will see this as a shortening window to push into the Baltic states or strengthen his hand in the ‘stans. Erdogan is more difficult to call. Boisonaro in Brazil must be concerned that the carte blanche he had under Trump might disappear.

Brexit – negotiations heading for final denouement – both sides will blame the other regardless of outcome. I think there may be some agreement, but suspect it will not be good for either side. And to be honest it is us who have most to lose. The rest of Europe will carry on as normal. The bullshit we were told about leaving Europe will come home in a bad way.


All this excitement and I forgot to mention the weather! Well yesterday was cold at first, before dawn, and then after I had done the papers and the sun came up (I think) we had a frost, then sunny later. Same today although foggy start and road was really slippery – I walked down the middle with my arms out doing an impression of a tortoise plane! Nice music on my shuffle though. Carly Simon and Carole King with a bit of PFloyd, brain damage, always good. Tomorrow is a later start 7am, but more of a hassle with all the supplements to put in.


When I was little, a long time ago, I do not remember going out in nature unless for a reason, or cooking – other than hanging around to lick the spoon and hopefully the bowl. But we had a garden and allotment, and mum cooked a lot. My mum did not have to work to pay the mortgage like most families do today. Takeawys and fast food have seemingly taken over. Jamie Oliver does his bit as do lots of other. Countryfile and Packham and Attenborough do their best. But both these topics should be an integral part of our way of life and culture, not a 30/50 minute TV slot.

Our local MP’s are illogical

So Penrose and Fox think it illogical that North Somerset is in tier 3. And it is only because North Somerset is in the ‘travel to work’ zone for Bristol. So neither of them look at the statistics which shows NS to be well above the national average (BANES is below it). I guess Penrose avoids statistics as his missus is in charge of test and don’t bother tracking fiasco. Fox is just an idiot.


So North Somerset is in Tier 3 along with Bristol, whilst Cornwall is in Tier 1. When I mentioned this to a local businessman – very ~Tory, his immediate reaction was bloody Somalian immigrants. This is so far from the truth that I am pleased my stats gave me factual ammunition to put him right. Stats on P2.

Jonathan Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere

AKA the Daily Mail. How dare a $billionaire criticise a footballer for showing compassion. Oh how I hate this paper! Nearly as much as the Sun, actually maybe more! The Sun is rather irrelevant nowadays, but the Mail promotes hate – despicable. Star headline this morning was funny! Something like I can now have mother in-law and Great Uncle ? round – with a very sad face!