Everton confirm Frank Lampard – he was not bad at Chelsea so we will see how he goes. Nice children’s books. Everton have been going down the pan recently, but have some excellent players, and possibly a good signing in Danny van Der Beek. Aston Villa seem to have made some good signings. Newcastle are hoping their signings will save their bacon. Lots of other rumours – Mbappi to Real Madrid (confirmed on twitter) ? Then the other big potential signings – Haaland – I suspect someone has sorted out a summer transfer.


and Geography! Police numbers have been reduced and paperwork increased. Why not employ retired people to interrogate the data produced on burglaries and similar crimes. Even simple mapping would help the rest of us take precautions. And yes I have read Richard Osman’s books! Why not?


It is proper that the government looks at all the regulations we have adopted from the EU. However Johnson had a verbal shit storm and came up with a figure of £1 billion. We know where the figure comes from – his fetid imagination. Most of the laws were promoted and voted for by the UK.


A straightforward tax hike. Excuses like its to pay for the NHS is just as much bullshit as the £350 million a week Brexit claim.

Fuel bills also set to soar whilst inflation is over 5%. It seems a total no brainer to me that the energy firms making profits from rising wholesale costs should be taxed. Billionaires who have made billions more should also be taxed. if this causes the self ones to piss off to the Caribbean – so beat – and can they take the whole cabinet with them?


Numbers have doubled back up to over 1000/100000 in Winscombe area. Does this matter? Hospitalisations up 4% – is this significant? Whilst most people continue to wear masks they re no longer compulsory. Is it school based age groups? There are still 24% not booster jabbed and 9% with no jab. And this is in a fairly affluent middle class area with higher a than average older population.

Many questions need to be answered with evidence rather than bluster.


It is not viagra I need – but a way to vent my anger at the government. E-petitions are OK but only so far. I was thinking about a set time for sounding a car horn – like 5pm on a Tuesday, but in my sleepy Tory village I would be the only one (although someone else does occasionally buy the Guardian (and maybe 3 on a Saturday/Sunday). Readership of the Mirror is 2/3 whilst the nasty papers fly Mail on Sat -35, Times – Sat 15, Telegraph -sat 12, and the Sun with 15. Ah I am surrounded by old idiots!!! Maybe it will be Nicola Sturgeon time “Scotty – get me out of here!”.


Maybe the police are just covering their own ineptitude? Presumably on duty at 10 Downing Street (and 11) 24/7 they must have seen the ‘gatherings’ sorry ‘illegal gatherings’ and done nothing. If that was due to orders there is a very strong case for a prosecution of dereliction of duty and possibly perverting the course of justice – both of which have maximum life sentences.


Key is to get oil hot for the final cook (I am told), My take today is as follows:-

Put a 250g potato through the grater attachment of a FP. Same with 250g onion. Gently fry, then finely slice a red or green or yellow or orange pepper, and a chilli. Add to frying pan for a couple of minutes. 50g flour and 50g gram flour. 1 1/2 tsp salt. 2 eggs.


The party of financial prudence and capability. £4.2 billion written of by the Chancellor. £500.000 spent on a private plane by Truss. £40 billion spent on track and trace. So they have blown the cover that has been carefully preserved for more than a century. Tax the poor – Nat.Ins. with a spurious link to the NHS, whilst protecting the rich and their dividends.