So, as I suspected, Cressida Dick comes to rescue her hero Johnson. Sue Gay’s report will be redacted of the most egregious facts, and thus become watered down. And then the Met.Police will wait for a few weeks until some other scandal hits the headlines and say they have insufficient evidence other than to issue fixed penalty notices on minions. The Gray report will then be published in full but will be undermined by the the lack of Police Action.


Heat oven to 175C

200g plain flour: 1 1/2tsp bicarb: 1. 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon: 1/2tsp salt: 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg: 115g soft butter: 200g soft brown sugar: 100g light caster sugar: 2 eggs: 1 tbsp treacle: 50g chopped walnuts: 20g chopped dates.

Cream sugar and butter for 5 mins. mix rest. Cook for 30+mins


So the government deflects criticism by picking on the unemployed. A safe target. It is interesting that mainly low paid workers get mega angry about ‘scroungers’ whilst ignoring the billion pound tax avoidance of the rich. I guess it is because they see themselves doing 2 jobs whilst others do nothing. What they fail to see is that they could chose to live on social security themselves – but do not as it does not pay enough! Or offer any hope for the future. They also fail to enquire about the circumstances of the unemployment. Are there long term disabilities? Or maybe there are no suitable jobs available.


A government consumed by the need to defend the accused, a leader patently unfit for the job. Excuses that he is a brilliant leader (JR-M), he hasn’t killed anyone (A.Rosindell)(although there are a few thousand dead who may have survived with a leader rather than a narcissist), he was ambushed by a cake, it was only 10 minutes of law breaking. Are these people really as stupid as they sound? At PMQ’s he could have professed his innocence – but that would have been lying, and with the police investigation could presumably lead to a charge of perverting the course of justice (again).

Parliament is on almost half time at the moment with little legislation or policies being debated – the government does not have any!

Brexit is grinding the economy down with new legislation coming in in June – whinging about the EU will not cut it – we left, they did not throw us out. How many believed the lie about the NHS on the side of a bus? In fact how is it that so many people have, and are still sucked into the lies?

Even those who thought the whole Brexit thing through and decided that on balance we were better off out – are decrying the reality that is being imposed by the lying incompetents.

So energy prices continue to rise – this time oil approaching $100 a barrel – a 5 or 6 year high. Pigs are being slaughtered and buried on our farms due to a lack of abattoir staff. CO2 is again in short supply. Our rivers are being polluted with impunity due to a lack of the regulators action. Oh and Ukraine!

But all is well Dorries is attacking the BBC for reporting anything bad about the government, Schnapps is sorting out the rail network by cutting the number of announcements, Zahawi (the richest MP) has held the daily amount for a school dinner to £2.34p – No M&S party food for them, not even cake. Hans Christian Andersen would be appalled at the parallels in modern society in one of the richest nations on Earth that kids are being fed junk food and going home to heatless houses.

Yes Jacob Sleaze-Dogg the Prime Minister is brilliant not.


vitiate \VISH-ee-ayt\ verb. 1 : to make faulty or defective : impair. 2 : to debase in moral or aesthetic status. 3 : to make ineffective.

Could this be THE word of January 2022?


I hate – and I do not hate many things – the perfidy of the arrogant knob towards the Great British Public. Saying that Johnson got all the major decisions correct is just so far from the truth as to be criminal.