I put the tubers in 20 days ago and they have sprouted and are 10cm high! I hope they will form a bright welcome to my porch! It is cold today – still got the N-E wind which brings the felt temperature down from 12C at present although 20C predicted later.

Elderflowers might be ready for picking on the next hot sunny day!

Lawns at my end of the road – 5 have a profusion of buttercups and have not been cut – will they let them go wild? TBH even this is a victory and hopefully we will see lots more bees – dragonfly yesterday looked a bit like a hornet!


The government is withholding Johnson’s WhatsApp records, that he himself is happy to let go. So what are they hiding? The Cabinet Office says handing them over could impinge on decision making in the future. More likely they are likely to reveal gross incompetence on a huge scale that will impact on most of the Governments ministers. Claiming irrevellance is not a decision to be made by those defending their actions. The longer the spat goes on the worse it will get for the government with possible criminal charges to follow.

Meanwhile – interest rates are set to rise again as the Brexit bonanza continues to bite. Eyewatering house prices and high mortgage and rents make it almost impossible for young people to own a house (Home ownership is falling). Time for a radical rethink of the housing market. Properly insulated heat and noise! flats that are close to jobs, shops and entertainment and open space.


The Cabinet Office is to refuse to release communications to the Covid Inquiry. WTF! Just arrest them all for treason! or perverting the course of justice. Would full revelation result in the incrimination of most/many of the Cabinet? Will Sunak be indicted? Hancock?

Things happen slowly at times – but are we heading for a GE sooner rather than later!


It may be a bit late but I am planting the seeds I have been given from Hauser and Wirth; Carthusian Pink; Pale-purple Coneflower; Hungarian Echinops; Button Snakeroot; Sweet Coneflower; Mexican feather grass; Chinese meadow rue and some Zinnia.

Hanging baskets begining to look good, Californian poppies from last year have appeared, lemon verbena not showing signs of life though. Mulberry trees looking healthy – perhaps this year there will be some fruit. Apricot tree has taken ok. I watered the vine which I keep forgetting about. Elderflowers are nearly ready for picking for cordial or wine! I am not sure how many apples I will get after my big prune last winter? Roses are looking good – loads of yellow ones, Shropshire lad pinks and the old reds and the climbing white by trhe gate all looking good. A couple of the bush ones are slowly growing – I need a trellis for the summer jasmine. Fuschia might be a bit dead? Raspberries are taking over.

It sounds like I have a huge garden but really it is not – just a 1950’s estate with lawns at front and back (except my lawns are no more! Britains lawns = the size of Somerset I read! I wonder how much electricity or fuel it costs to cut them once a fortnight? A lawn that is used is great, and woodpeckers love them too! But when they are just for – actually I do not know what! they do not look particulary nice – the ones opposite with a profusion of buttercups are much prettier, and the dandelion clocks are lovely.


I have no actual records but! it does seem that we have had more Easterly winds this year? It has not been bitingly cold here, just colder than it should be due to the wind? Today is another example – dry and bright sunshine, but a little chilly in the wind.


Lovely to have children and grandchildren together at the ROTH in Bruton. A lovely setting with nice garden, superb shop and lovely restaurant, although to be honest I was not that impressed with the food. The company however was excellent. Erin and Adam are developing into witty nice adults, I mean nice in rthe nicest way – they interact fantastically with Corinne and Ottilie. These two are just a bundle of fun with smiles never far from their faces. So well behaved despite a long wait for lunch and also in the car on the hour long journey. Felix step son of sorts was also cahtty although I knew nothing about his immense knowledge of gaming and computers and cartoons/films.

The parents, my offspring were lovely as were their partners. It was lovely to see them all interacting so well together. No bitching or point scoring – just genuine friendship. Where to go next year? Or later this summer?


As usual the racists are out and complaining about the figures. A more detailed look shows a down turn on migrants from the EU. yWhen part of the EU migrants could arrive at will, and many did, but many also returned home after a relatively short stay. Migrants from furtheer afield are less likely to return home after a couple of years? Thesame with students – most will return after getting their qualification and I would guess we should be pleased if these skilled people decide to stay? Of the 203780 Ukrainians mist will hope to return home at some point in the future. India provides 343713 migrants – ofwhom 140000 are students. India is a fast developing economy and will attract people back home in the long run.


So Sunak thinks the IMF are brilliant! A predicted 0.4% rise in GDP does not sound particularly brilliant to me. Food inflation at 19+% and with interest rates rising we, well most of us, are worse off. Energy costs will fall but for how long? (Qatar thinks not long!). Labour shortages continue yet nigration figures are higher than ever – again Sunak goes for the easy target – students: Foreign students pay exorbitant fees and contribute to university funds in a big way, but Braverman and Sunak are happy to sacrifice this income for their own political gain. If the total migration figures can come down they will be chuffed – whatever the cost to the economy in general.

Coffey says we should get into the fields to pick crops – I enjoyed doing that as a teenager (underage as 14 was the limit and I think I was 12!), I earned a few bob and was happy until Ann Richmond who. had got me the job told me off for looking so young and staring at people)! But 4 hour picking sessions for teenagers could be used?


So he had to submit his diaries to receive £240000 of tax payers money to defend his case against charges of misleading Parliament. Then the diaries reveal more possible breaches of the law! His sister also unwittingly provides firther evidence against him by claiming ‘ Covid protocols were followed at all times’ during her visits -What was she doing there in the first place? We have yet to see the examination of Hancocks handling of the pandemic and possible corruption charges. With Braverman also possibly breaking the ministerial code (for what thats worth nowadays!), things are not looking good for Sunak!


It is still looking a bit scruffy! Thehage sage has had a die back but some californian poppies have reappeared. I am waiting to see if the evening primrose, lemon verbena and chickory reappear – I seem to remember them being late last year. Fennel is growing again and thyme is in flowers with the rosemary. Apricot tree seems to be doing ok and raspberries looking healthy, as are the stinging nettles! Forget-me-nots have appeared from no where and a healthy crop of dandelions. Yellow bush rose is flowering with the hot lips but the red rose is still just buds. In the back garden the wisteria and honeysuckle are the usual delight. June berry is growing tall, and budhlia growing, also some thistles. hanging baskets beginning to flower.

Regarding wildlife – very little! 2 butterflies (small tortishell) and a few bees but nothing of note since the sparrow hawk was seen above with what looked like a blackbird!