For too long businesses have been suppressing wages. Unions have been hampered by legislation. Now we have shortages of labour in many sectors, especially in low paid physically hard jobs such as in meat packing factories and pickers on farms.


It would be a lovely day today if it was not for the clouds and was warmer. Definitely autumnal, but maybe some September sunshine awaits. Met Office suggests rain next weekend but end of September could be more settled and warmer.


Schools and universities going back – and not a plan in sight! The governments scientific advisors have warned of fishers week becoming a series of super spreader events. I feel desperately sorry for students at the moment, their exams have been a farce, university life is meant to be life enhancing and fun, not boring and dull.


Is on track to hit New Orleans on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina on Sunday. A storm surge of 3m is expected in many areas and winds in excess of 130kph. Oil production has been ceased in many rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. And another depression developing in mid-Atlantic whilst Hurricane Nora hits the eastern Pacific region with high winds and rainfall near Puerto Vallarta and Baja California Peninsula.


Guided by the science! Or not? SAGE has stated that ministers should be planning for a huge rise in Covid cases as schools reopen. The governments plan seems to delegate responsibility to schools without giving them any advice or powers. So no masks or bubbles, no advice on contingency plans for an outbreak other than – schools may contact public health authorities if certain thresholds are met. Does this mean that Williamson is on some extended safari somewhere secret and must not be disturbed? Maybe like Raab’s £40.000 holiday.


Rather Autumnal for August. Cloudy without threatening rain, the breeze is from the north creating a chill. Seems to be set like this for a while with high pressure to the north of Scotland. It makes watering the garden a bit problematic, pots need watering, but as temperatures are lowish, how much and how often? The tomatoes are coming to an end – earlier than I expected. I also have something that nibbles them – it looks like a wasp or insect rather than mice.

The cold spring followed by wet summer and now a dry spell with warm (!!) days and cold nights could produce a riot of autumn colours this year, especially sycamore, wild cherry, hornbeam, small leafed lime and oak.

I was thinking about some brussel sprouts in the greenhouse? For Xmas? This year I need to take my glasses so I get sprouts not purple sprouting!


In the interests of the environment I am cutting down on meat – not becoming a vegan fanatic, just cutting down. The following recipe looks particularly good – and most of the ingredients are ok – or easily altered!!! Those who know me will be aware that this ‘altering’ can reach epic proportions! Jamies epic bean burger.


Rather than calling a liar, it may be fair to say he is just rewriting the definition of somethings in the dictionary. I will start with “almost everyone’ and ‘overwhelming majority’ that have been used to mean ‘more than a few’ – in the context of evacuating people from Afghanistan where thousands of eligible people have been left behind to an unknown but probably grizzly fate.


An interesting start to the season. Brighton, West Ham and Everton all looking good, as do Chelsea, ManU, belatedly ManC, Liverpool. Leicester were looking good until taken apart by WHU.

Harry Kane seems stuck. at Spurs – will Man City go for Mbappe? or wait for Haaland?