What is the point in a few, and it would be a few, attaining a 10th or 11th GCSE in the subject via another exam. We have too many exams. Perhaps there could be a new set up. Exams in English, Maths and Science (compulsory), Awards for languages and humanities (well, Geography and History) which would occupy 60% of the timetable. the rest could be a number of modules with compulsory elements like arts, drama, sports science, natural history, crafts, nutrition, cookery, economics, citizenship, etc. These could all be 10 week units assessed on coursework/oral presentations. Rather than 3 year GCSE courses in most subjects these would become a one year course leading to A Level or pre-apprenticeship course at a FE college.

All students should have a core knowledge of the basic essentials of life before programming them for employment.

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