I know it is early but I have put some tomato seeds in under plastic in the greenhouse. I reckon that next week – if long range forecast is relatively warm I will sow herbs, chillies and peppers. I will also order some lemon verbena as last yearshave died.

Lemons, turmeric and avocados have arrived from Spain.

Indoor plants I bought from Cadbury are doing ok on bedroom window sill.

TV arrived but will wait for help before unpacking.


Just making a loaf with rye flour and some cookies with rye flakes. There is something magical about baking. It is always a little special when the oven produces a loaf or edible cookies! The warmth and smell of the baking is priceless. I have plans for some more tomorrow – possibly with pineapple and coconut flakes. Then to make some pasta and plan pancakes for next week!

So Labour are going to back track on £28billion pledge – I understand why – the tories have slaughtered the economy. However Labour should have the courage to recreate a society worth living in. Sunak’s callous and unthinking words at PMQT’s reflected the decline in our society over the past 14 years. Is it my age that mkes me look at the society of today with some angst?


The ministers of this government seem to be under instructions to keep their mouths shut and stay away from the office, and definitely do not work from home! There have been fewer examples of gross incompetence recently but this maybe because Sunak has been plotting the biggest travesty of all. WHY are British forces joining the USA in attacks in the Middle East? Is it due to pressure from his mates in the oil industry who apparemtly are concerned about the reduction in their gigantuan profits? No doubt Starmerr will meekly follow in appeasing the capitalists? Where are NATO in this? Maybe the situaltion is too febril for them? My take on the situation is as follows.

The Houthi rebels of Yemen appear to have taken advantage of a paucity of understanding by the west to gain dominence in Yemen despite the attempts by Saudi Arabia backed by the west to overthrow their rule. By choosing to ignore the war crimes perpetuated by Israel in Gaza and the West Bank the west have increased support for the Shia groups supported by Iran. Israels annexation of Gaza and the West Bank have drawn uncomfortable parallels with the colonial record of the UK and its replacement (capitalist USA). The UK government has tried to disassociate the actions of the Houthi with those taking place in Gaza whilst showing minimal empathy with Palestinians. Whilst the EU has also been broadly supportive of Israel (no doubt due to the historical aspects of guilt regarding the holocaust) they have not joined in with the American led attacks on Yemen.

So what is the motive for the UK stance and involvement? Recent reports of the lack of capability of the British armed forces would normally play to the TorybGammons, but with little financial heft available it maybe that Sunak is playing the long game politically. It is apparent that despite Starmers lack of popularity with the public he seems odds on to win a landslide at the General Election. This being so it would seem prudent from a Conservative viewpoint to sabotage the economy to ensure that Labour cannot improve the situation thus creating a vacuum for the right wing in the near future. Is this a conspiracy theory? It would seem to have much evidence to back it up!

So Sunak creates a “war situation” with British interests directly attacked by Iran backed rebels in the Middle East, Russia and China show support for these groups thus enforcing a massive increase in military spending. Labour can only extricate itself by appearing to appease terrorism. The economy is a;ready shattered by Brexit although Badenoch continues to extol success stories like the export of honey to Saudi Arabia (unverified) and pet food sales to India (unfathomable!).

Public services are at breaking point across every sector and plans for future investment by Labour will have to be put on hold due to deteriorating finances. Will Labour be brave enough to introduce press reforms immediately they gain office? It seems unlikely as they seem to be courting big business and capitalism wholeheartedly. My belief is not that we need to grow the economy – but that we need to nurture a sustainable economy and redistribute wealth equably.


I am very disappointed at the stance taken by Keir Starmer on many issues. Primarily I feel nausea at the lack of a firm line against Israels genocidal ambitions in Gaza and the West Bank.

Regarding the £28billion green investment I am hopeful that the public pressure to maintain this investment will prevail early in te next Parliament. Here the Labour Party need to set out clearly the long term benefits. It is interesting to see what the Labour Party in Wales are recommending regarding the unfair council tax. As taxes go it would seem to offer the least possibility for evasion. No readjustments have been made since its introduction in England. Some obvious bits – 5 categories is too low, I think Wales are recommending 12 which seems about right. They should do away with the single person discount. There are many reforms necessary for Local Councils, including a salary cap!

However the Labour Party disappoint me I will support them in the sole intention of getting rid of the shitwhow we have at the present. The Tories seemto be intent on leaving the country in the worst possible situation. Any incoming Labour administration will have a myriad of problems and obstacles to over come. Every aspect of government should be overhauled within 12 months.


So Israeli forces shoot an unarmed man carrying a white flag and the British Establishment is fucking silent. It is a war crime, I wonder how many other instances there are – the Byline Times reported on a family sheltering from the bombing discovered by IDF soldiers who took the men outside and whilst their families watched shot them, the women and children were then sent back inside and grenades thrown in – all died. This was reported by the UN Commission for Human Rights. Meanwhile in a desperate piece of electioneering the USA and the UK bomb Yemen and the Telegraph talks about conscription.

What the fuck do MP’s do all day? They are not running the country. Is the government hoping for some sort of military coup to keep it in power? Sunak is still criticising Starmer due to him being a supporter of Corbyn in the past, and for doing his job as a lawyer.

The Mail has complained that woke activists have made adverts less sexy than they were in the 1980’s. Their readers must yearn for the days when they could jerk off during an ad break!

The Culture Minister bemoans bias at the BBC until asked for evidence, to which she states that some people have complained! And another minister asks for balance (presumably balance that provides support for racists, misogynists and sex offenders?


Time for a public discussion regarding tax and public services. Basically it is a no brainer. Especially tax increases for those earning most and stopping tax avoidance.

At the same time there seems to be a growth in public servants earning huge salaries. I think I am correct that some counties have more than 100 people earning over 100000, how?why? I am sure there are inefficiencies that can be addressed, (e.g. MP expenses), but the basic fact is that tax cuts directly impinge on public services. Everyone is aware of the short falls in funding in police, health and education systems. The arts and services like museums pay back investment. is Britain broken? It certainly seems like it. 14 years of Tories have smashed public services. Private airports are the busiest in Europe, super yachts are proliferating. Public services benefit everyone.


I am of course refering to the government. Sunak says that stopping small boats is THE major concern facing the country. No you imbecile – it is the cost of living; climate change; heating costs; housing costs; decline of public services; a society where Bronson Batersby can die of starvation; strikes; a government aiding and abetting genocide in Gaza; and a general lack of honesty in public life. The list of what is more important than 25000 poor souls risking their lives to claim asylum (75% successfully) is endless. Personally I would include this weekends football results as being of greater importance.

Sunak claims that the numbers are down and includes this an achievement, as he does inflation figures (which rose last month!). What we need is honest debate rather than political rhetoric. People are actually concerned regarding migration per se, rather than the possibly 10000 failed asylum claims. This needs an honest conversation rather than slogan weilding ignorance. There are over 7 million people on the NHS waiting list. This needs an increase in doctors and nurses, we need more police and teachers and social workers, at least 100000 social care workers. These are concerns that a sensible government would face up to and deal with.

When a politician states that their policy is the “will of the people” we know that they have lost the argument.


So the goverment say that the situation has nothing to do with the situation in Gaza as it is a few thousand miles away. With such ignorance andf stupidity it is no wonder that the UK is in such a dire state. Starmer too backed the UK military action, when will he realise that the nation is NOT controlled by the Daily Mail? Public opinion polls show that most citizens in this country are appalled by the suffering inflicted by the Israeli Government. Our politicans put profit before lives at every opportunity.


Sometimes it is good to post before I absorb the wisdom of my fellow posties. So here goes. The USA and UK have launched an attack on Houthis positions in Yemen. At a glance this would seem reasonable – Houthis have launched attacks on shipping. However the reaction seems to be rather aimed at the wank fest populist supporters in each country. Surely a diplomatic solution could be found – but of course not as the numbskulls in government are fully supporting Israel regardless of genocidal tendancies by Netanyahu.

It would seem that diplomacy is not allowed in the testosterone filled chambers of our lobotmised leaders. Any action that fails to reign in the horror unleashed by the Isreali government is likely to be inflammatory. Maybe this is what the industrial/military complex needs at a time of economic stagnation. I am with South Africa in bringing their case accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza.


I made up a lush recipe. 100g butter; 100g dark brown sugar; 50g rye flour; 50g plain flour; 1/2tsp baking powder; 100g rye flakes; 2tsp cinnamon; 2 hndfuls chocolate chips. 15 minutes @180C. Tasty!

It is cold outside so I have bought myself a new jumper! rather than bump the heating up. I have cut the roses back but wheelie is full so I will wait until Monday before cutting back more. Evenings are nearly back! I do not like the darkness! Bee hotel xmas pressie made ready to hang by front door at the end of next month. I will wait and see what has survived the winter before ordering new plants – hopefully I will have a dozen rose bushes and some bulbs. And maybe plant out the rosemary and thyme varieties alongside the road? Greenhouse is basically prepped ready to go with tomatoes.