There is an underlying theme to the election. FEAR. Not just that overtly brandished with such enthusiasm by Farage, but by the major parties.

The fear of being honest, telling the truth and extolling experts where they exist. On almost every major issue Sunak is peddling lies, and Starmer is avoiding the truth. So examples:-

  • Migration. Anyone with half a brain will realise just how important migrants are to our society. Yes there are arguments to be had about numbers, where from, integration into society. But these arguments are not being heard as society panders to the vociferous bigotson the right mainly, but left too!
  • Law and order. The system is broken. Criminals are not even apprehended, prisons are overfull, police dealing with mental health issues, rape cases not heard or pursued properly. So where is the discussion regarding the deterioration of our civic society? Poverty plays a major part but here the parties are united on being strong on law and order, rather than being strong on the case for creating a society which cares for all. The discussion of causes and consequences of crime are avoided for fear of appearing to be “soft on crime”.
  • Climate change – Labour have been forced to regress on this issue by the financial incompetence of the present government (leaving no money, a woeful electricity distribution system and failed policies). Where is the discussion? Climate sceptic nobs like Rees-Dogg are allowed a free reign. ALL the evidence points to the economic sense of acting asap on this issue, the cost of climatic disruption is immense and can be measured not only in financial cost but lives. Subsidise existing housing to get the panels, upgrade housing to make heat pumps efficient, impose rules on new houses and landlords – cost to government minimal!
  • Nationalisation of public utilities – again discussion missing due to obsession of RWM with this topic. The railways issue is half accepted (but leasing trains, etc. isn’t), water companies continue to flout environmental laws with impunity (I recognise that foreign investment make be an issue here). Companies that arrogantly disregard environmental legislation and still pay huge bonus and dividends need to obey the laws of society. So fine them until they go bust – then nationalise them? But of course there is the discussion that is strangely absent here!
  • NHS – has alredy been largely nationalised. Labour faces a huge backlog of cases and a broken system. The argument missing here is whether the backlog should be cleared first or whether the system needs to be sorted first. Of course it is not a binary decision but I have qualms about the government paying private providers to cut the waiting lists when the same people work in the NHS! Paying staff a fair wage is imperitive to sorting the system – and then sorting out the management situation.
  • Council Tax – Another poisoned chalice a new government has been bequeathed! Council tax bands were created in 1992, the year of Nirvana, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson! House prices have changed immensely since then, as have musical tastes. With councils going bust, sometimes due to poor investments made to avoid the stringent and cruel cuts made by central government. Firstly it would seem obvious that Local councils should not be investing money? Surely they should raise money to pay for the services they need to provide? Av complete revamp of the situation is needed following a cognitve discussion. Should there be a wealth tax in its place? Maybe a revamp of the structure too? Too many people paid 6 figure salaries (especially when they outsource contracts!).
  • Education – Do not impose VAT on public schools – just abolish them all together! Yes we know that smaller class sizes get the priveldged few better exam grades (often to the detriment of their ability to empathise!). The exam grades are not worth the cost to society. So tax the rich and send worthy students to the institutions of privilege! Another discussion that has been avoided! Only the whining of “I work hard to send my child to wherever” which immediately degrades the value of every other parent who works their socks off to provide for their children. When did education/teacher become a job rather than a vocation? I suspect it was when the rightwing took control of the media to publicise personal ego above society values? I know I cannot put a time scale on this! But again there needs to be a BIG discussion on what education is for/doing? The system has hardly changed for a few hundred years – kids sit behind desks and are told to learn stuff! But kids learn outside and doing stuff! Discussion needed. Degrees – now that it costs loads to go to university there is now a discussion about what degrees are relevant? Firstly I would say from a personal point of view that any business related degree is fucking shit! Again the morons have taken over – to some extent it has become a rite of passage for middle class kids (my own included here). Leaving home and still being educated seems like a good idea! Apprentiships are also good, and have their place, but I suspect rather limited. They are hardly going to adapt to the new horizons and jobs that will become available in the unforeseen future.
  • I guess I am at the end of my comfort zone! Armed forces need a comment – but I am so totally unqualified to comment – although that does not usually stop me!
  • Housing – related top migration – would it be wrong to think that most migrants are happy/content with flats? So brown field starts and forcing building companies to use land they have put away as an investment?


OMG – stop! Please stop! The Conservative Party is getting worse and worse! The betting scandal continues with people now known to be involved. A Health Minister has been accused of cronyism after disclosures related to contracts for ‘advice’. DWP flags 200000 people for fraud and error. 75% of the UK’s rivers are in poor health. The list is endless!.

The shit press are now panicing about a Labour super majority – is this so they can claim a ‘victory’ if the majority is less than 100, or 150, or ………

However there are questions still to be answered. The Muslim vote will not have forgotten Starmers blunder over Gaza; the young want rid of the tories but also want a vision of a better future (Starmer seems scared shitless y the Mail, Telegraph and Murdoch!; are there lots of people who are still undecided? Will Farage undermine Labour in the north? Will Farage support/Reform crumble as people become aware of the reality? This last one is unfortunately not so true!

The geography of it all! I am fascinated by this. Cities seem to be largely Labour. However things are changing as University towns are also joining the red ranks with even Canterbury falling. Will the rural vote stuff the tories to the benefit of the Lib.Dems. The Greens will be interesting with Brighton, Bristol and then a couple of rural areas? Will the Muslim vote have an impact? Will the SNP vote hold up in Scotland (where the Tories could be left with 1 or 2 seats at best?). What about Wales where the Labour Party has held sway for a long time – familiarity breeds contempt could affect both the SNP in Scotland and Lab in Wales. PC do seem to have a limited geographic appeal? Then NI – what will Sein Fein do? Will the SDP make further inroads? I suspect that support for the DUP is too ingrained to be undermined



So everything healthy at the moment. Tomatoes are a bit of a concern as looking a bit leggy? And chillie plants have suddenly decided that they will join the party – 3 months of just sitting and now they are starting to grow. Pots of flowers I will put out the front when I am sure they are slug resistant? Is that such a thing? Morning glory amd love in the mist to be put out together with the plants from the shop that were dying.



went to see Taylor Swift, where did Sunak go – William Hills for a quick flutter on the election results – is he hedging his bets?

Just Stop Oil had a go at private jets – good on them, but I wonder if they should take a lesson from Greenpeace and plan their publicity stunts more carefully. How about flash mob appearances across the country? Trafalgar Square or even Hyde Park on a sunny day by the Serpentine – press and public would love it and it would therefore gain credibility? Perhaps getting well know celebrities to join in? They could dress in orange? Maybe free ice creams – they need some imagination!! Perhaps a barge on city centre rivers with music?



I am so fucked off with hearing the bollocks that come out of the orrifice on his head that I really would not care if something nasty happened to the devious little cunt. From backing Andrew Tate and then Putin – and yet there are people stupid enough to vote for him. I will happily and without compunction disown any member of my family who votes for the horrific turd. Blaming NATO for the Russian invasion is victim blaming at its worst. How can sucha hateful piece of shit be given airtime in a democracy? Aaaaaaaagh!


Goes on and on! Tory Director of Campaigning goes on gardening leave, 2 prospective candidates investigated by police for dubious betting on the election date. Farage says misogynist Andrew Tate is a good ro;e model for young boys – fuck me, he cannot be serious – despicable toss pot is being prosecuted for rape, people trafficing and forming a crimainal gang to sexually exploit women, in Romania – may he rot there. The future for women has just turned bleaker. If it is true what I have heard that ‘Farage says what people think” – well they need to refer themselves to mental institutions – is this really waht 19% of Briton’s think? If so ‘beam me up Scottie” I want out of here. Do these people have children and grandchildren daughters, wives, mothers? I could have so much more to say about this! Our children are already polluted by the porn on the internet and its misogynist trumpets like Tate, without them being given an element of political respectability. Is this another import from the USA where Trump using prostitutes and grabbing woman by the pussy is acceptable?

How does any sane person contemplate voting for such a sleaze ball? Castration would be too kind! I am. begining to feel an iota of sympathy for the conservatives who have seen their party contaminated by the morons from Tufton Street, it is only an iota mind as they were content to sit back and let the likes of Johnson, Truss, Braverman, Sleaze-Dog and so many more manipulate them and ride on the back of their media frenzy.

Project Fear (my version) is begining to trouble me! Will Farage actually get a seat in Parliament and consolidate his support; will undecided voters allow candidates who I would remove from my front door with venom – I am happy to have a strong Lib.Dem prescence at the dispatch box for PMQ’s. Please do not stop the fun on 4/5th July with so many Portillo moments promised. Vote to keep the bastards out and consigned to history!


Thoughts on the action by Just Stop Oil. Actual I have a few thoughts so here goes!

Firstly and most importantly it is very sad that it has come to this. I completely understand the frustration that many people feel about the lack of coverage given to climate change in this election – For those who care deeply about this issue I guess they had little choice.

Secondly – the choice – Stonehenge has been around for a while! It has weathered the toxic fumes of the industrial world and the protesters ensured that their paint was not toxic. However some papers and commentators are suddenly experts on lichen – Perhaps the Daily Mail will start a campaign to save our lichen (Unlichenly! – sorry, but it had to be done!).

The Daily Mail and Express have led with this – presuably they think that as most of their readers will either be dead or are so ignorant that any future climate change is irrelevant – but calls for them to be locked up when there is no space in our prisons is plain ridiculous.

Most sensible comment was from Dale Vance who basic told the PM to find more important issues that some non-toxic paint (that has already been removed). Child poverty would be a good place to start he suggested!

Lastly it give the MSP some respite from the bad news – Interesting tactic from the Telegraph

Sunak to become first prime minister in history to lose seat, major poll finds

Does this mean that they will offset their £244.6m loss last year by backing the likely winners? Or is it scaremongering – Project Fear in technicolour? WTF are the blue areas – areas with below average IQ and above average gross stupidity?


Let us start with a traditional Conservative voter. If the toxicity of Reform appeals to you – please see a doctor and stay at home with a pint of warm beer and a flag! Otherwise there appears to be 20% of voters (and therefore about half of traditional voters) still seem to be intent on voting for the corrupt and incompetent crew! Whilst they may not relish voting for Labour (which has moved massively to the centre) then the alternative would be the Lib.Dems. For Labour voters on the left – hold your nose and vote to get the present crew OUT! Unfortunately as for the rest, if you vote in Brighton, Bristol Central or maybe Norwich it will probably worth voting for the Greens. Would Starmer be democratic enough, having looked at local elections, to offer a post at the DoE (DEFRA?) to the greens?

Starmer came across as relaxed and a PM in waiting on lbc this morning – despite efforts of Ferrari (who is unlikely to try as hard to unsettle Sunak tomorrow – and is unlikely to need to!). The RWP are desperately trying to tarr Starmer and the Labour Party. Having emptied the coffers (to their cronies) Labour have few opportunities to raise income and thus support public services which is what most sane people want?

On a personal level I have been identified as being at risk from lung cancer which is a little scary. However I am in 2 minds whether to attend as it is sub-contracted out from the NHS for the profit of a private company (and probably staffed by moonlighting NHS staff). I do not want to have to make this decision – I believe in the sanctity of the NHS!


FFS can we get this debacle over? The Conservatives are faced with oblivion and the Times has said that governmment ministers are recommending a personal offensive against Starmer. So the election will get nasty – surely this is an insult to the intelligence of the British Public. I am sure that the DMail and DExpress and the Sun will weigh in with the sad journalists who should be job hunting! (What job could a failed and rabid political journalist get – possibly move to USA or Hungary?)

The crap press will possibly resort to royalty as often as possible, Megan is due for a roasting! The football has also made the front pages but this cannot be guaranteed as a distraction – especially with the behaviour of England followers. I am sure they will avoid all aspects of the climate crisis and environmental degradation.