I am totally against this party, but I used to acknowledge that they had a philosophy that was arguable. I was told that the Conservatives believed their policies would lead to a bigger ‘cake’ to be divided up rather than a Labour one more equitably shared. I did not like this philosophy as it seemed to favour the rich and privileged. However the people promoting it in Parliament seemed generally honest and honourable. There were no beggars on the streets, mentally ill were in hospitals (not always nicely agreed), social housing was provided, the NHS provided health and dental care, the unions may have been too powerful in some areas (but should not have been suppressed as at present), tax was high but public services existed (not always to high standards but widespread rather than non-existent. Politicians who digressed resigned.

The present party seems to have caved in to corruption and egocentrism. No philosophy worth promoting. Just greed and a bullying attitude to those they deem below them. No respect.


I got this recipe from a Cypriot cookbook called orexi! Long list of ingredients which I will adapt next time – (sighs of resignation from friends!). Basically get filo pastry sheet and fill with whatever, and then bake for 10 minutes to crisp up.


So the government thinks we should all exercise pay restraint – Except for MP’s, except for pensioners (many of whom do not need it – certainly not more than other public sector workers). I fully back the doctors, the lawyers, the airport workers, the railway workers, etc. The right wing press crows about wages over £50000 as if they should take a pay cut and are just being greedy. The wages are commensurate with the job, skills and qualifications – I do not see the trash press campaigning for reduced wages in the City (actually they want them raised!), or directors to show pay restraint.


Every single public service is being trashed . Where is our tax money going? A lot in interest on dodgy loans taken during Covid. I am not a great fan of tax, and wish it was simpler. But we need to pay for education, health, law and order, council services, transport, utilities. Not all are nationalised unfortunately. Defence was omitted on purpose – I agree we need to be at the front of technology and weaponry, but why do the Armed Forces employ top chefs and chauffeurs.

We have to pay for the basic fundamentals of civilisation – but at present the fat cats in the city are creaming off billions (and many avoiding their share of taxes).


A neighbour decided to leave most of their lawn uncut and was happy with the grasses rippling in the wind, and the yellow vetch. They are now extremely happy to have orchids, and yes I am a tiny bit jealous!


“We need to put people and the planet over profit and greed”. Wise words that we do not hear from our delusional corrupt Prime Minister and his Cabinet of fools.


Perhaps my favourite herb – certainly for scent although I am partial to basil too. lemon verbena goes well with fish. The tea below is Mexican and served hot or cold.

Te de cedron. Instructions

  • Place the 3 lemon verbena leaves in the 4 cups of water. 
  • Boil for 15 minutes.
  • Serve hot or iced with a teaspoon of honey in each glass for sweetness


Economy planking, international status dire, election results awful. The future?

Who could be a tory leader? Maybe Hunt? But the tories may need a new direction – the ERG fossils may need to be consigned to the dustbin of Brexit?


4th lot this summer – I think that will do for now. Although I might try a batch with strawberry mint and another with lemon verbena. Not sure if I would have to make them separately, or add the herbs at the end; or maybe soak herbs overnight, whizz and strain – I just checked – add the diced mint after taking jam off the heat – but I still think this means making separate lots. So 500g at a time?

Next up will be tomato preserves, chutney, pickle, sauce, dried toms. Hopefully in a week or so.