This not going away anytime soon. With 60% of hauliers stating that retirement is, and will be a major factor it seems the problem can only get worse, Brexit is 2nd major factor also at 60% followed by IR35 and drivers leaving for different industry, and pay rates also over 50% as a stated reason for driver shortage.

STARMER – “Is it better to lose with honour and integrity , rather than compromise to a life of servitude and poverty?”

Has written an essay about taking Labour back to the middle. Well Keir there is already a middle – called the LibDems, a Tory Party that is not as far right as many think (just so no right regarding competence and honesty). Labours problem was not with the policies of Corbyn, but the unabated press attack on him, and his lack of chutzpah. His policies were popular, but thought to be unachievable by him.


Brighton 3 Swansea 1; Arsenal 5 Wimbledon 0; Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 1; ManU 2 WHU 3; Millwall 0 Leicester 2; Wolves 1* TottenhamH 1

I know nothing!

Well 5 out of 6 results correct and only Wolves v Spurs lost on penalties. Maybe this weekend I will catch up?


Many things are broken or not functioning properly in our society. The prime Minister bangs on about levelling up – why? because too many in society have been left behind. Our free market economy is reliant on poorly paid workers with little security. The supply chain is breaking apart and patching it will only delay the need for an overhaul.


Impossible to judge due to lack of first team players, but for fun here goes: Brentford 2 – Oldham 1; Burnley 2 – Rochdale 1; Watford 2- Stoke; 1 Fulham 1 – Leeds 4; Wigan 0 – Sunderland 1; ManC 6 – Wycombe 0; Norwich 3- Liverpool 2; Preston 2- Cheltenham 1; QPR 0 – Everton 3; SheffU 2 -Southampton 3


I have to try these from Jamie Oliver.

I might add some mustard and or herbs? I have made these for tomorrow – not sure how heavy they will be without a rising agent? So just incase I made some bread rolls with a touch of chilli (greenhouse) and herbs (garden). Definite success.

So maybe tomorrow some sage and onion rolls (Aarons suggestion), then maybe some rosemary and cheese; sun dried tomato, garlic and chilli. I guess all would need a bit of parmesan and or cheddar. And then maybe an olive and feta – maybe just add the feta to serve? or maybe just serve all with a garlic/herb butter?


Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng states that there is no chance of the lights going out, people being unable to heat their homes or a 3-day working week. The British Chambers of Commerce however suggested that many factories were already considering reducing working hours or a 3 or 4 day week due to the high price of energy.

Johnson and Gove said that Brexit would mean lower gas prices – hmmm. Not tell untruths then??


Best yet I think. Usual approx 20:20:20:20:20 recipe but with wholemeal flour 50:50 plain flour, then pumpkin seeds/sunflower seeds/pistachio nuts and dried mango for last 20. Then topped with lemon icing. Full approval from Aaron, Kate and Jamie. 20 mins at 180C.


In line with recent times it looks like this winter could be ‘interesting’. Fuel prices are definitely going to be higher – by how much we do not know yet. The impact on commercial coal firms is already hitting with CO2 production slashed which has an impact on meat processing and fizzy drinks, as well as the NHS whose supply the government says is safeguarded. So food and drink supplies are likely to be disrupted rather than curtailed. Power supplies should be OK but it might be touch or go at times if we have overcast high pressure reducing wind capacity and leading to low temperatures.