Why now? Rishi yesterday called the general election for 4 July. James O’Brien has suggested that he has just had enough- a multi-millionaire who is unloved by country, party, colleagues. The other more plausable reason is that his plans will not work and everything can only get worse. Rwanda will not happen and was never going to be a practical answer, it is not a deterent, boat crossings are at a record level this year. Inflation is still making things more expensive. A further possibility was that if he delayed until the end of the term he was possibly going to be deposed by the party. The last possibilty is that there is some bad news in the pipeline for the 2nd half of the year (possibly inflation? War in Europe?).

A reverse psychology is that calculations all point to the electoral situation not getting any better after July (i.e. the economy, law and order, environment). So they will fight the election now as everything is looking worse in the future.

So what will be the arguments put forward by the Conservatives/. It cannot be evidence from the last 14 years! Sunak has spent the last few months intigating various “resets” anyway. Starmer has steered Labour into the centre so reference to the past and Corbyn is unlikely to resonate with the public. So the main thrust is likely to be the culture war and mud slinging. The Conservative Party is already seen as the party of sleaze so they will attempt to do the same to their opponents. However their best attempts to undermine Angela Rayner has been spectacularly unsuccessful, only the rabid right seems to care, will they attempt similar tactics? It is impossible to identify a positive message for the continuation of the Tory misrule of the UK.


Just made the above and an asparagus soup. Just avoiding cleaning and tidying really! Garden watered and the 70 house plants. First tomato growing in GH. I am hoping the 70 hanging basket plants are ready for putting out next week – some more sunny weather will do it.


It is hard to find anything that this government has not broken. Here we are not talking just about the NHS, education, social care, mental health, migration, legal system, police, to name just some areas, oh, and water (that is a real shitshow!), but also the very fabric of society. Words like empathy have been replaced with wokism. Not content with breaking our whole society they are determined to smash it into ever smaller pieces. All this is aided by the trash press -this must be a definite target for the next government. An example today – Gary Lineker was being interviewed with the founder of River Cottage about diet and he mentioned the need to educate children in school on how to cook. The Mail stated that he blamed the government – a blatent lie – in an attempt to undermine him. I do hope his lawyers are examiningbthe article carefully.

In some ways I wonder if Trump’s phrase “we need to drain the swamp” might be appropriate when refering to Whitehall and the civil service? To what extent are the civil service complict in the degradation of standards of public service? Stories emiting from the dip and Home Office seem.to indicate that the rot is not just the head of the fish, but permeates through the whole body of Government. It is not the colour of the lanyards that is the problem but the lack of humanity that is the problem. The lack of empathy is a trait of fascism and seems to be a requirement of government (and perhaps the public school system). It is certainly becoming a common element of the white middle class society which runs not only politics and business but the media and entertainemnt industries (todays report emphasises this.


Amongst just about everything this government does – I do not get it! Apparently the determined migrants who get in the small boats to cross the Channel are paying large sums to the people smugglers. Surely we should welcome people with the ability to raise these sums of money amd have the determination to get to this country. They certainly are not risking their lives for the meagre handouts that the welfare state provides. Many are highly educated and would be a welcome addition to our ageing work force.

So there must be another problem. Firstly we know that the Tories love to identify groups of people that are weak and powerless to divert attention from the rapacious jaws of their brand of capitalism. Secondly these people are often fleeing persecution in their home countries, often because they will not buckle and conform to cruel and corrupt governments – of course our government does not welcome those who are not willing to brown nose their way.


At last we have spring weather – with the grim news about Climate Change I am not sure I should be so pleased! But anyway – I plated out the tomatoes left over, the sunflowers too. Coriander and basil doing ok and most of the mints are thriving. Hanging basket of thyme is doing well and the 3 flower ones should be planted tomorrow .

I just made baguettes with some chilli flakes – I should up the chilli next time. The baguettes with garlic, sun dried tomatoes, thyme and oregano and olives were very popular. I also just made a lemon drizzle cake – more ideas for tomorrow?


Why don’t the ignorant stupid motherfuckers just fuck off. The public has clearly indicated their wish at the polls. And that was without many young people voting. And still the lame unelected Prime Minister deludes himself that there will be a hung Parliament. His only hope would be to purge the party of the lunatic right wing which has dominated it, and led to its destruction. Could be be witnessing the demise of the Conservative Party?


Why is it that where men and women can complete on a level playing field they are totally male dominated? e.g. darts, snooker, Grand Prix, horse racing (changing slowly). Yet where there are strength/size aspects there are seperate fields (soccer, rugby, cricket, boxing, athletics, swimming)?


There is a lot of talk about patriotism and ‘the flag’ and Englishness. This all unsettles me. I was born in Essex, have lived in Sussex and Somerset but find my identity unclear in terms of patriotism and nationalism. I am English I guess, ancestory has no immigrants mentioned at all. But whilst I support England at football I would not fight or even argue for the concept of a nation. I support Essex at cricket, Sunderland at football (although I have never been close to the city!), but really do not identify with the concept of a nation. Borders change both geographically and mentally.

Culturally I feel European. There is a certain arrgance related to having an ancestry rooted in centuries of buildings and indeed “history’, which inhabitants of the USA try so hard to inculcate. I do not need to wrap myself in a flag, nor sing praises to a monarchy. I am often ashamed of others who profess their pride in these things.

Nationalism and patriotism grew out of a need to find protection in violent and unsafe times. In a modern world ruled by fair laws there should be no call for patriotism. Identity with a geographic region, religeon or political doctrine is a way for some to exert power over the rest of society. Who are those who are most nationalistic or patriotic? It is those with vested interested in the power structure and perversely those who are the most vulnerable, who can gain an aura of security or power from identification and security from alignment with the powerful. This is how populism and fascism appeal to the disadvantaged masses. It is no co-incidence that the likes of Farage, Johnson, Sunak and Rees-Mogg are part of the powerful establishment, using the client media to manipulate the populace by means of divide and rule.

Thus the first target for the powerful is to call on the populace to blame minorities for their short comings. This directs anger from the disproportionate wealth garnered by those with power and their incompetence and criminality; and places it firmly on the defenceless or minorities whether it be a religeos or racial group, or the sick or even people with different agendas like trade unionists.

So back to the start – my patriotism is firstly and lastly to myself and my family. I would like to say humanity but that means including those who do not fulfil the term!


There is no doubting the incompetence, callousness, moral decrepitude, etc. of this government. They tell lies everytime they open their mouths. The Rwanda debacle is just another stain on their ability in government. It will not stop the boats, nor do they want it too (the boat people are too important as a hate subject for the problem to be solved). So there is no doubt that they must go – but the prospect of Starmer’s Labour is not overwhelminglming! Angela Rayner humiliated Dowden at PMQ’S and we can expect the client media outlets to double down their hatred of her tomorrow, She comes across as an honest politician without the Westminster patena.

I find it hard to think of any positive achievements that this government under its mny mnifestations of leadership have brought to the country. But again ask, will Labour step up and be good enough – I know it is a huge ask but Britain expects.


It seems to me that there is much more going on here than seems appropriate – if appropriate there would be no story at all! The MoS has yet another front page “scoop” where some neighbour of 10 years ago has been paid hansomely to spread malicious gossip. So what are they doing? With Menzies following Wragg in sordid sex scandals Rayner is a diversion. However it is much deeper than this. Ashcroft is facing a tax bill of ¬£millions due to avoidance so this is not about tax avoidance or even electoral fraud.

The purpose (Part 1) is to discredit the whole of the Labour Party by getting Rayner the sack. Part 2 will be to ensure that any discrepancies between potential candidates for her job are amplified and Labour portrayed as being in disarray and therefore unelectable.

That the gutter/client press have been unsuccessful so far has shown just how desperate they are. The Mail has had Rayner on the front page at least 4 times and the Telegraph and Times have also featured it on the front cover, even the BBC has been complicit by allowing the issue prime air time (although it did show some restraint in ignoring the MoS claims in its news summary web page).

Yet the public seem uninterested in whether Angela was opaque about her living arrangements before she became an MP. I suspect that many people have tremendous sympathy for her and the campaign is misfiring. That a dozen detectives are wasting their time compounds the publics disquiet about this is a complete joke at the public’s expense.