Economy planking, international status dire, election results awful. The future?

Who could be a tory leader? Maybe Hunt? But the tories may need a new direction – the ERG fossils may need to be consigned to the dustbin of Brexit?


4th lot this summer – I think that will do for now. Although I might try a batch with strawberry mint and another with lemon verbena. Not sure if I would have to make them separately, or add the herbs at the end; or maybe soak herbs overnight, whizz and strain – I just checked – add the diced mint after taking jam off the heat – but I still think this means making separate lots. So 500g at a time?

Next up will be tomato preserves, chutney, pickle, sauce, dried toms. Hopefully in a week or so.


and they cannot take responsibility for their own incompetence. The rail strike was not called by Labour, the wage rise requested is lower than inflation. Effectively the government dictates what the rail companies can do (due to subsidies) and they told the rail companies not to negotiate. Everything about the current situation is down to this government and the Brexit it lied about to get the public to vote for it.


The government will make it legal to bring in agency staff to replace workers. How long before all employment is zero hours? When will union membership become illegal? The doff of a cap essential, the Emperors new clothes!


Just making basil and olive bread. And reading Jessica Elliot Dennison “Salad Feasts”.

Start is great for planing – A base (pasta, rice, potato or a pulse); a contrast, something with a tang or taste (cheese or a cured meat or smoked fish?); crunch and texture (nuts or seeds or croutons); and a dressing.


Planted Erigeron karvinskianus ‘Sea of Blossom’ many thanks Holly and Martin for the plant which should spread. Evening Primrose in blossom (also one plant in the road gutter where it joins barley and fennel!) with sage, thyme and rosemary blossoming and also cornflowers, fetch, dandelions, night scented stock and morning glory. Fennel doing well. basil on window sill has something attacking it – the same as the chillies in the conservatory. Red basil and lemon basil and coriander and greek basil all coming on.

I will get new soil and repot mother-in-laws tongue as both are about a metre high. I think others may need repotting. Tomatoes are forming – maybe a week or 10 days. A few raspberries


Students are now taking GCSE and GCE Exams with 15-20 different exams. Why so many? Surely an exam in English – written and oral, and one in Maths should be enough. Other subjects could be assessed by competencies (especially the arts and practical subjects). Humanities subjects could be assessed by a reasoning paper with access to internet.


Has not gone away. Numbers increasing, as are hospitalisations. The government plan? Wait and see what happens. Plans should be made now for booster jabs for vulnerable. Mask wearing in doctors surgeries and chemists should be compulsory. Sick pay should be increased.