To what extent are we, in the UK, complicit in the massacre of innocents being undertaken by Israel? I am not religious but respectbthe right of others to believe in whatever mumbo-jumbo they like. However when a country embarks on an act of cruelty and genocide surely we should be exerting whatever influence we have to bring about a cessation. The acts that Hamas executed were horrendous and cannot be condoned, howver it is disingenious to believe that they should be considered in isolation from history – even recent history. Recently 3 Israelis were killed in an attack in Jerusalem – they were in all probabliity innocent victims, just like the thousands of Gazan residents slaughtered by the Isreali military machine. This slaughter will ensure that no Israeli can ever be consired safe, nor in all probability any Jewish person, wherever in the world. The killing must stop, and then negotiations that could lead to peaceful co-existance.

The Daily Mail leads with an attempt to create outrage at Muslim children who may have joined peace marches during school time (where these school time peace marches are taking place I am not aware of! No doubt we will be implored to support Sunak as he tries to take us out of international treaties that protect our rights as world citizens. Is it a concerted plot by the right wing zealots to undermine the basic tennants that hold our society together. They should beware that the wealth, which hey covert so dearly, is not examined too carefully. The gated mansions that guarantee them seclusion from the teeming masses of society can dissolve like an early morning mist. In this country we have for too long been enamoured by the ruling classes. Perpetuation a myth of sovereignty since Norman times, those with off shore tax avoidance schemes should beware!

The Covid Inquiry is interesting, but with no sanctions at its disposal, little more than that. The Great Liar is taking the oath next week – surely an oxymoron? He will admit to mistakes but claim that he was overall brilliant. History will prove the opposite!


Alistair Darling has died – an honest and much respected politician. In contrast I have listened to te Covid Inquiry where a succession of politicians have lied about their horrific incompetence which led to thousands of deaths. I do not blame them for their incompetence – justthe lies they continue to perpetuate. It seems to be the norm for this government to use lies as a normal form of communication. The latest during PMQ’s was that the government has done £30 billion trade deals when everyone knows this is not true.

Although I am old I am not aware that politicians in the past used lies as a primary form of communication. Did Blair start this trend with the Iraq debacle? I am sure politicians in the past were economical with the truth, but did they build their whole political efficafe on blatant lies?


Normally tedious today Starmer came out fighting. He was witty and pithy! He exposed Sunak’s incompetence in repeated ways. Firstly regarding Sunak’s botched avoidance tactic regarding the Greek PM; then repeatedly regarding migration and the economy.

Sunak really is losing all credibility.


Quite big news today with hostage release continuing – but not for the trash British Press Frontpages. Mail leads with royals, telegraph about trans laws and UN whilst the Express slams the BoE chief for telling the truth! I guess they are trying to deflect from the migration row, where all the sensible comments point out that care homes, hospitality, the NHS, etc. would be near collapse without migration. The Rwanda scheme is seen by the right as a vote winner even though it it is largely irrelevant to migration figures.

Elsewhere in the news – Gove is giving evidence to the Covid Inquiry. And is painting himself as Mr.Ensible and Reasonable. He has apologised for the mistakes made claiming to be only human (which I am sure he does not believe!). he has not criticised other members of the Government, probably in the belief that he can still become leader?


It is greatbthat there is a cease fire and hostages will be released. This is not a but, more of a ‘I don’t understand’!

Israel has spent weeks bombing the shit out ofbthe area and last week invaded by land. Yet now they agree to a ceasefire. Ok so the Americans may have put pressure on them after 11000 deaths (at least half woman and children). Have Hamas defences proven to be more capable than predicted? Presumably the Israeli’s would have continued if their actions looked like succeeding? What does this mean for politicans who have supported Israels right to defend itself by bombing the crap out of civilians and depriving them of food and water? Palestinian prisoners are being released to the West Bank – how will they be protected here?

After a 4 day ceasefire what will have changed? Both sides will have regrouped. There needs to be a mandate for a long term solution. How will Gaza be rebuilt?


What a tangled mess the government have created! Net immigration of 745000 is on the surface too high. It is equivalent to the population of Nottingham! I say this from an environmental point of view. However the situation is much more complicated.

The UK has a massive jobs shortage (possibly in part caused by the NHS under funding of this government. The number of people claiming sickness benefit is over 2000000.). In part this is also caused by the lack of planning for an ageing population (which has grown year by year(joke!). Brexit also caused specific job shortages in certain industries like hospitality.

The lack of any coordination of this migration inevitably leads to disharmony in some areas where unfunded migrants are forced to create imbalances in societies (often at the lower end of a socio-economic scale. Language classes, which would have aided integration, have been closed due to lack of funding.

And whilst the Ministry of Education has had more ministers than most football teams have had managers! there has been no planning for the skills shortages that are now apparent. Whilst Sunak has made a lot of noise about planning for the future whilst evidence shows that there has not even been planning for yesterday!

So should migration be reduced? I believe a sensible answer is that immigration should be organised in a sustainable fashion. The present government and right wing press are more likely to stoke division and animosity though (however this explosion of immigration numbers has happened under a conservative for 13 years – and the Mail and the Express will have to work hard to find lawyers and civil servants to blame!).

Remember too that these migrants are allowed in with work visa’s and have not battled the English Channel. many are part of deals related to trade (India), war (Ukraine) and politics (Hong Kong). Will European countries offer help to Palestian refugees fleeing from Israeli genocide?


The Daily Star is remarkable for its animal amd weather stories – headlines much better than the Sun! So I decided to see where its forecast of a snow bomb came from. The following was found

Mercury readings could drop as low as -7C in parts of Scotland, with snowfall spanning a 436-mile radius from Inverness in Scotland to Reading. Weather maps from WXCharts show the possibility of snowfall on November 29, while Wales and Northern Ireland could be swamped with rain. 

And the charts show snow continuing into next month with up to 50 centimetres possibly falling on December 3 in Scotland. James Madden from Exacta Weather said it could get even colder depending on the impact of a sudden stratospheric warming event.

Howeverbthe Met Office prediction for 29Nov -6 Dec is as follows Most likely starting dry, settled and colder than average across the UK with widespread morning frost. Outbreaks of rain and slightly milder conditions are however soon likely to arrive into the northwest, spreading southeast to many parts. The early part of next week is most likely to be characterised by light winds and a mixture of wetter, cloudier conditions and colder, brighter and drier conditions, before winds from a broadly northwesterly direction become more established. These leading to periods of wet or showery weather focussed in the northwest of the UK, and largely dry weather elsewhere. Temperatures overall are most likely to be just a little colder than average, with only a very small chance of something much colder and wintry developing from mid to late next week.

Frost seems lkely here in North Somerset on 29th November.


i am minded to discuss Brexit for the first time for a while. the economic costs of Brexit are clear. No amount of effort by Badenoch and the Daily Express can disguise the damage wreaked on the economy by that vote. I am however more concerned with the damage done to the fabric of the UK. Taking back control seems to have been interpreted by the Government to concentrate power in the hands of Ministers rather than Parliament. The lies told during the campaign have seriously eroded the faith of the public in Ministers and politicians generally.

Let me unpick these a little. The Brexit campaign was notable for the whopping lies told blatantly. All politicians lie, or are at least economical with the truth, however Brexit legitimised the avoidance of truth at all. Politicians themzelves are more likely to eminate from Universities where they read Politics and Economics than coming from jobs where they work for a livelihood, I do not mean a few months as an intern or a job in a corporate entities, but as a proper employee whether in management or on the shop floor. Angela Rayner seems to be one of the few real people in politics. The Covid Inquiry has revealed the shameful lack of scientists and engineers in the upper eschelons of politics and the civil service. The way government has switched people between completely different departments is indicative of a culture where the quality most admired is the ability to ‘put on a good show’ rather than evidence of substance and understanding. To move between department briefs, the inhabitants of these posts, develop the necessary skills of procrastination and fudge.

The budget was obviously a culmination of these skills. The MSP latched onto the bullshit with alacrity – claiming it to have been a huge tax cut. The cut was to public services which will experience a 4% cut – byebye any remaining ‘green policies’. Local councils will find further cuts impossible without closing valuable resources. Pot holes will become larger and more common. The budget also seems to have risked fuelling inflation. Much was said about the benefit of a National Insurance cuts, but nothing about the rise in energy bills, or the costs facing those who have to reset their mortgages. Nothing was said about investment in our infrastructure or National Health System.

So to be generous the budget was economical with the truth, ratehr than out and out lies.


It is a shame this is not getting more press coverage. Johnson has been confirmed as the buffoon he is – no surprise there! Sunak is also emerging as out of his depth and with concern only for the economics rather than people. Again no surprise!

Evidence that this government is not fit to govern – time for a general election.