I know I am weird so do not bother telling me – again! But I was looking up places I have never been on Google Maps and thought of xxxxxxxxx. OMG – it is surrounded by the most prosaic names. Ab Kettleby; Scalford; Ashfordby; Frisby on Wreake; Kirby Bellars; Gaddesbury; Whissendine; Quenibrough; Syston; Seagrave;Grimston.

So what is the name of the town surrounded by these exotic sounding places?


So far we have only 2 correct scores Adam and Archie correctly getting 4-0 for Liverpool v Southampton. Most got Arsenal result correct but only a couple correctly forecast Villa win at CP (Will the Gerrard effect continue?). Are draws harder to predict? But 6 of us got Brighton v Leeds but only 3 got Norwich v Wolves. So 40% of games 0-0, of 70 predictions zero said 0-0?


Numbers in the UK increasing – not all related to foreign travel so it is probably here already. A couple of numbers – Vaccines bought by richer countries = 7billion; Vaccines bought by lower-income countries = 300million. We are not safe until we are all safe.


I have a few! But will state that these are my tops. Firstly a book I cannot open without wishing to cook the recipe on the page (and no photos) – so must be my Number 1 “New Complete Vegetarian – Rose Elliot”. And I am not vegetarian! But a brilliant xmas present for those with veggie tendencies – Rose Elliot is the Queen of Veggies.

Next are a couple of Jamie Oliver’s, “Cook with Jamie” and “Super Food Family Classic’s”. Then “Completely Perfect – Felicity Cloake”. I will add to this.


Shambles as usual. The government was quick of the mark this time to make an announcement. However the announcement was pathetic. From next week – whatever that means – masks will be compulsory in shops and on public transport, but not in hospitality services. This makes absolutely no sense, you can cough and sneeze in a crowded pub, but have to wear a mask in shops where social distancing is generally well observed.


Typical mixed messages in the press regarding the latest variant. When scientists do not know the level of danger it would seem prudent to be cautious. The government seems to be doing this, although it may need to put more countries on the red list as the case of a man in Belgium with the variant, had travelled in Egypt and Turkey, not Southern Africa. Cases have also been detected in Israel and Hong Kong.


It is unusual for the Met Office to issue a red warning. It seems Eastern Scotland and North-East England could suffer 90MPH winds. Snow on mountains is likely, but blizzards are probably a more worrying problem for those who ignore weather reports.