Latest mantra from the Brexit Brigade is that it will take 10 years before wee see the benefits, whilst some realignments (PAIN) still has to take place. With our economy performing worse than any other in the developed world this is disastrous. Also in 10 years how will anyone know whether any perceived benefit is Brexit related or due to the plethora of other factors that will occur.

I accept we cannot go back, EU would be mad to have us! But we can build a positive relationship economically and socially and environmentally if not politically.


I asked in the shop when was it that the last person under 50 bought a newspaper? After much thought there was a builder who came in during October who bought a Sun and another the Star. Sales of newspapers have halved. I suspect the Sun and Star will be first to go, perhaps along with the Express. None have a strong online presence, and the Sun is reportedly losing £1million a week and is a vanity/political tool for Murdoch. the Telegraph’s readership is dying off. The Guardian has a strong world wide internet presence and maybe will survive through its centre left isolation? The Times also has the respect and journalism to survive.

However the 4th Estate needs a range of journalists (not copy writers, commentators and pundits) to ensure fair government. There are web sites like 38 degrees and others which are campaigning, but whether they have the resources to mount truly investigative research is debatable. Apparently even the Sun played its part in exposing Zahawi. The Daily Mail has been known to take a campaign trail.

The BBC seems to be frightened of its own shadow for fear of losing the licence fee. Its independence seems to have been eroded. Balance does not mean Farage having a weekly spot on question time. Zahawi only made the news when the furore was basically all over. No mention of Sunak and Modena that I am aware of. Politicians sent out to defend the indefensible are not quizzed in depth. Maybe the apparent survival of Channel 4 and continuing quality reporting from Channel 5 will compensate to some extent, but many people rely on The BBC, not just via TV, but also radio and online for perceived impartial news. Is it too late to restore this trust. Hopefully GBNews will die a natural death. Its viewing numbers are low, and the time spent watching even lower! Advertisers are taking a risk backing it? I guess it will always have backing whilst the left wing have nothing and even the centre (BBC?) are being run by Tory Donors.


Just like this government. Penrose calls for changes – but they have been in power for 13 years and nothing has changed. MP’s still have 2nd jobs, expenses are still being abused, over subsided meals/drinks, no requirement for all MP’s to disclose their tax documents.

Perhaps a clear job description is needed. One which puts people before profit. Forget the pledge to the monarch – how about a pledge (legally enforceable) to the public.

Johnson – liar extraordinaire. Not bad for a Monday morning!

Why has he chosen to state the threat from Putin now? And he cannot even remember the exact words – surely these things are recorded? he is also reportedly looking for a safe seat to stand for Parliament – I guess Uxbridge has had enough.

Why is Zahawi still a Conservative MP? He has been found guilty by the internal “tory” investigation of serious breaches of the ministerial code, and of making “untrue’ statements to the press – by “untrue” he has been accused of lying. However he did not apologise – he blamed the press for exposing him. He has a point about the language used “the noose tightens” – but did he denounce Braverman for her use of language?

Meanwhile “new hero” Carol Vorderman is on the trail of Sunak for possible investments and conflict of interests via possible investments in Modena via Theleme Investment Fund.


Government continues to prevaricate on the use of SLAPPS. Zahawi’s solicitors seem to have implied use to try and silence dan Needle who leaked the original story. basically SLAPPS enable the rich and powerful to silence journalists, academics and campaigners. Is this the new government tactic – do absolutely nothing about anything – the only sure way they have of not fucking everything up!


I have written about this in textbooks (geog.123). But we seem to have reached a tipping point. Like bigger and larger factories and industries were supposed to lead to economies of scale; globalisation was supposed to create an ever cheaper source of goods for consumers. However like most things in life neither has occurred. Bigger and larger factories leads to discontent. Have we reached peak consumerism yet? I know my daughter and others are downscaling on plastic toys (sales reduced this year). Minimum wage jobs do not lead to job satisfaction. I would rather pay maybe twice as much for a product that has already reached peak efficiency (washing machines, dish washers, irons, cookers, etc. are unlikely to get some revolutionary makeover – so let me pay extra for one which will last 50 years? My best example is the Kitchen Aid (Oh so expensive) but oh such a wonderful friend in the kitchen!


Rather chilly again – but no frost, but grey. O made some more baguettes and all have gone already. I will make more tomorrow. I am still unsure about the dough being so wet, but they are turning out good despite not following the recipe!

Apple tree largely done, but need another go at it next week and the fuchsia next to it. Then onto tidying up the raspberries and around the greenhouse. It should be warmer next week, maybe 10C by Friday! With possibly some rain tomorrow and Tuesday (both 50% chance). I might have a go at a lemon drizzle cake tomorrow, or a new recipe for a lemon surprise cake.

HS2 – super fast

but not as far as Euston! What is the point of it if it not reaching the heart of London? There will no time saving overall, and at a cost of ££££???? The phrase about couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery comes to mind. Which poor suckers will be wheeled out to explain what a brilliant scheme it is?


When I was about 4/5 I remember having a Ladybird yellow sweatshirt. Then a couple of year later I had a Scotland Football shirt. (I have no Scottish relatives and have never been there!). In my teens I had a yellow t-shirt with flared arms. Later I had some light blue suede boots. Then my wife had some incredible jeans. I like my Patagonia coat and a Nepalese coat.


has not ended yet, and we have Raab and Zahawi fighting for political lives, Johnson brazening out another financial mess, the recent appointment Chair of the BBC under investigtion. Thames Water is pumping sewage into rivers without pause. A major investment in battery manufacture goes tits up.

Brexit bonfire of red tape. Government announce 280 point plan to subsidise environmental improvements in farming. Seems like a lot of red tape to me. And a lack of joined up thinking. Surely geographically cohesive areas need all farms to participate. Could a farmer get a grant for e.g. skylarks in one field whilst spraying the rest with pesticides? Same for neighbouring farmers?

At the Met the Commissioner has said that the public should expect 2 or 3 police officers to go on trial PER WEEK!

Braverman is suspiciously quiet at the moment – something to hide?