European Championships well under way now. And generally going with form. Wales were a little lucky to escape with a draw, but luck always plays a part in these championships.

England won, if not emphatically, at least with some confidence. Italy looked awesome, The Netherlands came back to show some determination which has not always been present in their championship sides, Belgium also won comfortably. We have yet to see Spain (later tonight) and then the group of death including France Germany and Ronaldo!

Who will win? I would guess one of the sides named above. And a word of admiration for Erikson – get well soon. Bill Shankly’s famous saying was meant to be metaphorical, not medical!

FOOTBALL – 4 October 2020

Round 4 – Definitely a season at sixes and sevens! But first the easy bits! Everton continue unbeaten start with Calvert-Lewin on fire. Fulham, Burnley and WBA look to be struggling, as do SheffieldU, which I find surprising.

The shocks – ManU 6-1 loss at home (will this result in major signings before midnight?). And then Liverpool 7-2 at Villa, and even with their missing players a major shock. Chelsea 4-0 vs Palace shows their potential. And Leicester 0-3 to WHU must also be seen as a shock. And now it is getting fascinating we stop for international breaks (which just proves that those in football administration have very small brains, if at all. Who in their right minds would send players around the world in the middle of a pandemic, for a meaningless tournament?).

Bristol City remain top with Reading and Bournemouth and Swansea not far behind. I would expect Watford to join them. Sunderland – who knows? Gas heads off bottom with a win. Forest Green look set for mid-table.

Health versus Economy

Probably and over simplification of the title of this blog, because it is not an either or situation. Rather a case of the balance between the two. The main problem would seem to be a lack of a functioning test, track and trace system. This was entirely predictable when the government ignored local NHS bodies with experience to hand out large contracts to private companies with no relevant expertise. To my mind the solution is …..

Welcome to theJamJam

Hi there, this is my new blog.
I am not too sure how it will work out. I guess there will be recipes, environmental stuff, lots of geography, gardening bits and pieces (especially re-wilding), political comments or more likely rants! and lots of other random thoughts.

Feel free to add your comments – if I don’t like them I will delete them!!