Well ‘normal’ winter weather I suppose. A short cold snap here (deep snow in Cumbria) was followed by 24 hours of rain – nothing spectacular – but enough to impinge on driving conditions. The road by St.Monika’s was 50% covered in standing water. Flood warnings in place for parts of Somereset Levels near Little Godney and Westhay. Further rain likely later in the week which will keep soil moisture levels high and infiltration rates low.


Government to introduce legislation to:-

  • ban the homeless from sleeping in tents and fine the charities that provide them.
  • to ban hate marches (whatever they are!)
  • to introduce a new crime of undermining British Institutions – presumable like the House of Lords
  • Wants to ban a Palestine Solidarity march which is routed well away from the Cenotaph and starts 2 hours later.

The homeless are apparently making a lifestyle choice! 13years of Tory rule and this is the state of Britain. Increasing numbers of homeless and those who help them will be criminalised. can the government resign now, instatly please.

Undermining British Institutions presumably includes all Republicans, devolutionists and basically any criticism of UK Government Institutions.

Well my opinion is “They can just fuck off, and then fuck off some more”!!


I just made a kilo of SJ. I am not sure if it will set? I boiled it for 30 inutes and did the crinkle test (which was not conclusive) but it had exceeded the temperature in the book of 104.5C! Yay – it set strawberries are at the end of the season but delicious – all agree!


i know this is a bit random! but I just read a bit about the source of surnames. Basically they started in Norman times. The English define themselves by what they do( e.g. Miller, Brewer, etc.), the French nobility by what they own Largely places in, like David Salisbury) whilst the Celts define themselves by their ancestors (Robert O’Brien, David ap Roberts, Hamish MacDonald). I guess this is similar to cuts of meat being French in name origin whilst the animals themsleves were named by those who looked after them i.e. the English.. I will have to look up the anthroponyms of immigrants.

Whilst on the fact trail it was not until 1730 tht English became the language of courts in this country. Henry IV was the first king after the conquest to speak English as a first language.

Since 1066 there have been no monarchs of English ancestry! Plantagenets (French), Tudor (Welsh), Stuart (Scottish), Orange (Dutch), Hanover and Sale-Coberg (German)!

English, words and spellings became standardised due to invention of printing press in 1476 – although it took centuries. Indeed there are still many regional variations such as plimsol/dap.


Sunak stated for several days that no decision had been made about HS2 – he lied. All these ne projects were not plucked out of thin air – they must have planned these for ages – indeed the video posted announcing this was filmed in Downing Street. Sunak has been in Manchester all week.

Basically the trap is laid for Labour. Do they reopen HS2 work, do they adopt all the plans that Sunak outlined? Sunak stated that he was planning for the future – but has put back Net Zero, abandoned High Speed Rail Travel.

The Advanced British Qualification. He stated that it was going to be knowledge rich. Does anyone know te knowledge that children will need to know, or should we be developing their ability to find knowlede and identify any bias involved?

The use of the law to stop smoking is fine by me, but shouldthey be putting more effort into education o prevent obesity and related problems?


It looks like the MetO expect it to go further north as wind gusts at a max of 33kph forecast for here. Each mb drop in ait pressure can cause a 1cm rise in sea level. The average pressure in the uk is 1113. I do not think this will affect Weston-super-Mare as the spring tide is at the end of the month – but it could be interesting if the wind picks up from the south west!

Basically a typical English summer this year, But we should not get complacent. There are many idiots (some in high places well beyond their intellectual limits) who are still denying climate change.


To be honest not a lot of changes – just updating names like Türkiye and Kyiv but I guess te border changes to Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh must mean something? I also giess that OUP must have thought it worthwhile to republish with a strip across the front saying India Edition? There was a diplomatic kerfuffle over the Edition with Crimea published with a statement that it had been annexed by Russia (or something like that) – will this happen again with China or Pakistan over the borders?


But this weeks prize for stupidity is still there to be claimed.

So far we have Sunak failing to sign “The US and the EU have backed an ambitious plan to build an economic corridor linking Europe with the Middle East and India via rail and sea, a project the US president, Joe Biden, described as a “really big deal”.”

MP’s told not to name those accused of spying for China. – the accused are out on bail so presumably they could not find this government doeing anything worth spying on.

DEFRA and the Env.Agency possibly being prosecuted for failing to enforce statutory water pollution controls.

Tory councils tettering on the edge of a 114 notice – RW Tories have been quiet on twitter after an attempt to slur Labour over Birmingham council 114.

Sunak commenting on the EU flag at the last night of the proms is problematic for a democracy. harvey Proctor is just a joke.

Sunak telling judges to ignore Covid fraud “as no one is interested”?

So nothing up to recent high standards of incompetence – but we have the rest of the week for some Govt.Minister to make a ridiculous statement.

Interesting that the US Congess has just passed a $500-1000 billion inflation reduction bill which will subsidise electric batteries and vehicles and green energy. Tories want to suck the last oil out of the North Sea before realising that climate change is here and it is too late.

favorite people of the week is a tie between Dale Vince, Stephen Fry amd Carol Vorderman. All doing a better job than most Labour or LibDem politicians.


They miss the irony! Harvey Proctor and Nils Gardner were amongst those decrying democracy at the final night of the Proms. They call for the BBC to conduct an inquiry as they did not like the number of EU flags being waved. No one was forced to wave one.

Despite ‘Rule, Britannia!’ being strongly associated with the Royal Navy, the song predates Britain’s domination of the seas, and historians suggest the music was actually created to oppose the Royals in power at the time of the premiere.