Economy planking, international status dire, election results awful. The future?

Who could be a tory leader? Maybe Hunt? But the tories may need a new direction – the ERG fossils may need to be consigned to the dustbin of Brexit?


4th lot this summer – I think that will do for now. Although I might try a batch with strawberry mint and another with lemon verbena. Not sure if I would have to make them separately, or add the herbs at the end; or maybe soak herbs overnight, whizz and strain – I just checked – add the diced mint after taking jam off the heat – but I still think this means making separate lots. So 500g at a time?

Next up will be tomato preserves, chutney, pickle, sauce, dried toms. Hopefully in a week or so.


and they cannot take responsibility for their own incompetence. The rail strike was not called by Labour, the wage rise requested is lower than inflation. Effectively the government dictates what the rail companies can do (due to subsidies) and they told the rail companies not to negotiate. Everything about the current situation is down to this government and the Brexit it lied about to get the public to vote for it.


The government will make it legal to bring in agency staff to replace workers. How long before all employment is zero hours? When will union membership become illegal? The doff of a cap essential, the Emperors new clothes!


Temperatures here to reach upper twenties by Friday (and then fall again). I just picked marjoram and thyme to make some focaccia with olive and sun dried tomato and garlic stuffing. Then some strawberry cheese cake. And then some strawberry cookies with ??? apricots and coconut? Tomatoes in GH are beginning to form – hopefully next week will see first crop. Nit having much sign of life from seeds I put in a few days ago, Korean Mint, Red Basil and Lemon Basil. I have even sprayed them with warm water and spoken nicely to them – maybe they need a bit of Pink Floyd? I have had a raspberry! and some wild strawberries.

Bought more stuff from BAM – in the sale – I must throw out my old stuff, socks and threadbare jeans and shirts.


This government cannot even get this concept right! Voters are in favour of wind farms inland (79% of Tories, 83% Lab, 88% Lib Dems). In favour of new nuclear power stations 46% (in principal but NIMBY) and 32% new gas power stations.


How sad that the neighbours in Downing Street are having a completion to see who islets bad? One was born in the USA and the other is a USA citizen of sorts. And Brexit was taking back control??? Have I missed something?


First Siri tells me it 28C and expect storm later, then the papers are on a rerun, then I cut myself in the garden (not badly – just a scratch really). Just made me grumpy!!

Coffee and start again.


I just cut my Hair in the garden – the birds last year took the grey strands for their very hygge nests! Thought. I would pop t-shirt and apron inn the washing machine – oh no my phone was in the pocket of the apron! Fortunately I was playing music and as soon as it went wrong I realised – thank you Apple for making the phone so well.Aggh – not so fast – it will not charge, saying it has detected water – I wait and see?


  1. As a 19 year old articled clerk. We had a client who was being done for pornography – he was a 60 year old knife thrower at a fairground who had a ‘peep show’ when he could not get anyone to throw knives at (he also wore pebble glasses!). First I had to go the the police station and view the offending material – gross! Then was told to go to the paper shop and buy every magazine on the top shelf! Glowing like a 100 red traffic lights I had to take them to the counter which was staffed by an attractive 18 year old girl. Then the solicitor and I had to look through them to see if they were as gross!
  2. In court for drinking and driving – it was the morning after and an early start to pick wife now ex up from work at 6am.
  3. First day at Churchill School – new tutor group – 5th on the register was Siobhan Fear – my pronunciation was embarrassing Is-oh-b – Han!

that will do for now!