Daily Mail reprints Saturdays front page and says Starmer has questions to answer. So the leader of the Government has admitted wrong doing on multiple occasions, has lied to Parliament – but the Daily Tory Mailshit leads with a story even the Sun could not make stick a year ago.


A study by Bristol Uni has shown that mask wearing and distance are the best protection. The virus loses its potency as it dries out. Thus high humidity increases the risk of infection. In dry offices it can lose 50% of infectivity in 5 seconds. After 20 minutes the virus infectivity has dropped to 10%.

FOOTBALL -Predictions

Despite games in hand for Spurs and ManU the top 4 look to have it sewn up this season. manC look the strongest with Liverpool second and then Chelsea. Will Arsenal keep their top 4 position? At the bottom it looks grim for Norwich and Newcastle (although maybe a half billion might change things?). Burnley re gritty, Watford have moments of inspiration, Leeds seem dogged by bad luck and injuries. Everton and Southampton are probably the fatal’ too good to go down’ whilst I suspect Brentford will take the plunge at the end of the season.


I am going to put a list together – nominations welcome for the awards that follow-); JaFNP (Just a Fucking Nasty Person); OFII (Order ofFucking Incompetent Idiots); OUB (Order of Useless Bellends).


I ought to write something. Christmas Day is nearly over. I did nip down to the shop for a bottle of wine and saw Maddie which was nice. I spoke to all family on the phone, again nice. I get a lie in again tomorrow with papers not needing doing until shop opens at 9am.


1. Christmas in the UK was cancelled in what year?

2. In 1571 it became compulsory, on a fine of 3 shillings and 4 pence, to wear what?

3. Where was Doggerland?

4. Britains shortest war was with whom?

5. What did Joseph Bazalgette do for the UK?

6. Name the longest London Underground Line.

7. Winston Churchill ordered British Gunboats up which estuary in 1911?

8. Malawi was formerly called what under the British Empire?

9. Jordgubb is Swedish for which fruit?

10. Which founder member of the football league is no longer a member?

11. In which country did lacrosse originate?

12. Mace is the shell of which better known spice?

13. Flageolet and mung are types of what foodstuff?

14. Betelgeuse is a bright star in which constellation?

15. Who won crickets county championship in 2020?

16. What was El Gordo, the Spanish lotteries top prize this week?

17. Who is the new face on the £50 note?

18. In 2015 the government finished paying off a 182 year old loan (£2.1 billion in todays money).  What was the loan for?

19. What did Thomas Blood try and nick?

20. Which state of the USA is known as the 1st state?

21. Scott Boland makes his debut for Australia v England at cricket and is the second. Who was the first?

22. How many countries have England/UK been at war with?

23. County Mayo is in which Irish Province?


One fan was also arrested on suspicion of invading the pitch.

Can someone please explain this statement from BBC website? Did they invade the pitch or not? Or is the Met Police just announcing everything in ways to cover their backs. Presumably there were police at the game and the fan did or did not invade the pitch. Just like Downing Street Police were on duty at No.10 but have no evidence of a party – possibly because they were too pissed to fill in attendance book, and it is not their job to watch over the gatherings on the lawn of the leader of the country and officials. What are they there for? “Ah, Mr.Bin Laden – can I hold your bomb/gun whilst you take off your coat Sir? .