were they expecting. Telegraph, Mail and Express all take issue with the King’s Speech. This was as boringly predictable as the speech itself! Starmer has set out to do exactly what he said it would do during the election. I admit that this was bit of a shock after years of Tory lies and false promises – but the headlines seem to imply that the papers have not yet become adjusted to the facts of the election! Of courrse they hate facts just as much as they hate “experts”, and exemplify this by using neither in their journalism! The next interesting thing is how the party whips manage to perform in getting the wide spectrum of Labour MP’s to tow thw party line – will the LibDems and Greens and Independants also take each act on face value or be boringly prdictable like the Tories in voting against – pointless with the Labour majority?

And for all the obfuscation of reviews and draft laws – there does seem to be. aradical edge to the new Government. We knew that they had set themselves strict monetary guidelines – and they have not renegraded on these. Personally I think they have decided to settle the labour disputes with the doctors, etc. and railways before deciding on what comes next, as these could be expensive (with other public sector workers watching on – e.g. teachers who have seen relative salaries fall by – I think 9%). Other areas are also screaming for more money – children, care workers, councils. I am not sure how much wiggle room Rachel Reeves will find? The immigration conundrum will take some consideration as there is no “quick fix” – not that the Tories would have taken it anyway, immigration was their only hope of saving the election! And to be fair it did save Braverman, Badenoch and a couple of others (not Rees-Mogg and Truss and other notable others!)

Internationally Keir is meeting European leaders today and I would guess that much conversation will be about America? Trump seems odds on for a win at present and few will think that Biden having Covid is a get out clause. Trump and Vance seem to be setting out a complete reset of the worlds tenuous political structure – like tearing down the structure that holds the world in relative peace? He has said that Taiwan and Europe should pay America to defend it! That perhaps precludes that American companies basically rule the world? Nvidia, Microsoft, Apple and X all have $billions invested around the world so either Trump is being extremely ignorant (and it is his mouth that is, not his brain!) or very disingenious. Appealing to red neck America and the top executives is a common con trick pulled by the rich. But his isolationalism that may put India and China into allegience with Russia is not a happy thought! I guess they feel that Iran is dispensable – a convenient provider of arms to Russia and Syria and Hezbollah. As Vance has stated that the UK is an Islamic state we need to wonder what their pronouncements will be on Israel? Which itself is on its way to conflict with Hezbollah in Lebanon. Just like with the last 5/14 years of our government – you have to ask “are there any adults in the room”? I guess (my default for I have not got a fucking clue!) thatbthe industrial/military complex of the USA is powerful enough to ensure that conflicts continue to occur – and Trump will convince poor voters that their tax money needs to support the military! What a fucked up world!


Well done Gareth Southgate. He did not leave on the highest level but did manage to create a a team worthy of the countries support. He stood up for players taking the knee, and stood firmly against the vile racist abuse that the 3 palyers received after missing penalties against Italy. So for this and the hope, we thank you. You have set the bar high for a follower – anything less than a final win in the World Cup will be seen as abject failure!

I do wonder what happened to the attacking brio that ws manifested by sterling (shame his finishing was not better!). was it the Walker throw in that ended our dreams in frustration? Who will pick up the mantle – apparently the wage is crap, only £5million! However is the press examination of every aspect of their lives worth it? Although as Kate pointed out – it is sort of part-time!

So the front runners are Tuchel, Potter and Howe. Personally I would go for Tuchel as England need the added technical nous that he could bring. Potter was turned down by Leicester and needs to rebuild, whilst Howe maybe priced out as he will be on big money from the Saudi owners of Newcastle (but how secure is his job?). He has done well at Newcastle without setting the world on fire – and that is what the supporters demand! Others like Pochettino and Klopp are probably just fantasy picks?

The potential is there for any new manager, as long as he can maintain the team spirit that Southgate promulgated – Saka, Bellingham, Guehi, Kona, Palmer are a fine start, Rice and Foden will surely come good again. Kane looks to have played his last whilst there are many others who performed well and deserve another chance, and several new players yet to be seen. I am not advocating playing a 16 year old like Yumal did for Spain – but are we too slow at bringing players through? I seem to remember a very young (16 year old) Rooney scoring a scorcher against Arsenal his first league goal? With all the psychologists available I am sure they can work out who is ready for the big game!

And now for the transfer game! Clubs need to sell homegrown players as this balances the books better – e.g. Gray to Chelsea. Personally I think it sad that players are not allowed to show loyalty to their home clubs! And I know they have massive wages but also for young players it must be difficult moving across the country?

Argentina beat Columbia in Copa America, and Canada 4th? Maybe the world will need to realise that the USA league is developing players (and the Canadian League!). I cannot forsee a time when Saudi attracts young upcoming starts like Nico Williams and Lamine Yamal, or Rodri or Pedri or Gavi. Why would they leave the adulation and support to go to a country with a completely different culture!


I just do not get why they keep banging on about it! What is it that has not been done? Inflicting pain and cruelty on migrants? And then getting away with it by withdrawing from all international treaties regarding human rights or human welfare? Or is it the refusal of other countries to welcome us with open arms regarding trade deals – even the EU! Well FMB! I am not sure what else the useless, lying bastards were expecting? Most have lined their pockets and like James Dyson are now fucking off to screw someone else.

Have we not destroyed the natural world enough? Over-riding EU laws to enable more pesticides to be used, and fuck me – insect numbers go down to critical levels. I hope the bastards rot in hell! Wow – only 11.06 for the venom!


I will admit to tearing up listening to Glastonbury Coldplay – Fix you! I thought I would mention other places I have cried! Brussels Cathedral – I walked in all agnostic and historian – then the choir started and I sat outside sobbing! I think that is it for places!


Spell of warm weather has perked things up. Chicory and evening primrose have burst into flower. Slugs also seem o think there is a free dinner with my baby flowers! Tomatoes looking good too, and the chillies are making an effort after initial torpor! So I have some plants on the patio table to harden up a bit – then tomorrow I will put out some planters with flowers to brighten up the garden.


So it is wet and windy – AGAIN! The lemon verbena plants do not look good – there was a hint of frost this morning. Fortunately the seeds in the greenhouse are starting to germinate and look ok. Hanging basket plants are not due until the end of May.

Lab hot pot and maslin bread for tea.


I know it is early but I have put some tomato seeds in under plastic in the greenhouse. I reckon that next week – if long range forecast is relatively warm I will sow herbs, chillies and peppers. I will also order some lemon verbena as last yearshave died.

Lemons, turmeric and avocados have arrived from Spain.

Indoor plants I bought from Cadbury are doing ok on bedroom window sill.

TV arrived but will wait for help before unpacking.


Just making a loaf with rye flour and some cookies with rye flakes. There is something magical about baking. It is always a little special when the oven produces a loaf or edible cookies! The warmth and smell of the baking is priceless. I have plans for some more tomorrow – possibly with pineapple and coconut flakes. Then to make some pasta and plan pancakes for next week!

So Labour are going to back track on £28billion pledge – I understand why – the tories have slaughtered the economy. However Labour should have the courage to recreate a society worth living in. Sunak’s callous and unthinking words at PMQT’s reflected the decline in our society over the past 14 years. Is it my age that mkes me look at the society of today with some angst?