So it is wet and windy – AGAIN! The lemon verbena plants do not look good – there was a hint of frost this morning. Fortunately the seeds in the greenhouse are starting to germinate and look ok. Hanging basket plants are not due until the end of May.

Lab hot pot and maslin bread for tea.


I know it is early but I have put some tomato seeds in under plastic in the greenhouse. I reckon that next week – if long range forecast is relatively warm I will sow herbs, chillies and peppers. I will also order some lemon verbena as last yearshave died.

Lemons, turmeric and avocados have arrived from Spain.

Indoor plants I bought from Cadbury are doing ok on bedroom window sill.

TV arrived but will wait for help before unpacking.


Just making a loaf with rye flour and some cookies with rye flakes. There is something magical about baking. It is always a little special when the oven produces a loaf or edible cookies! The warmth and smell of the baking is priceless. I have plans for some more tomorrow – possibly with pineapple and coconut flakes. Then to make some pasta and plan pancakes for next week!

So Labour are going to back track on £28billion pledge – I understand why – the tories have slaughtered the economy. However Labour should have the courage to recreate a society worth living in. Sunak’s callous and unthinking words at PMQT’s reflected the decline in our society over the past 14 years. Is it my age that mkes me look at the society of today with some angst?


Jolyon Maughan, Marina Purkiss, Jemma Forte, Peter Stefanovic, Carol Vorderman, Gary Lineker, Dave Lawrence, supertanskii, Chris Packham, Fergal Sharkey, Greenpeace. Further suggestions welcome.


A new year arrives later tonight – what will it bring? There are several known events that will take place.

Firstly a General Election – surely the great British Public will not be fooled and we will be rid of the useless jerks that are screwing the country at present. The only shame is that they will not face the prosecutions that they warrant.

Secondly it will be election time in the USA where democracy is at risk. It appears that many Americans are that stupid and may elect Trump again.

Across Europe the right wing seem to be gaining some heft, but hopefully democracy will win? Poland maybe a sign of a rejection of the far right? Altough Hungary seems set on self destruction if the EU finds its man-pants and lays down the rules for member states.

Paris will host the Olympic Games which hopefully will be a great success for the human race.

El Nino seems set to cause havoc around the world – just maybe it is what politicians need to force dramatic action. And tectonic plates have been relatively idle for a few years with a quake in N-W China and an eruption in Iceland the most notable recent events.

Conflicts seem set to continue in the Ukraine and Gaza with no mediation apparant at the present. Hopefully China will be consumed by its domestic demographic problems and leave Taiwan alone.

In South America hopefully Venezuela will refrain from direct action regarding Guyana and Argentina will come to its senses?

In football it seems likely that Manchester City will win the league again, with Liverpool second?


Merry Xmas all. A quiet day – spoke to family on phone and prepped food for tomorrow. Weather rubbish! Lovely presents from Kaush and Aaron.


Well ‘normal’ winter weather I suppose. A short cold snap here (deep snow in Cumbria) was followed by 24 hours of rain – nothing spectacular – but enough to impinge on driving conditions. The road by St.Monika’s was 50% covered in standing water. Flood warnings in place for parts of Somereset Levels near Little Godney and Westhay. Further rain likely later in the week which will keep soil moisture levels high and infiltration rates low.


Government to introduce legislation to:-

  • ban the homeless from sleeping in tents and fine the charities that provide them.
  • to ban hate marches (whatever they are!)
  • to introduce a new crime of undermining British Institutions – presumable like the House of Lords
  • Wants to ban a Palestine Solidarity march which is routed well away from the Cenotaph and starts 2 hours later.

The homeless are apparently making a lifestyle choice! 13years of Tory rule and this is the state of Britain. Increasing numbers of homeless and those who help them will be criminalised. can the government resign now, instatly please.

Undermining British Institutions presumably includes all Republicans, devolutionists and basically any criticism of UK Government Institutions.

Well my opinion is “They can just fuck off, and then fuck off some more”!!


I just made a kilo of SJ. I am not sure if it will set? I boiled it for 30 inutes and did the crinkle test (which was not conclusive) but it had exceeded the temperature in the book of 104.5C! Yay – it set strawberries are at the end of the season but delicious – all agree!