An MP convicted of child sexual assault, a senior MP seen watching porn in the HoC, a leader and a Chancellor both convicted of breaking Covid rules (they themselves wrote). What a sad stat for this country to have found itself in.


Interesting that Biden is allocating or asking Congress to agree a $33 billion package of arms to combat Russia in Ukraine. It seems like a bit of an escalation? Lots of diplomacy to be done.


I think all 23 mint varieties have survived the winter and I am going to start drying them and the thyme and sage varieties, and lemon verbena, lemon balm.

Also planing for pickles, relishes, chutneys, ketchups and sauces using tomatoes and the herbs in the garden.


Starmer may have had a beer with some food, Angela Rayner may have been in the same building. But no front page mention of ‘Porn watcher MP’ – and Tory inaction.

But then their front page seems to be created in a fun of cocaine and hatred – or should I say an un named DM worker says the above? I should copy anphoto of a line of cocaine here to illustrate the point.


Parliament needs massive reform. Over 50 M.P.’s referred to standards committee. This is not just a Tory thing, and possibly (although mainly) not just a male thing. An M.P. watching porn in the chamber, an M.P. found guilty of sexual offences, a Government Minister found guilty of bullying. The list is endless. Then the laws they pass regarding voting, electoral policing, demonstrations, migrants, animal welfare, environment. The Romans did more for Britain than this bunch of incompetents.


There I was trying to reason that free speech was a privilege rather than a right (Or only a right if observed sensibly) – and I liked a Stop Oil tweet! Is this hypocritical? I think so?

So where do I stand? Angela Rayner should be allowed to sue the MoS for defamation? But an individual taking on a Corporation in British Courts is not financially viable. May be this is the problem – the balances are not there to protect individuals (e.g.the New of the World victims scandal which continues).


headlines on freedom of speech after Speaker of HoC asks for meeting with MoS. Freedom of speech is dependant upon a consensus of what is regarded as reasonable. Racism, sexism, misogyny and hate crimes are not acceptable in a civilised society. The Daily Vile has never understood this. Worth noting that the Tory M/P/s who stated the allegation in the first place have not come forward or been named. Cowardice.


If you were the richest person on Earth. with access to $270 billion – what would you do? Surely every normal human being would want to do something to combat hunger, poverty and pain. Or improve the environment and the lives of all.

My analysis seems to suggest that all billionaires are horrible, selfish, (I am desperately trying to avoid the worst swear words I can think of).

I will concede that Tesla cars maybe good for the environment – and his development of batteries, etc. – but if he believes that buying Twitter is “Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated,”  – this needs to be debated!

Using google to place $270 billion it puts his personal wealth between. Chile and Finland, and bigger than Portugal, Greece, New Zealand, Kenya and …. this is ridiculous.


I will start jam making soon. Jam strawberries are £6 for 2kg round here. Suggestions for varieties welcome. I was thinking strawberry and elderflower jam.

And then bring strawberries to the boil and let simmer – stir in sugar and lemon juice – then strain through muslin and add some Grand Marnier -“Traditional Country Preserving”.

I am also thinking of using lemon balm and various mints?

Most of my mints have survived the winter and are growing fast – I will see what I need to replace in a month or so – golden yellow verbena has yet to spark up! Dried mints will be done next month or so.