I will admit to tearing up listening to Glastonbury Coldplay – Fix you! I thought I would mention other places I have cried! Brussels Cathedral – I walked in all agnostic and historian – then the choir started and I sat outside sobbing! I think that is it for places!


Interesting stats from the ONS. Live births was down 3.1% to 605479 in Eng & Wales in 2022. Also half of all women born in 1990 were childless by their 30th birthday. The fertility rate is about 1.7 (Italy 1.2 and SKorea 0.7). Worldwide only sub-Saharan Africa has a rapidly expanding population.

The population of the UK is rising through migration and given that most migrnts are under 35 one would expect expect that to have an impact on the fertility rate and births. Maybe it does? and the rate for those born here is similar to Italy?

There are many implications. Primary school places will be reduced (by as much as 13%) resulting in redundancies. The working age proportion of the population is set to fall. The population over 65 is set to rise both in numbers and in percentage.

This is happeneing now – and yet there is no discussion. We know tories do not give a shit – they will have pensions and be ok. But the implications for society are immense and growing. Pressures on NHS and the care sector. Need for unskilled workers, demand for higher skilled workers – or will AI have an impact on these and result in a dumbing down?

Will workers be paid more and work less? If so productivity will need to be improved (another dumbing down?). Will housing need to take these stats into account? Perhaps smaller housing with communial gardens? Older people taking on childcare to free people up for older aged care?

Age distribution will possibly become a bigger factor? Inner cities becoming the home of young adults whilst families populate the suburbs and villages. So where will old people go? Being well into that category I would like to continue to live where I am. However it is not perfect with the doctor in the next village, limited shopping and a group of christians dominating both church and village hall and subsequent groups! The majority of the under 65’s work away and shop and play away! I am sure some have never set foot in the village shop.

Education will at last need to change – traditional skills are superflous in a future scenario. Thinking skills are likely to become more important and maybe schools need to reduce the traditional school day hours and add super activites for at least 4 hours with different staff? A division between academic and artistic/fitness/fun?

Migration – at present it will need to continue until society can be restructured to take into account the changes happening. Asylum will increasingly be needed for climatic and environmental disasters (when will the superpowers wake up to the need for them to accept their responsibility?). Sub-Saharan Africa has been left to France and Russia for too long (with an input from USA). China has invested millions in infrastructure and raw material extraction. Surely it could become the power generator for Europe (a plan proposed many times! But the political turmoil caused by the underinvestment in the area has prevented large scale projects.

I have not mentioned culture – is this the elephant in the room? Are we all frightened of the basic culture we grew up with being modified or changed? I guess that in some areas the changes have been too fast. Wearing the burkah is maybe a symptom of this – after all what could be more inocuous than wearing a face covering? But it comes back to need to conform – children following the same fashions, joining in with activities that we know are wrong? More multi-cultural activities are needed in communities – who does not enjoy a taste of something different!


It really is different over there! If Biden went now Harris would become President. But the Democrats will nominate the candidate for the Presidency in a convention in Chicago in August. Biden has already got enough nominations to be that candidate. – but it is probable that he will be advised to stand down before then (although he says he will not!). So there are 3 candidates who stand out Gavin (cool to have a Gavin as President?), Gretchen (bit of a fairy story?) or JBPritzker (savory snack?). JBPritzker has the money, Gavin the all-American looks and Gretchen youthful enthusiasm.

However the wider picture is rather bleak! Trump is basically threatening civil disobedience if he does not win and seems to be backed by both wealthy and the well armed insane! My belief is that the Democrats would need to spend a shed load of money to get their candidate into te White House. Biden looks and sounds beaten! Trump arogant and aggressive. In this country it is the media (dominated by the right) that seems to want to make it a 2 horse race. In many constituencies such as mine, where the borders have changed quite radically, there is no incumbent MP standing (also about 100 MP’s have resigned/retired). But otherwise there is a local element – one which was promoted by Brexiteers of taking back control and having a local MP to potentially converse with!

Back to the UK – Mail headlines Tactical voting! I am sure I have read about them slagging off Labour in the last election for this very thing! Otherwise they have also turned their sights on Reform – but nt Farage!. I guess Starmer can just sit and watch? Labours lead in the polls does not seem to have diminished much with the prominence that Reform is getting? So he should sit tight – issue some cutting responses to the most dispicable of Farage and cronies. And hopefully next week we can celebrate before holding the next Government to account!


Last nights TV debate revealed 2 things. One person seems unfit to be a candidate, let alone the person who holds power in the world’s still most important country; and the other who it seems cannot put a sentence together without lying! Some choice America!

I have nothing new to say about Trump but the Biden situation is very interesting! Listening to John Sobell – he reckons that there could be 2 alternative democrats who could run for President – one is a California Govenor Gavin Newsom or Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan. Whether the Democrats could sort themselves out and then raise the finance is questionable! The rest of the world will be looking on with baited breath!


It seems obvious that Farage is using the same tactics as were used to get Brexit.

A wide range of unconnected, uncoated, and generably unobtainable statements, but all of which appeal to the underlying insecurity of the population who have been desensitised by austerity. No one paints a brighter future, and the cowards look nostalgically back to a past that has been cleansed of the nasty stuff.

Perhaps a few truths would be good to emphasise. The war gainst Hitler would not have been won without the USSR – D-Day would not have succeeded. Typhoid and cholera were around in this country in the 1950’s. Life expectancy was much lower than today. The benefits from migrants has been immense. The only unequivical thing that was better? The physical environment before chemicals and agribusiness destroyed the wildlife in the countryside. Cars broke. down regularly, foreign holidays were beyond reach for most and British summers with a couple of exceptions were awful!

If there is anything that we could suggest that the prsent would be better without it would possibly be some aspects, but not all, of the globalisation aspect of capitalism. It would be wrong to condemb capitalism ‘per se’, but its unrestrained spread has created a more unequal and dangerous world. Nividea is worth more than the GDP of the UK! How is that even conscionable? It does not take a genius to realise that unequal wealth distribution (beyond certain limits) creates an environment where violence becomes an option for the underclass.


Spell of warm weather has perked things up. Chicory and evening primrose have burst into flower. Slugs also seem o think there is a free dinner with my baby flowers! Tomatoes looking good too, and the chillies are making an effort after initial torpor! So I have some plants on the patio table to harden up a bit – then tomorrow I will put out some planters with flowers to brighten up the garden.


Supposedly a long time in politics! The last couple of weeks have – not sure how to describe the shitshow that the torries have presented – been boring apart from the mistakes by Tory comms team. Now they are trying the internet thing – we will see how that goes? I just had a tory shit paper delvered and the biggest photo on it was Starmer!

I was surprised it was not in green, but they settled on a beige! We even have a fascist candidate – how horrific is that?


There is an underlying theme to the election. FEAR. Not just that overtly brandished with such enthusiasm by Farage, but by the major parties.

The fear of being honest, telling the truth and extolling experts where they exist. On almost every major issue Sunak is peddling lies, and Starmer is avoiding the truth. So examples:-

  • Migration. Anyone with half a brain will realise just how important migrants are to our society. Yes there are arguments to be had about numbers, where from, integration into society. But these arguments are not being heard as society panders to the vociferous bigotson the right mainly, but left too!
  • Law and order. The system is broken. Criminals are not even apprehended, prisons are overfull, police dealing with mental health issues, rape cases not heard or pursued properly. So where is the discussion regarding the deterioration of our civic society? Poverty plays a major part but here the parties are united on being strong on law and order, rather than being strong on the case for creating a society which cares for all. The discussion of causes and consequences of crime are avoided for fear of appearing to be “soft on crime”.
  • Climate change – Labour have been forced to regress on this issue by the financial incompetence of the present government (leaving no money, a woeful electricity distribution system and failed policies). Where is the discussion? Climate sceptic nobs like Rees-Dogg are allowed a free reign. ALL the evidence points to the economic sense of acting asap on this issue, the cost of climatic disruption is immense and can be measured not only in financial cost but lives. Subsidise existing housing to get the panels, upgrade housing to make heat pumps efficient, impose rules on new houses and landlords – cost to government minimal!
  • Nationalisation of public utilities – again discussion missing due to obsession of RWM with this topic. The railways issue is half accepted (but leasing trains, etc. isn’t), water companies continue to flout environmental laws with impunity (I recognise that foreign investment make be an issue here). Companies that arrogantly disregard environmental legislation and still pay huge bonus and dividends need to obey the laws of society. So fine them until they go bust – then nationalise them? But of course there is the discussion that is strangely absent here!
  • NHS – has alredy been largely nationalised. Labour faces a huge backlog of cases and a broken system. The argument missing here is whether the backlog should be cleared first or whether the system needs to be sorted first. Of course it is not a binary decision but I have qualms about the government paying private providers to cut the waiting lists when the same people work in the NHS! Paying staff a fair wage is imperitive to sorting the system – and then sorting out the management situation.
  • Council Tax – Another poisoned chalice a new government has been bequeathed! Council tax bands were created in 1992, the year of Nirvana, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson! House prices have changed immensely since then, as have musical tastes. With councils going bust, sometimes due to poor investments made to avoid the stringent and cruel cuts made by central government. Firstly it would seem obvious that Local councils should not be investing money? Surely they should raise money to pay for the services they need to provide? Av complete revamp of the situation is needed following a cognitve discussion. Should there be a wealth tax in its place? Maybe a revamp of the structure too? Too many people paid 6 figure salaries (especially when they outsource contracts!).
  • Education – Do not impose VAT on public schools – just abolish them all together! Yes we know that smaller class sizes get the priveldged few better exam grades (often to the detriment of their ability to empathise!). The exam grades are not worth the cost to society. So tax the rich and send worthy students to the institutions of privilege! Another discussion that has been avoided! Only the whining of “I work hard to send my child to wherever” which immediately degrades the value of every other parent who works their socks off to provide for their children. When did education/teacher become a job rather than a vocation? I suspect it was when the rightwing took control of the media to publicise personal ego above society values? I know I cannot put a time scale on this! But again there needs to be a BIG discussion on what education is for/doing? The system has hardly changed for a few hundred years – kids sit behind desks and are told to learn stuff! But kids learn outside and doing stuff! Discussion needed. Degrees – now that it costs loads to go to university there is now a discussion about what degrees are relevant? Firstly I would say from a personal point of view that any business related degree is fucking shit! Again the morons have taken over – to some extent it has become a rite of passage for middle class kids (my own included here). Leaving home and still being educated seems like a good idea! Apprentiships are also good, and have their place, but I suspect rather limited. They are hardly going to adapt to the new horizons and jobs that will become available in the unforeseen future.
  • I guess I am at the end of my comfort zone! Armed forces need a comment – but I am so totally unqualified to comment – although that does not usually stop me!
  • Housing – related top migration – would it be wrong to think that most migrants are happy/content with flats? So brown field starts and forcing building companies to use land they have put away as an investment?


OMG – stop! Please stop! The Conservative Party is getting worse and worse! The betting scandal continues with people now known to be involved. A Health Minister has been accused of cronyism after disclosures related to contracts for ‘advice’. DWP flags 200000 people for fraud and error. 75% of the UK’s rivers are in poor health. The list is endless!.

The shit press are now panicing about a Labour super majority – is this so they can claim a ‘victory’ if the majority is less than 100, or 150, or ………

However there are questions still to be answered. The Muslim vote will not have forgotten Starmers blunder over Gaza; the young want rid of the tories but also want a vision of a better future (Starmer seems scared shitless y the Mail, Telegraph and Murdoch!; are there lots of people who are still undecided? Will Farage undermine Labour in the north? Will Farage support/Reform crumble as people become aware of the reality? This last one is unfortunately not so true!

The geography of it all! I am fascinated by this. Cities seem to be largely Labour. However things are changing as University towns are also joining the red ranks with even Canterbury falling. Will the rural vote stuff the tories to the benefit of the Lib.Dems. The Greens will be interesting with Brighton, Bristol and then a couple of rural areas? Will the Muslim vote have an impact? Will the SNP vote hold up in Scotland (where the Tories could be left with 1 or 2 seats at best?). What about Wales where the Labour Party has held sway for a long time – familiarity breeds contempt could affect both the SNP in Scotland and Lab in Wales. PC do seem to have a limited geographic appeal? Then NI – what will Sein Fein do? Will the SDP make further inroads? I suspect that support for the DUP is too ingrained to be undermined