The government moves on from the parties to important things like promoting imperial measures. Bonkers! what is the reason for this? The papers arevtrying to make it anti-EU even though the move to metric had nothing to do with the EU and is not banned by the EU. Align with the USA makes no sense as their measures with the same name are actually different e.g.a ton.


We have the highest inflation in the G7. Inflation is caused by a variety of factors. Oil and gas prices have soared due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this has and will also hit grain and fertiliser costs; Brexit has resulted in a labour shortage and the increase in trade costs has spiralled; Climate change is also affecting commodity prices.


Whilst I have sympathy for the Police it seems that there is need for major overhaul, especially of the Met. Racism, misogyny, class bias and lack of staff are the 4 major problems I can identify from an observers point of view. Racism and mysogyny need stamping out immediately – officers found to be racist by an properly independent body would be dismissed without compensation/pension rights. Class bias is presumably exercised at the highest levels so promotion routes/interviews need to be reorganised to ensure ability takes precedence over school/uni/friendship. the lack of staff has been a deteriorating scenario over Tory rule – the public want burglary investigated immediately, not in a weeks time if at all. I am sure many police officers would have valid and useful ideas regarding reorganisation and greater efficiency.

And how did party gate cost £450000? No interviews, a few questionnaires, documents readily available for perusal. And why did it take so long?


Blueberry Honey Bran Muffins

Cheddar & sage scones

Mango chutney baked feta with lentils

Layered aubergine and lentil bake

Tomato and chickpea bake

Spicy cheese and sun dried tomato bake

Cheese and tomato pasta bake

Vegan lemon cake

Blackberry & apple oat bake

Baked ginger & spinach sweet potato

Aubergine, tomato & parmesan bake

Garlic mash potato bake

Baked falafel

Sweet potato, avocado & feta muffins

Vegan pasta bake

Nut roast

Crispy new potato bake

Spicy cheese & tomato bake

Coconut loaf cake

Cheese & rosemary biscuits

Cinnamon twists


Juiciest oranges and organic too. Direct from the farmer via I have had avocado, lemons, juice, onions, clementines – all top quality and helping the farmer


Bunting and flags strung across the road – fucking nightmare. they even attached to my trellis. It would be churlish to complain, but the royal family are unelected privileged toffs. I thought that Queeny might keep Johnson in line regarding the law – but as she has not they provides as much benefit to the general public as Coronation Street and EastEnders (gossip and scandal).


Elderflowers picked and soaking with lemon and orange zest. When done it will be strawberry and elderflower jam. Olive and herb bread made today. Shelves sorted – well tidied a bit!


Sleaze-Dogg says in retrospect we should consider whether the covid restriction laws were sensible, and therefore breaking them was justifiable. I would suggest anti-demonstration laws regarding climate change are even less sensible – in fact very, very stupid.


12 thymes -orange spice; barona;snowdrift;magic carpet; wine and roses; rainbow falls; archers gold; lime; woolly; lemon; English Winter; Creeping Purpl. Plus Chamomile; hot and spicy oregano; mojito mint; ginger mint; pineapple mint, golden lemon verbena.