Whilst I have sympathy for the Police it seems that there is need for major overhaul, especially of the Met. Racism, misogyny, class bias and lack of staff are the 4 major problems I can identify from an observers point of view. Racism and mysogyny need stamping out immediately – officers found to be racist by an properly independent body would be dismissed without compensation/pension rights. Class bias is presumably exercised at the highest levels so promotion routes/interviews need to be reorganised to ensure ability takes precedence over school/uni/friendship. the lack of staff has been a deteriorating scenario over Tory rule – the public want burglary investigated immediately, not in a weeks time if at all. I am sure many police officers would have valid and useful ideas regarding reorganisation and greater efficiency.

And how did party gate cost £450000? No interviews, a few questionnaires, documents readily available for perusal. And why did it take so long?

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