Students are now taking GCSE and GCE Exams with 15-20 different exams. Why so many? Surely an exam in English – written and oral, and one in Maths should be enough. Other subjects could be assessed by competencies (especially the arts and practical subjects). Humanities subjects could be assessed by a reasoning paper with access to internet.


Firstly it should be protected from the import of inferior produce with duties and protective legislation. (Taking back control!). Secondly there needs to be a distinction between family farms and those run for investment purposes and pure profit. Third it may need support to change to restorative techniques. Fourth the land owned by farmers should be excluded from property development.


45 years ago I started teaching geography and climate change was a key component of my geography lessons. I must have been a crap teacher as the situation has got steadily worse. The biosphere is struggling to maintain diversity and food chains. Ice caps and glaciers are melting, the acidity of the oceans is changing, weather events are becoming more extreme and frequent. I still believe it is every individuals responsibility to do what they can to ameliorate these issues, but it needs government and diplomacy to force the mega rich corporations and individuals to take immediate action.


There should be a 10/15 minute broadcast the latest progress or not regarding climate change. This should include electricity generation on a weekly basis to show renewable/fossil generation. It should also have regular updates of electric car sales, houses insulated, CO2 levels.

All this could be supplemented with relevant innovations and analysis of government policies, both home and abroad (new coal mines, power stations etc.).

It should not be scaremongering, but should attempt to keep the issue at the forefront of everyones minds. Excerpts should be put on social media and politicians asked for comments on specific issues.

There is plenty of material available to make it an interesting programme with a valuable contribution.

Canada, Russia, Brazil and the USA and the Middle Eastern producers are all offering subsidies to fossil fuel companies to expand production. At present fossil fuels accounts for 60% of greenhouse gases – so basically governments are subsidising fossil fuel extraction using your taxes. Britain is not squeaky white on this with one of the 22 mega projects (although one of the smallest of the biggest.


Things must be bad for the tories for the trash papers to bang on about a non-story for so long. was there an election recently?

Cost of living crisis, war in Ukraine, Foreign Office/Hoe Office shambles over migrants, women’s rights in the USA, climate crisis on Indian sub-continent, but no – Starmer eating a curry a year ago is more important for sub species like Dominic Raab. Of course I would not expect him to understand anything regarding Northern Ireland.


Migrating birds reported to be 3 weeks late in arriving. It is still chilly and some frost around in early morning. But NO MOW MAY is here. It rained today which was unusual, and looks like being mainly dry for the rest of the month although occasional showers – brilliant typical British weather forecast! Warmer than average seems to be colder than the average I remember!


Once again the government has no plan other than Sleaze-Dogg ripping up protective legislation. Energy costs to carry on rising and the war in Ukraine is blamed. It is government policy that is to blame. France caps energy rises at 4%, Italy offers. 110% grants for improving home energy efficiency. Government boasts of £20 million ring fenced grant for tidal power research where we are world leaders (from a tiny base!).

Put speed limits on motorways and enforce them. Subsidise energy efficiency. Allow onshore wind farms. Support organic farms. Stop allowing housing projects where car use is essential due to location away from shops and facilities.

EVERY INDICATOR POINTS TO DISASTER. But the government does nothing.