Poor Mr Patterson was caught out for using his position unlawfully. But only 30 days, and how many more are using their position unethically. They are paid handsomely and can claim expenses so why do they need to receive gifts which include holidays and football match tickets. Patterson used hi parliamentary office 16 times for business meetings, not just the once by mistake or circumstance, but 16 times. He could now face a by-election if enough constituents vote for it.


According to Knight Frank’s report the rich fear Covid first, on which I am sure we could all agree to have in the top 3 at least. Second one might think about Global Climate Change, crime, maybe other health issues. No the rich bastards fear a tax like Norways of 0.85% of assets over £130000. aaarr bless them, their meals in Londons swankiest restaurants at £200 per head plus might have to be reduced!


Am I wrong in thinking that the Budget was an exciting or frightening experience that happened when the chancellor opened a battered old case in the House of Commons? Now everything has been leaked, the spending bits are found to be just re-imaged versions of what already exists (much like Brexit Trade Deals).


There is nothing intrinsically wrong with ignorance – being unaware of the facts is after all a trait of this government. However it becomes dangerous when the ignorant are encouraged to expound their views forcefully by media reinforcement of their unsubstantiated views. With no experience of debate too often they will turn to violence. NHS workers, teachers, shop workers all report an increase in verbal and physical violence.


Johnson states that covid cases are within the parameters forecasted., That means he is happy that the number of deaths do not need him to try to introduce Plan `b which will fail anyway as no one believes anything he says anymore.


Jacinda Ardern reportedly phoned the families of all 28 people in NZ who died of Covid. If Johnson did the same, with each call taking 5 minutes, it would take him 5 years, 9 months and 2 weeks.


Javid criticised by the speaker for by-passing Parliament and issuing policy by press release. Government policy is to ignore any comments that do not say how wonderful they are. Positive thought is all that is needed. He is also criticised by doctors for issuing diktats regarding patients and introducing league tables. He really has no clue, which makes it surprising that compared to Maggie Throup the Vaccines Minister, he is almost coherent! John Grace said she would be out of her depth in a tea cup but I think he is being too generous.


We will have world leaders or at least some, China’s Xi is staying away and Brazil’s boss and Aussies Skunk might as well do so too. The developed world have contributed 80% of the CO2 increase so far and yet expect poorer countries to not copy their path out of poverty to relative wealth for all.