Has not gone away. Numbers increasing, as are hospitalisations. The government plan? Wait and see what happens. Plans should be made now for booster jabs for vulnerable. Mask wearing in doctors surgeries and chemists should be compulsory. Sick pay should be increased.


Johnson talking bollocks on LBC this morning. Stopping the people smugglers is commendable – but this cruel policy is vindictive and racist.


Ministers say government should not lead on health recommendations. Who is supposed to counter the excess sugar and salt produced by the mega-corporations? And is the cost to the NHS from obesity and related harm not their duty?


Public blamed for food insecurity due to lack of cooking skills. Nothing to do with the the billions spent on advertising by mega-nationals then.


The cost of living crisis is NOT essentially caused by food costs going up, but by the high cost of housing (mortgages and rents). For too long the landlords and property owners in Parliament have allowed these costs to soar.


Some basic points. The overall tax base cannot be cut without a fall in government expenditure. This can either mean a cut in the services provided by government or an increase in the economy. The latter is increasingly unlikely!

At present we are seeing virtually all sectors of the economy hit by increasing inflation of costs, and higher taxes. This does not appear sustainable. The only sector seemingly immune is the financial sector where record bonus payments have been made, and those who profited from Covid and recent energy rises.

Wages have to go up for most of the population so the answer would seem to be fairly simple. Firstly reverse as much of Brexit as possible. Secondly reduce corporation tax to encourage investment. Thirdly introduce a 60% income tax on all net individual earnings.

Then the whole council tax system needs sorting. Second home owners should pay a premium rather than be exempt if they do not occupy for long enough during the year. People need to rent and let rather than buy to ensure/reflect economic mobility. There needs to be inspectors who can set a fair rent – if the landlord does not like it they can sell. With a fair rent tenants and landlords can be happy. Business tax is destroying the high street by not levying a fee on the likes of Amazon. High Streets provide local jobs and the knock on. Globalisation is anti-localisation. Society needs to rebuild on local levels after covid, with help and community words to the forefront and profit and greed relegated to the bin.

We can build a better society in which we all participate if the media stop creating hate and jealousy.


Laws restricting large companies from selling and promoting harmful products are not the nanny state, but an attempt to provide a balance to the public. The true nanny state encourages consumers to over indulge in products that are addictive and harmful (tobacco, alcohol, sugar, salt,) and activities that potentially harm others (driving laws, health and safety laws, etc.). No sensible person would employ a nanny to encourage these things. Yet the looneys on the right are happy to promote these activities for their profit.


The government is getting worse by the day. It seems that Johnson perceives his hopes of survival on appeasing the right wing of the Cabinet (i.e. all of them). Environmental controls on food are to be slashed, rivers are being turned into sewers, building on Greenfield sites going ahead despite environmental concerns. Where it has power (e.g. railways) wages are being frozen. The talk is all about tax cuts which means job cuts in the current climate. Our economy is wilting under the onslaught of Brexit. The Rwanda shit show horror story continues to be an embarrassment to all sane members of the public.


Plans for restricting tobacco use are seen as controversial by some of my friends. I smoked for 50 years but have not puffed anything for over 2 years. Is it the government controlling personal choice, or sensible actions?