A new year arrives later tonight – what will it bring? There are several known events that will take place.

Firstly a General Election – surely the great British Public will not be fooled and we will be rid of the useless jerks that are screwing the country at present. The only shame is that they will not face the prosecutions that they warrant.

Secondly it will be election time in the USA where democracy is at risk. It appears that many Americans are that stupid and may elect Trump again.

Across Europe the right wing seem to be gaining some heft, but hopefully democracy will win? Poland maybe a sign of a rejection of the far right? Altough Hungary seems set on self destruction if the EU finds its man-pants and lays down the rules for member states.

Paris will host the Olympic Games which hopefully will be a great success for the human race.

El Nino seems set to cause havoc around the world – just maybe it is what politicians need to force dramatic action. And tectonic plates have been relatively idle for a few years with a quake in N-W China and an eruption in Iceland the most notable recent events.

Conflicts seem set to continue in the Ukraine and Gaza with no mediation apparant at the present. Hopefully China will be consumed by its domestic demographic problems and leave Taiwan alone.

In South America hopefully Venezuela will refrain from direct action regarding Guyana and Argentina will come to its senses?

In football it seems likely that Manchester City will win the league again, with Liverpool second?


Merry Xmas all. A quiet day – spoke to family on phone and prepped food for tomorrow. Weather rubbish! Lovely presents from Kaush and Aaron.


Nature has reminded me why I love geography! The spectacular volcano in Iceland and then the crocodile swimming down a flooded street near Cairns in Australia. Both are a reminder that we need to live with the power of our our environment.


So the Courts have found in favour of Prince Harry. The Mirror Group accepts full guilt and apologise. £140000 damages awarded so far! Piers Morgan specifically named for illegal activities. Several people mentioned for giving false information whilst under oath to the Leveson Inquiry.

What next? Daily Mail is up in court in January and must be concerned! Murdoch papers have already paid out £1 million in costs and damages. Whilst all this is interesting what is of real concern is the low threshold the mainstream press have for the truth. Wikipedia will not accept the Daily Mail as a guarantee of truthful providence for a story!

Whilst the the press (the fourth estate) play an important part in the politics of this country, there seems to have been aa appalling lapse in standards. The public deserve to have a press free from lies and foreign manipulation. Perhaps we get the press that reflects our government? One where lying is ubiquitous and where facts can be changed (Rwanda can be deemed a safe country by changing the law) to suit.

Also of note is the relentless campaign that the press are running against Harry and Meghan, this confuses me as they do not seem to have done much, if anything wrong?


Whilst I still condemn the killing of innocent Israeli’s by Hamas, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Israeli Government is set on removing Palestinians from they region. Whether this is by death or deportation is apparently irrelevant to the Israeli’s. International sanctions need to be applied – especially by America. I wonder if our government will be open and disclose what armaments are being provided from the UK to the Israeli’s.

There can be no move to a solution whilst the present Israeli government is in charge. The same probably goes for Hamas with the proviso that any Palestinian would be hard pressed to condemn them!


What seems to be missing from the horror that is the current Government policy regarding asylum seekers is/are the personal stories of the actual people involved. The horrors that have led to people risking their lives to escape persecution and seek a safe future. A future where this government basically imprison them and throw away the key – how long does it take to process legitamete seekers? But that belies the the motive of the government – they do not want to identify those who are legitimate. Pandaring to the right wing media and the lobotomised minority in this country they want to paint all foreigners alike.

There is a global problem with refugees due to wars and environmental conflicts such as those caused by climate change. However shipping a few hundred people to Rwanda seems a rather obscure policy! Running away from COP28 is typical of this government. We are aware of the £300 million spent so far, and the hours of government time? If only they put the same effort into dealing with the NHS and the economic crisis!


The climate of earth is in a perilous situation. The Governments representative has boarded a plane to get back for a vote in the House of Commons. Everybody knows that the vote about deporting a few people to Rwanda is a do or die moment for the Prime Minister. His priorities are clear – self preservation before the health of the Planet.


Sunak may find some home truths today. Firstly the Covid Inquiry is likely to be uncomfortable for hi. Accusations that he put money before lives may not stick but will make life somewhat difficult. The saying about mud sticking rings true. If he can weather this storm he will then find out what the conservative party will do regarding his Rwandan scheme. With the right wing pushing for total withdrawal from international treaties ad the centrist part of the party thinkinging the whole scheme is batshit crazy. If either wing refuse to back him it will make his position tenous to say the least.


This government goes from the ridiculous and incompetent to the farcical and unbelievable. It would be funny if many of their actions were not so evil and immoral. The latest news is that the Rwanda scheme has a budget of approx £300 million. That is approximately £1 million per migrant! Sunak pretends that there is no alternative – 10 minutes with a GCSE student would give him workable alternatives.

Firstly set up a safe way for asylum seekers to get here. Secondly process them fairly and quickly. Thirdly set up a return policy that again is fair. All this would be way cheaper than the present situation. It would also be ethical and respect human rights and the individual people involved.


Sunak seems to be trying to dismantle British Democracy. My understanding of democracy in this country was that there is a balance between the legislature and the legal system. Brexit was about taking back sovereignty. we now have an unelected PM introducing legislation which has not been put before the public in a manifesto or general election, and which seeks to circumvate both the judiciary and international law. Indeed this government has a track record of trying to give powers directly to Ministers and avoiding scrutiny in Parliament. This is in no way democratic. If the PM wishes to overall the Supreme Court he should have to call a general election, not push legislation through Parliament. Hopefully the HoL will reject his legislation. His press conference was forthright – he will effectively ban asylum seekers, deny access to courts, allow ministers to selectively disregard international law.

We have already seen hundreds of people arrested and prosecuted for ‘slow walking’ demonstrations against the climate polluters. Legislation to give Ministers the power to basically ban strikes has been drafted. This government needs to go before it totally damages our country irrevocably.