A new year arrives later tonight – what will it bring? There are several known events that will take place.

Firstly a General Election – surely the great British Public will not be fooled and we will be rid of the useless jerks that are screwing the country at present. The only shame is that they will not face the prosecutions that they warrant.

Secondly it will be election time in the USA where democracy is at risk. It appears that many Americans are that stupid and may elect Trump again.

Across Europe the right wing seem to be gaining some heft, but hopefully democracy will win? Poland maybe a sign of a rejection of the far right? Altough Hungary seems set on self destruction if the EU finds its man-pants and lays down the rules for member states.

Paris will host the Olympic Games which hopefully will be a great success for the human race.

El Nino seems set to cause havoc around the world – just maybe it is what politicians need to force dramatic action. And tectonic plates have been relatively idle for a few years with a quake in N-W China and an eruption in Iceland the most notable recent events.

Conflicts seem set to continue in the Ukraine and Gaza with no mediation apparant at the present. Hopefully China will be consumed by its domestic demographic problems and leave Taiwan alone.

In South America hopefully Venezuela will refrain from direct action regarding Guyana and Argentina will come to its senses?

In football it seems likely that Manchester City will win the league again, with Liverpool second?

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