Time to get the sick bucket out and the mouthwash to clean the acrid taste of populist electioneering from the mouth. We know the Conservative Party took the poison of Thatcherism and has been steadily moving away from its traditional roots ever since. The need to balance public welfare and corporate profit has long since gone.

One favorite topic is the need to reduce tax – When we see the billions spaffed against the wall over the last 13 years it is hard to disagree! But the RW Media concentrates on cutting Inheritance tax, and the tax for the top earners – when did they ever publish an article which analysed the benfits of raising the threshhold fot income tax, or increasing the tax allowances for single mothers?

The Mail and Express are both pushing the anti-war on drivers mantra – I doubt that either will be campaigning to cut the tax on fuel. Councils are to be told to cut fines for motorists – how will they replace the money? Hunt has suggested that to save money, teachers could use AI to mark work. Nice idea, I hated marking with such a passion that I managed to avoid it most of the time! But does this mesan he would cut wages commensurately? Otherwise how does that save money? It would make the job more attractive, but AI would need a lot of programming to give the nuanced advice that even I managed on the rare occasion! Presumably his experience is limited to exam style marking – which would give more profits to the exam corporations like EDEXCEL and deprive teachers of the ability to top up their salaries.

Wow – I was not expecting this to develop into a rant! Even with John Mayall’s ‘Blues from Laurel Canyon’ on the speakers! I will not repeat yesterdays rant about their motorists charter – despite knowing people who love their cars as a fop to their lack of confidence.

I cannot bring myself to talk about Braverman – There are very few people I would enjoy punching – I am not a violent person – but I am developing a list! Braverman (Ok, it is never right to punch anyone, but even worse to punch a woman – Braverman remains on the list!), Rees-Mogg – whose children need to be put into care and given drugs and alcohol!), Coffrey (another woman whose face would probably absorb and dissolve a fist!), I am enjoying this vicarious fight with the Tories – Anderson , Dorries, Johnson, Hancock, Sunak, Hunt, in fact the whole Cabinet! Actual I would not want to punch them – just make them appear in a court where the charge was that they acted against the interests of the British Public!


Rather sad to see the tree cut down. I suspect there is more to this than simple vandalism. A 16 year old has been arrested and let out on bail. Why would anyone carry a fairly heavy chain saw for a fair way – just to vandaise a tree?

But it is a synonym for this government. I am surprised they have not decided to put a motorway through the gap!


An outstanding performance on QT by Lisa Nandy – why did Starmer demote her?

It is bad enough that the Conservatives seem like they would sell their children to get re-elected, but Starmer seems to be doing tne same.

Education – Private schools. Is it a better education or just a way of buying better results and introducing children into a class of people who can open doors for them. However I recognise that with their funding the education can be better than an underfunded school in a crumbling building with a high percentage of social problems. Perhaps the simple solution of making them pay VAT is too simple. Perhaps they could avoid VAT if they offered a certain percentage of scholarships to under privedged students, and also opening up their facilities to the public for a certain number of hours. After all if they are basically avoiding tax they should provide something in return?

University entrance qualifications need looking at too – we have evidence in this government of the frailty of an Oxbridge degree in terms of competence. Again I am well aware that some of our Ministers, CEO’s and MP’s have come up via comprehensives, etc. but too many seem to be there due to bought for advantage not based on merit or ability.

One million children do not have a bed of their own.- this is the class war which the rich wage on our children. Oh for a meritocracy! I taught in a rural comprehensive and to be honest I believe my children, who went to the same school, benefited from the mix of people (not so keen when my daughter made friends for a while with some scallywags! ).


His suggestions do not make economic sense. He proposes to limit the 20mph limit from Whitehall – where is the local democracy? If residents do not like it they can use their ballot. Limiting use of bus lanes seems pointless – allowing use when it is not busy anyway is going to help how? Rationalising speed limits would make more sense! Near here there are 6 different speed limits in 2km! Perhaps Khan should have imposed 20mph across London – that would cut emissions!

On a rational note – encouraging the motorist viv a vie the bus passenger will just reslut in more traffic and slower journeys and more pollution. I am not sure it is much of a vote winner anyway – yes there are 20+ million motorists but they are also residents and there are 45% of the poor who cannot afford a car. Perhaps more thought needs to be put into the 15 minute city concept?

A fundamental rethink of travel is needed – buses have WiFi so the need for speed is vastly reduced. Manchester has just taken its bus service back into public ownership – if this can reslut in a better and cheaper service, then good. Why is it cheaper to drive than use public transport? Is petrol too cheap? Should there be an environmental levy on it?

There is also a need to differentiate between urban areas and rural ones. Urban areas generaally have better public transport whilst in some rural areas it is non-existent. However rural areas have greater potential for charging points near housing for electric vehicles. Efficient park and ride schemes at low cost (vouches for use in city centre shops and services – a new currency?) could encourage people back to the High Street and avoid clogging the streets.

2 sources of info. When traffic is moving optimally in London’s city center, average speeds hover around 25 kph. Across the entire year, the overall average speed is 17 kph. and

Average Traffic Speeds – Greater London Authority › … › Find An Answer

8.7 mph to 7.1 mph in central London; 12.5 mph to 11.6 mph in inner London; 20.3 mph to 19.3 mph in outer London.

Pedestrian deaths as a result of a road incident increased by 15 to 376 in 2022. E-scooters deaths grew to 12 – this is two more cases when compared to the previous year. Cyclist were the only road user type to report a drop in the total of road fatalities in 2022. In total there were 85 deaths, 26 fewer than in 2021. How many were the result of a car travelling at more than 20mph in an urban area?

That year, on average, a fatal accident resulted in over almost two million British pounds of prevention costs. The cost of slight accidents was substantially lower, but not insignificant, reaching some 16,700 Great British pounds.20 Jul 2023. So I think we can put the cost of accidents to pedestrians at above £1billion. So why is Sunak panda’ring to the motorist other than pure electioneering.


A report states that one in six see ies in the UK face extinction. 43% of bird species at risk, 31% amphibians, 28% fungi and lichens, 26% terrestial mammals. Flowering plants distribution is down 54%. Only 20% of farmland is in nature friendly schemes. I would suspect that the % of gardens that are wildlfe friendly is less than that. Only 5 or 6 front gardens in my street out of 80 have anymore than a random showy flower like a pot of geraniums. The number with wintering places for insects is just one – mine! I know it looks untidy that is the point! Tidiness destroys wildlife. I leave the hollow stems of the fennel and the dying remnants of the lovage. I have however planted some shrubs and roses to add a bit of colour in the front.

At the back I am cutting back the buddleia and the nettles bybthe greenhouse door, but am trying to leave the thistles and the thicket that has developed behind the raspberries. I like to think that whilst others provide daytime entertainment for insects with food from flowers I am. providing a home for some to overwinter. I am not sure the bird box was used but remember a couple of years ago when I did not tidy some hedge cuttings we discovered a wrens nest with eggs amongst the strewn branches.

I need to order more bird food and a couple more feeders – I guess a bird food with more fatty bits in would be better for the little ones this winter. First storm – Agnes- of the autumn went past without much ado here – I think it went further north, but a couple more depressions are on their way. Looking out of the window I notice that my peace lily seems to be on last legs. Aloe vera all doing fine and flame lily by front door looks healthy. I will leave the lemon and lime trees outside this winter but do have some bubble wrap if it gets very cold – at which point I will bring them in. No signs of what the winter will be like though?

And then the government fucks us all by giving the go ahead for Roseland despite most scientists and economists saying that the world does not need it. Any analysis of right wing propoganda will reveal that money is the emperor – feed the people on cheap crap food from corporations whilst raking in profits – despicable!


Can the governmentstop pedalling lies – please? Opening up the oil field will not increase our energy security – most oil will be exported and have little impact on our domestic supply. Further evidence that profit before planet is the mantra of our government.


CEO wage rose from £15000 in 2014 to £750000 with a new appointment. 43 people at HS2 earn more than £150000 and another 73 at Netweok Rail earn the same. Private rail companies pay similar high wages. What do they all actually do for these high wages? Apart from holding down the wages of those actuallybdriving the trains? I am sure they all claim expenses too! Are similar wages paid to those who oversee the rail network?

The Daily Mail is claiming that Labour will declare a class war on day 1 of a Labour Government. They are refering mainly to the decision to remove VAT exemption from Private Schools, but if they declare war on public officials earning gross amouts of money – so be it. Doctors are told that they should not strike as they are paid well, I wonder if there were a comparison between doctors and the public servants which would require 5the greatest skills, create most stress, need greatest commitment. It is rare to hear of a doctor quitting to take a better paid job (although many also work privately, the public servants seem to swap jobs at the smell of a pay rise.

I must state that I am not against high pay per se, I am sure there are many entrepreneurs who have invested massively with time and money and provide thousands of jobs for others. In a functioning private sector (and I believe much does not function efficiently- laters), A firm paying large wages will soon be undercut by more efficient and cheaper companies. I am sure Dyson can justify his wage (whatever it is!) with the number of jobs he has created and the efficiency of his product (my Dyson vacuum did not last long though!). I am happy to pay someone with skills, or time I do not have. I am thinking here of my pension fund. The charge for managing it is not large, and if the manager can efficiently manage a large number of funds they can make a large amount – if they over charge then clients will move funds elsewhere. That is how capitalism should work in my view!

Laters – Capitalism in this country and much of the west, has become corrupted by large corporations. In America they were aware of this in 1911 when they broke up Standard Oil (which was the biggest company in the world – and then I believe became the 34 biggest companies!). It was recognised then that that the concentration of wealth was counter productive to society (actually I doubt this was the reason – but it would be nice if it was!)

Globalisation brought short term gains to western countries – at the expense of poorer countries. The wealth of many individuals is beyond obscene! If ever there was a case for nationalisation it is Musk’s empire – however good Tessla is, and competitors are catching up, Twitter or X is not booming, – just nationalise it and give hime $10 million a year for life.

In this country we are dominated by the big US companies -and no longer have the combined power of the EU to take them on – but have some corporate issues we could sort out. Water companies where there is no competition should be taken back into public ownership – same with the railways (see above!). The Post Office is more problematic – like paying for bus services on unprofitable routes. Maybe there should be a tax on all postal delivery companies with the money open to bidders to do the deliveries? How long before the posting of letters becomes obsolete? I guess a while as apparently cash is making a come back.

Corporations bid for government contracts and then sub-contract, who then sub-contract. -Governments should not allow this – it is just easy money for the rich companies – make all comanies who win government contracts 100% liabe for their success/failure. Tax avoidance by registering in Luxemburg or Dublin should be stopped. I like Amazon as it is quick and efficient – but every purchase I make in this country should be subject to UK tax – surely that is not rocket science?

The Uk has a population of about 70 million – GDP is $3.371tn. My simple economics reckons that if this money can be circulated more equitably, then everyone ends up better off? I guess I ought to shut up and make apple crumble!


It looks like the MetO expect it to go further north as wind gusts at a max of 33kph forecast for here. Each mb drop in ait pressure can cause a 1cm rise in sea level. The average pressure in the uk is 1113. I do not think this will affect Weston-super-Mare as the spring tide is at the end of the month – but it could be interesting if the wind picks up from the south west!

Basically a typical English summer this year, But we should not get complacent. There are many idiots (some in high places well beyond their intellectual limits) who are still denying climate change.


Braverman is trying to drum up support abroad for her anti-migration and asylum views. The definition grants the right for at least 780 million people worldwide to move to another country, according to the Margaret Thatcher-founded think tank, the Centre for Policy Studies.

This figure is based on the total number of people who might have a “well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion” worldwide – including everyone in Afghanistan other than the Taliban or the male population of Eritrea, where conscription into the armed forces has pushed thousands into exile.

According to the UN the total number of refugees worldwide is much lower, with 35 million people registered as refugees in 2022.

So she is opening an attack on gay, minority groups worldwide!The obvious solution would be to increase foreign aid back up to 0.7%. I do not know who makes up the statistics for the CPS but would wonder how many are climate disaster refugees and what the projections are for the potential increase in these numbers. A sensible government would be planing to be as proactive as possible.

Being an anti-growth person myself, I too am concerned about the growth in the UK population. However Braverman seems driven by blatent racism, or is it a form of sadism?

The 780 million figure is similar to extortionate statistics quoted during the Brexit debacle. The internet is awash with them – my son told me that the UK would get 150mph winds tomorrow after reading it in the internet. (75mph in exposed places is the likely maximum)).


So Sunak is making a play for votes by promising 1 million new homes over the next Parliament (to be built along side the 40 new hospitals?). This seems like a knee jerk reaction to rising rents and mortgages.

I guess most are needed in the South-East which already has a crisis of road traffic, and pressure on public services. There seems to be little demographic analysis of needs – a while back a Housing Minister stated that all new homes should have gardens. I would suggest that different age groups have different needs, but the house builders know which properties make the biggest profits. The government sets targets for Local Authorities. I would suggest that there is a classification scheme based on bedroom size/ terraces/flats/ semi’s, detached – luxury versions available? In a rural area it would mke more sense for the more expensive housing, whilst city centre developments could be more attuned to the needs of the young/single.

Rural areas often have poor bus services,and few facilities and are thus unsuitable for many. Consideration of facilities such as schools and health centres needs proper consideration along with water supply and sewage disposal/treatment.

OK I am privileged and live in a village. 200 new houses have been built recently and no new facities apart from a small swing park. I believe all use cars to get shopping from supermarkets 12km away, and to get to entertainment. The health cetre is in the next village. The well run and well stocked village shop is doing ok. Those who read this blog will know I am a bit of an anti-snob. However it would have made sense to me if the new housing estate had been replaced with maybe 10 4/5 bed quality houses surrounding a new village green (the village does not have one) and a pond (the site was sodden at times anyway). Rather than large gardens on some properties would it make sense for a small area and the option of an allotment? Allotment areas would do much to counter the pollution in cities and towns.

Ephasis needs to be put, not on the houses, but the communities they could create. has any estate been built in last 20 years with a youth centre? I accept that Cubs, brownies, scouts and guides can be a little too middle class (cubs was for me back in the 60’s with its militaristic use of badges/medals and flags). but society and the environment need the youth of today.