A report states that one in six see ies in the UK face extinction. 43% of bird species at risk, 31% amphibians, 28% fungi and lichens, 26% terrestial mammals. Flowering plants distribution is down 54%. Only 20% of farmland is in nature friendly schemes. I would suspect that the % of gardens that are wildlfe friendly is less than that. Only 5 or 6 front gardens in my street out of 80 have anymore than a random showy flower like a pot of geraniums. The number with wintering places for insects is just one – mine! I know it looks untidy that is the point! Tidiness destroys wildlife. I leave the hollow stems of the fennel and the dying remnants of the lovage. I have however planted some shrubs and roses to add a bit of colour in the front.

At the back I am cutting back the buddleia and the nettles bybthe greenhouse door, but am trying to leave the thistles and the thicket that has developed behind the raspberries. I like to think that whilst others provide daytime entertainment for insects with food from flowers I am. providing a home for some to overwinter. I am not sure the bird box was used but remember a couple of years ago when I did not tidy some hedge cuttings we discovered a wrens nest with eggs amongst the strewn branches.

I need to order more bird food and a couple more feeders – I guess a bird food with more fatty bits in would be better for the little ones this winter. First storm – Agnes- of the autumn went past without much ado here – I think it went further north, but a couple more depressions are on their way. Looking out of the window I notice that my peace lily seems to be on last legs. Aloe vera all doing fine and flame lily by front door looks healthy. I will leave the lemon and lime trees outside this winter but do have some bubble wrap if it gets very cold – at which point I will bring them in. No signs of what the winter will be like though?

And then the government fucks us all by giving the go ahead for Roseland despite most scientists and economists saying that the world does not need it. Any analysis of right wing propoganda will reveal that money is the emperor – feed the people on cheap crap food from corporations whilst raking in profits – despicable!

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