It is difficult to separate Brexit and Covid impacts, especially as both are virus’ which keep mutating!

But lets have a go. Northern Ireland is slowly descending back into troubled waters with the government stuck in its dogma. Industries like fishing have been hit hard – I guess that as most fishermen seem to have voted for Brexit, that they cannot read? Imports from Europe have slowed, prices have risen. We might notice this more in the summer when fresh fruit and veg from the Mediterranean is due. A shortage of labour is reported across hospitality and agricultural sectors – whilst Patel is busy trying to send Europeans home, the industries are trying to recruit. I am not sure the dire shortages in the building industry are down to Brexit or Covid, probably a bit of both. New trade deal with Australia has not been welcomed by farmers or environmentalists.

Basically the Cabinet was selected to be Pro-Brexit with people of undoubted ability cast aside (by Cummings? Certainly by Johnson). The trouble seems to be that they did not, have not, got a plan (or a clue) on how to deal with the problems (entirely foreseeable) that have and will ensue.

They are still basking in the view that this is a government which gets things done – KILLING OLD PEOPLE IN CARE HOMES, BREXIT, ENRICHING THEIR BUDDIES, SELLING OFF PARTS OF THE NHS, VACCINES, and maybe they dissolution of the United Kingdom, and more likely the selling of patient data from the NHS. This last one has not been touted yet – but wait and see!


Bright and sunny with bit of a breeze. So garden.

Pot out sweet basil, greek basil and lemon basil; lemon bergamot and dill and tarragon in round pots. Flowers to oblong pots or plugged into meadow at the front. Lemon tree into larger pot in conservatory. And some of the other house plants to bigger pots with enough soil! Hanging baskets ready for flowers tomorrow.


I am not particularly bright, but not stupid either! letting Johnson and co died on whether to release all restrictions on 21st June is akin to asking a monkey to type out “A mid-summers night dream”. there are 2 basic questions I believe I would like answers to, and then I will make my own decision.

Firstly there seems to be a rise in infections in some areas (although thankfully not here at the moment), does this matter? Is it young fit and healthy people not really being affected? And therefore not a medical problem or issue.

And secondly by the 21st June we will hopefully have about 80% vaccination. Is this enough to prevent another wave?

If the answer to these questions is yes I would guess we can go ahead with no restrictions. However if there is any doubt at all, the reduction of restrictions must be nuanced. there is no place for politics here. Any chance of another wave of serious infections must put welfare before economics. And I am sure lots of people suffer from metal problems due to the lockdown, but these should be dealt with properly, not just ascribed to lockdown and used as an argument to do away with all restrictions..

Why can’t we have an honest government which sets out the risks clearly and concisely. I suspect modelling would be able to put potential figures on different activities. If you want to criticise me that is cool – but I would suggest that all outside activities are fine. Family gatherings should be governed by intelligence (anyone feeling ill?) and limited hugging, etc..

Indoor gatherings are much more complex. Restaurants might have to reduce capacity to ensure more space, pubs might need a limit on numbers or opening? Weddings with mix of ages and alcohol are possibly the most difficult to judge. But the government needs to be firm and set out the problems. Would a wedding with make inside and social distancing, or vaccine passports work? Everything should be done to ensure a new normality returns, but not at any cost.


Time to look forward to new season. Lots of business to do first though. Where will Harry Kane go? Who will manage Tottenham, or Real Madrid? Will Messi move? Who will ManC and Man U sign? Or Liverpool or Chelsea? Will Arsenal splash out?


Interesting votes at major oil company annual meetings. But Gazprom and Aramco are outside the ‘democracy’ of shareholder votes. So governments should adjust their tax take according to the zero carbon credentials. It can be that easy!

But of course we have a government that is long on rhetoric and short on policy and action. They will continue to import goods from abroad and not add these products carbon footprint to our total.


It is becoming increasingly obvious that many major and avoidable decisions were made. Hancock should be the first to go. However it seems there is no honour left in government. Having sacked anyone who was competent and trustworthy if they were pro-remain in the Brexit debate (and where did Cummings stand on their dismissals? – was he responsible?), those who are left have been beyond any normal levels of competence!

21 JUNE 2021

Will this be the day when we really start to return to normal. Mighty mouth gobspit Johnson cannot leave it alone. Of course he is correct to wait for 14June, except he hasn’t, almost announcing full opening now.


He has given evidence to a committee. Johnson not fit to be Prime Minister, Hancock incompetent.

And has said that in retrospect the Government was too slow to react, and basically the whole system was failing. And fundamental mistakes were made in just about every aspect. He has claimed that Hancock is incompetent and should have been fired.

Cummings role is interesting. He was basically Mr.Brexit (I think?), he made a dreadful error with Barnard Castle, and seems like a total Pratt. But he was supported by Johnson, so criticism of Cummings is also a criticism of Johnson. Is he believable? it certainly sounded like he had evidence of some sort for many of his claims.

There seems to be a feeling (at the moment) that non of this matters as long as the vaccine rollout continues and there is no new surge. However there are too many deaths and problems for the NHS to cope with for years to come, to brush it under the carpet. Whilst some leeway can be allowed for the early days of the pandemic (but really not much) – it was not you or me making the decisions but a government with access to all the statistics, to evidence from other places around the world, to advice from experts. Except that following Brexit experts have been discredited, and politics and personal ratings were more important than the lives of the old, the ill, the poor, the non-white.

However he did also praise Rishi Sunak for the furlough scheme and financial management, and also Dominic Robb at the Foreign Office.

The only surpriseI have was that the accusation of incompetence was limited to Johnson and Hancock. At least Cummings had the balls to say sorry for his own mistakes and lack of meaningful action. Oh for a political at the moment to come clean and admit they got it, not a bit wrong, but disastrously wrong. And they are still doing it – can no one advise them on public relations? Is it too much to hope for a judgement day regarding the management of this virus will be held, individuals will be held responsible and sacked if necessary. Financial fraud should be criminally prosecuted.

And Hancock to speak to Parliament this morning – my guess is total denial, praise of vaccine and stop harping on!

And a further issue. A nurse was refused access to the plane to visit her mother in Dublin. She works for the NHS and had been tested with the correct test – but the government requires the test to have been carried out by a private company (at great cost). Evil and corrupt.