I just made some bread – some strong white flour, rye flour, wholemeal flour and some rye flakes – I love it when a pland comes together – I could not give the recipe as it was a bit of this and a bit of that, then water until it felt good!. I had some just now with some cheese and home made mango chutney – rather nice!


Mango chutney made and tastes good! I will have to make more – it is a bit expensive. i left off the cardoman seeds (I could not find the jar! but everything else was as per the recipe! Well nearly – I used chilli flakes rather than powder as they are less ‘dry’ or do I mean ‘milder’?

Next up is the croquetas – I have to suss out using the deep fat fryer first!

i also have not made the cheese/rosemary/garlic thins for a while but have found this recipe for cheese and rosemary sables. I will leave out the cayenne but add in mixed peppercorns (whizzed with the rosemary and some garlic and the chilli flakes or maybe some chilli from the greenhouse).


Very humid still. I just broke up the Aloe Vera and it is now in 9 pots – and I gave one to Kaush. The green wheeli is full but tomatoes are slow – but quite a few chillies of different sizes and clours and shapes. I just looked up pruning apple trees and think I need to prune mine tomorrow – lots of shoots going up – wheelie bin will be emptied tomorrow so I get cracking in a cooler environment than today!

Spicy chick peas is on the menu with a salad.; and then a bean stew of sorts.


So an attempt at public outcry regarding diets and the prevalence of Ultra Processed Food. However the odds are stacked in favour of the processing corporations who dictate to the farmers the prices paid. if processed food was charged VAT then the price difference of fresh produce would be more affordable. This would also encourage more locally grown produce. Jamie Oliver is correct in his campaign for free healthy school meals – as creatures of habit our children would grow up with a taste for healthy food. Farmers would benefit and I am sure local stores in poorer areas would also adapt quickly, Perhaps even the regrowth of street markets in newly establish car free zones!

All this will be a red rag to the right wing who oppose any redress in the balance between free enterprise and the individual. They even railed against the sugar tax.

Sunday cooking!

Ladolemono dressing made for salad. Lemon drizzle cake made, baguettes ok but not great!, black beans with chilli, flageolet beans with herbs, lamb marinated – I will douse in gram flour before frying. I might do some hard boiled eggs too – tarragon and a little fennel, with ladolemono? Then a greek lentil salad. Toms with basil and Olive oil. Washing done too but not putting it out yet as there are some showers around! What is worse than it raining cats and dogs? Hailing taxis!!! Made me laugh! Why should you never be hungry on the beach? The sand which is all about! easiest spelling? ICY – just say it out loud!


My own take on it. Home grown tomates, garlic, herbs, cooked and left overnight and then squashed! Poolis made and then 6hours later add flough to make a dough, flatten out and in fridge for the night. Next morning oven on at 200C and put finger marks into dough, sprinkle with rosemary and salt crystals. Add tomato mash and bake for 20 minutes. Voila!