Spring is earlier this year – I picked elderflowers. Last years post is below from 31 May 2023

I put the flame lily tubers in 20 days ago and they have sprouted and are 10cm high! I hope they will form a bright welcome to my porch! It is cold today – still got the N-E wind which brings the felt temperature down from 12C at present although 20C predicted later.Elderflowers might be ready for picking on the next hot sunny day!

It is cup final day – to reminisce it used to be such a BIG day. As a kid I would watch it from mid morning when the coaches arrived at Wembley. The first year I remember was the Blackburn Rovers vs Wolverhampton Wanders final of 1960 aged 6! The only one missed when younger was the ManU vs Leics final when my cousin got married (what a heathen!) my bro’ and me took it in turns to leave the church service to listen on the radio!

Prawns, pasta and homemade avocado mayo for lunch. All the plants have been watered in and out!


Just made the above and an asparagus soup. Just avoiding cleaning and tidying really! Garden watered and the 70 house plants. First tomato growing in GH. I am hoping the 70 hanging basket plants are ready for putting out next week – some more sunny weather will do it.


At last we have spring weather – with the grim news about Climate Change I am not sure I should be so pleased! But anyway – I plated out the tomatoes left over, the sunflowers too. Coriander and basil doing ok and most of the mints are thriving. Hanging basket of thyme is doing well and the 3 flower ones should be planted tomorrow .

I just made baguettes with some chilli flakes – I should up the chilli next time. The baguettes with garlic, sun dried tomatoes, thyme and oregano and olives were very popular. I also just made a lemon drizzle cake – more ideas for tomorrow?


I made up a lush recipe. 100g butter; 100g dark brown sugar; 50g rye flour; 50g plain flour; 1/2tsp baking powder; 100g rye flakes; 2tsp cinnamon; 2 hndfuls chocolate chips. 15 minutes @180C. Tasty!

It is cold outside so I have bought myself a new jumper! rather than bump the heating up. I have cut the roses back but wheelie is full so I will wait until Monday before cutting back more. Evenings are nearly back! I do not like the darkness! Bee hotel xmas pressie made ready to hang by front door at the end of next month. I will wait and see what has survived the winter before ordering new plants – hopefully I will have a dozen rose bushes and some bulbs. And maybe plant out the rosemary and thyme varieties alongside the road? Greenhouse is basically prepped ready to go with tomatoes.


I just made some bread – some strong white flour, rye flour, wholemeal flour and some rye flakes – I love it when a pland comes together – I could not give the recipe as it was a bit of this and a bit of that, then water until it felt good!. I had some just now with some cheese and home made mango chutney – rather nice!


Mango chutney made and tastes good! I will have to make more – it is a bit expensive. i left off the cardoman seeds (I could not find the jar! but everything else was as per the recipe! Well nearly – I used chilli flakes rather than powder as they are less ‘dry’ or do I mean ‘milder’?

Next up is the croquetas – I have to suss out using the deep fat fryer first!

i also have not made the cheese/rosemary/garlic thins for a while but have found this recipe for cheese and rosemary sables. I will leave out the cayenne but add in mixed peppercorns (whizzed with the rosemary and some garlic and the chilli flakes or maybe some chilli from the greenhouse).