Given the name of this blog I really do need to make some more jam. To this end I have bought the ‘Book of Jam’ from the National Trust before the Tory Party sell it off – the fact they do not own it will not stop them!


Very pleased with myself for some near perfect madeleines – light and fluffy! I think the secret is to switch the whisk on for about 10 minutes!, and mating the butter. Recipe here

Variations to experiment with  the classic lemon-scented madeleines here, but they do come in many flavors. Chocolate, rose, vanilla, lavender, and orange are all popular versions. Some people add mini chocolate chips and some people add a glaze. I suppose strawberries and raspberries could also work to add colour and flavour? Although the mix would need longer to cook as it has added liquid? mmmm? natural essences?


I have always known I have too many, and rarely cook recipes from them. BUT they do provide inspiration. I was thinking maybe I should start a cookbook library for a couple of hours a week. How many books would I need to start? I have maybe 60? Maybe convert the garage into a library with a couple of tables and chairs ? If there was no charging it would not be a business? People could exchange recipes and cakes and produce.

Just an idea?


looking for some books I found the World of Books website. So now I have a pile of books to read – all second hand but like new. Mainly cook books “The jam book’, ‘How to hygge’, ‘Rose Elliot’ and a few others. inspiration I hope.

So next week or when my boxes organic clementines, mangoes, lemons, etc. arrive straight from the Spanish farms I will have to get cooking. I also have to try out my new Madieline baking tray.


2 days ago I had a Madeleine baking tray delivered as ( thought I would try something new. Speaking to Tamsin this morning she just had a Madeleine baking tray delivered to make clam shaped cakes for Otties birthday.


Following yesterdays apple turnover good but as ever presentation let me down despite my best efforts. So today it is cheese, potato and onion pasty.

And maybe an experiment on the above by adding ??? (to be filled in later!). – I am thinking basil, garlic and maybe a touch of chilli?

And maybe a variant on the apple turnover by adding almonds and raisins?