I am not a historian so I am not sure that the next statement is correct. Times of crisis are often followed by social reform.

However if true the government will need to look out. Flag waving jingoism might appeal to the idiot and the sycophants in Number 10. But when this crisis is ebbing away, people might start to look at the distribution of income and job security. The latter is perhaps the most concerning. Zero hour contracts, short-term contracts and part-time work might be the American way but British Society is not as transient or malleable.


4 planted this morning; a plum, a fat one, a cherry and an ordinary one. Hopefully Di will let me have 4 more like last year – if not I will see if I~ can get a yellow one. Most of my other seeds are. coming up so it will be time to give some away, repot some and harden some up too go into the garden.


OK so my latest culinary experiment was mixed. Fruit tart. Tasted great. Appearance 5/10, but a soggy bottom. I just got careless (again), I did not prick the pastry before blind baking, and then did not remove the beans and return for another 5 minutes. But filling of some apples and pears and plums which had been stewed with a stick of cinnamon, and a squeeze of lemon was nice. Topping was oats, whizzed, plus plain flour, knob of butter and some caster sugar, oh and some whizzed mixed nuts. No amounts as I did not measure anything!


Again the government is slow to react – lorry drivers coming into the UK will have to be tested, unless they stay for less than 48 hours – please explain the logic of this, and why has it taken so long to come up with this. New variants have been around for months.

Relaxation of rules today which to be honest should not make a difference to numbers of infections as they refer to outside activities. It is good that schools do not seem to have caused a spike. The main concern I have now is the situation in Chile – why have they got a 3rd surge when their vaccination % is higher than ours. Is winter approaching there? But temp today is 25C and at night 11C so hardly cold? Is there a new variant?

Outside activities are fine, but then changing rooms, club houses? Shared cars?

Modena vaccine comes in at £24 per dose compared to Oxford/az at £3 per dose. Yes Mr. Johnson capitalism and greed do work ‘for the rich’.


1721 this lady inoculated her 3 year old son with smallpox (following the tradition used in Turkey). Another example of the male history in this country. PS- It worked and was used on many others. Edward Jenner was not born until 1749.


Just when things were going so well Johnson cannot keep his mouth zipped! (or trousers we are led to believe!). Encouraging people to go back to their workplaces, when a TUC survey says half of all workplaces are not Covid safe!


Rubbish weather day wet and windy and chilly.

The Ever Given remains wedged in the Suez Canal blocking it totally and preventing the carriage of £6.6 billion of trade per day, (12% of world trade – 50 ships per day). The 200000 tonne 400m long vessel went aground on Tuesday and may take days to clear. Ships are now embarking on the journey around the Cape of Good Hope which adds a week on the journey. High winds of 30mph and a dust storm were given as a cause of the incident.


Paraquat still being manufactured in the UK (Huddersfield) for export 14 years after it was banned here. Thousands of mainly poor farmers have died. Lets talk capitalism and greed Mr. Johnson!

Super large containership goes aground in the Suez Canal and blocks it. It may have an impact on petrol prices and other products if not shifted soon.

Covid ‘passports’ likely to be necessary in many pubs and restaurants. I have not put all the statistics into perspective yet. North Somerset has lower levels of infection than in September. The oldest half of the population has been vaccinated and school children tested. I suppose we do not know the long term effectiveness of the vaccines yet. Being old and vaccinated I would want everyone possible vaccinated, but does it really matter if 30 year olds are not? If the vaccine protects successfully against infection what is to be lost? It would seem sensible for mask wearing in winter everywhere inside to protect against flu? Personally I would not go to a football ground now, or a concert, and will continue to plan my shopping trips to quiet times.


Pesto and lemon drizzle cake both passed the taste test. Cake especially. Pesto is different but I was requested to make a jar. I think fresh parmesan and less of it next time – it can be added later if required.

I have decided I don’t actually like the garlic pesto! I will try adding some tomatoes but will not make more. The garlic might be good on the garden to deter the slugs?