Again the government is slow to react – lorry drivers coming into the UK will have to be tested, unless they stay for less than 48 hours – please explain the logic of this, and why has it taken so long to come up with this. New variants have been around for months.

Relaxation of rules today which to be honest should not make a difference to numbers of infections as they refer to outside activities. It is good that schools do not seem to have caused a spike. The main concern I have now is the situation in Chile – why have they got a 3rd surge when their vaccination % is higher than ours. Is winter approaching there? But temp today is 25C and at night 11C so hardly cold? Is there a new variant?

Outside activities are fine, but then changing rooms, club houses? Shared cars?

Modena vaccine comes in at £24 per dose compared to Oxford/az at £3 per dose. Yes Mr. Johnson capitalism and greed do work ‘for the rich’.

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