The Royal Family are unelected privileged representatives of the ruling class that treats the working person with contempt. Our democracy has not been totally eroded by tories crooks yet, so booing Willie was perfectly legitimate.


What a brilliant season, although not for all. Everton’s game with Liverpool is incredibly important for both. Will Pickering take out an important cog and ruin the season for Liverpool? A win for the reds would leave the toffees 1 point ahead of Burnley with a worse goal difference. Watford and Norwich seem destined for the championship and Leeds are by no means safe. Villa have plummeted whilst Palace and S’hampton are below the 40 point mark.

At the top Liverpool and ManC will battle to the last I suspect. Chelsea have faltered (a run of easier matches in December may have misled their true ability. Arsenal/Spurs for the last place in Europe? ManU – despite not being as bad as some suggest are out of luck and belief at the moment so might miss out on all European competitions (if not in the big one, this is probably a result of sorts – they will not miss the few million in prize money or TV ).

Fulham def promoted and already being criticised for playing style “which will not hack the Prem”. Bournemouth also looking good for guaranteed spot – then the next 4 for the playoffs. Peterborough, Derby and Barnsley down. The in-betweens house some biggish names – but I think all have yoyo written all over them.

League One -Wigan, Rotherham and MKDons will battle for 2 auto places. Sunderland will get a playoff but a club of their size and status should be trouncing everyone in this league – maybe they are not ready yet for resurrection? Pilgrims in with a chance as are the Owls. Plymouth vs MK Dons next week could be important.

League Two – FGR promoted, Exeter should join them and could Bristol Rovers make it a West Country party? Oldham become first Premiership club to exit football league, along with Scunthorpe (another rude joke gone). Exeter play Northampton in another crunch match.

Much lower down the leagues Chelmsford may have survived for another season in Vanarama National League.


8 Groups – looking at Pot 2 with Germany and Netherlands, and England, Spain, Portugal, France and Belgium in Pot 1 it makes a point for UEFA Euro Championship being more difficult to win than the FIFA World Cup. Will anyone come to challenge them and Brazil/Argentina – and note that Italy did not qualify! Whilst some individuals from outside these countries have been totally outstanding (Salah, Male, Son amongst many others), the ‘big 10’ still dominate in team strength based on thorough youth programmes.


Back to normal again after I totally screwed the admin this weekend.

Some games look straight forward, but at this time of the season most have something to play for, so surprises will occur. Liverpool should beat Watford, and ManCity should beat Burnley and Chelsea should beat Brentford. However nerves, a slight knock from international duty, can all have an impact. Brighton Norwich should be one for the Seagulls but the Canaries are showing some spirit so I am going for a draw. The midland derby looks like a draw to me, as do Leeds-Southampton and Palace and the Gunners. With ManUtd who knows? Brilliant players but maybe not enough leaders? Suspect they will be Vardied. Which leaves Everton heading south despite a good set of players – is Lampard heading for the fall with the Toffees? Boardroom rumours cannot help, and he has not had enough time to impose his influence – but look at what Xavi has done at Barca? What would Everton do to have a 4-0 win away at Anfield?


Do the admin people give a shit about fans? Man City vs Liverpool at Wembley 16/17 April. No direct trains between 15-18 April. Obvious answer is to move to Old Trafford, or even Villa Park or St.James’ Park. Will the FA do the sensible thing? I think most arteries – so no!


My predictions for going down are Norwich, Watford and Brentford. Although Everton might be rather nervous. Burnley have the grit about them, but are certainly at risk. Top 4 seem sort of sorted – ManC, Liverpool for title then Arsenal and Chelsea. Spurs or WHU could make a late challenge for Champions League place but I think ManU have something missing!

Of the middle table clubs – who knows? Who wants to travel to Eastern Europe for the Europa League in August? Wolves, Aston Villa, Leics, S’hpton, CPalace seem safe enough and just playing for fun? Brighton and the bar stripes should be ok.

Championship – Fulham still looking a safe bet – but my selection of Bournemouth is still ok! 3rd place subject to play offs is still open to the next 7 or 8.

Div1 – Wigan, MK Dons and Plymouth seem on fire at the moment with Rotherham in the lead. Sunderland do not have the quality but with a play off place and their crowd who knows.

Div2 – What is happening at FGR? Bristol Rovers and Newport on the charge.


Chelsea (Russian billions dripping with Ukrainian blood) versus Newcastle United (Saudi Arabian billions dripping with Yemeni blood – and the 81 executed by beheading last week).

No doubt there will be mindless chants by spectators with scarves around their necks so tight the brains supply of blood is halted rendering the organ inoperable and possibly fuelled by cocaine (according to many reports). Incidentally Chelsea FC would receive my total support if, at the start of any pro-Abramovich chants – they walk off the pitch. I wonder how the suits at the FA would cope with that?


Did Chelseas supporters complain when Abramovich bought league titles with what was then an obscene amount of money? Some are even whining about ‘Why should we (the Chelsea) supporters suffer? And even that it is unfair because Roman is a nice guy.


Abramovich hands over stewardship to the Chelsea’ charitable Foundation. He did not mention Ukraine – a clever legal move to retain ownership I suspect. meanwhile Johnson is pondering adding over 500 more Russians to the frozen cast. Why the delay? To pay school fees, transfer ownership of whatever to puppets?