A Monday take on the weekend. A nice win for Plymouth takes them top of the table, and a nice gate of nearly 12000.In fact gates in Div 1 were high with Sheff weds getting over 23 thousand and Ipswich over 19 thousand. Forest Green lost at Home to Swindon but remain top and the gas moved away from relegation zone (just) with win at home with an impressive gate of oner 6 thousand.

The internationals were remarkable for the lack of huge scores. 5-0 is not humiliation and achieved by San Marino, Andorra and Liechtenstein. Otherwise no real surprises, Hungary losing at home to Albania and other results being closer than expected. Wales need a win tonight in Estonia.


So the barcodes have been sold to the Saudi’s. Will they sign players like confetti – Haaland, Mbappe, for starters? I would be looking at my CV if I was Bruce – I suspect we will see big names mentioned over the next few days/weeks.


I like this tournament! Four teams per group meaning 6 games in total rather than the 10 or twelve in Fifa World Cup and Uefa Europa Cup. International games no longer mean much when so many are rather pointless. I accept that England vs Andorra or ~Gibraltar might help the game a bit, but surely it should be more like the FA Cup. The UEFA Nations League does this – cuts down the number of International Games and make the fixtures more relevant. So Italy vs Spain tonight, not on telly though, Italy favourites, but I wonder if the present demise of Barcelona might lead to more local talent coming through? I would guess one goal will settle it? Then tomorrow Belgium vs France – will Belgiums talented generation win something at last?


Internationals, but I thought I would keep it to 10 matches.Playing Friday: Czech Rep vs Wales:  Latvia vs NetherlandsSaturday: Switz vs N.Ireland:  Faroe Is vs Austria: Scotland vs Israel:  Andorra vs England:  Hungary vs Albania: Poland vs San Marino.Sunday UEFA Nations League Final: Belgium orFrance vs Italy or Spain: 3rd Place as before (Semi Finals on Weds and Thurs. Total number of goals could be interesting.


Lionel Messi again showed what a great player he is. His goal was made to look simple, a 30m run, a one-two with Kylian Mbappe, and a passs into the top corner. Genius. The only other sports person to show such composure in my opinion was Michael Jordan who seemed to have air hooks when playing basketball.


Well the afternoon gets off to a stunning start with Chelsea losing at home to ManC and then ManU losing at home to Villa and missing a late penalty to boot.  Is this the season to be remembered for missed penalties?  Rashford, Sancho, Saka, Antonio (WHU – Newcastle), Nobel (WHU – ManU), Fernandez (ManU – AV).  10 have been scored in the Premiership this season with Calvert-Lewis having scored 2.Will it be Liverpool top at the end of today?  And will Brighton be second on Tuesday morning or even top! if Liverpool lose at Brentford?  


Brighton 3 Swansea 1; Arsenal 5 Wimbledon 0; Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 1; ManU 2 WHU 3; Millwall 0 Leicester 2; Wolves 1* TottenhamH 1

I know nothing!

Well 5 out of 6 results correct and only Wolves v Spurs lost on penalties. Maybe this weekend I will catch up?


Impossible to judge due to lack of first team players, but for fun here goes: Brentford 2 – Oldham 1; Burnley 2 – Rochdale 1; Watford 2- Stoke; 1 Fulham 1 – Leeds 4; Wigan 0 – Sunderland 1; ManC 6 – Wycombe 0; Norwich 3- Liverpool 2; Preston 2- Cheltenham 1; QPR 0 – Everton 3; SheffU 2 -Southampton 3


Love it – just the names. Winners yesterday were : Pontefract Colleries; Curzon Ashton; City of Liverpool; Radcliffe; Runcorn Linnets; Marske United; Jersey Bulls are going to a replay. Chelmsford are through as are W-s-M. I think I am supporting Runcorn Linnets and Jersey Bulls for the next round.