Paraquat still being manufactured in the UK (Huddersfield) for export 14 years after it was banned here. Thousands of mainly poor farmers have died. Lets talk capitalism and greed Mr. Johnson!

Super large containership goes aground in the Suez Canal and blocks it. It may have an impact on petrol prices and other products if not shifted soon.

Covid ‘passports’ likely to be necessary in many pubs and restaurants. I have not put all the statistics into perspective yet. North Somerset has lower levels of infection than in September. The oldest half of the population has been vaccinated and school children tested. I suppose we do not know the long term effectiveness of the vaccines yet. Being old and vaccinated I would want everyone possible vaccinated, but does it really matter if 30 year olds are not? If the vaccine protects successfully against infection what is to be lost? It would seem sensible for mask wearing in winter everywhere inside to protect against flu? Personally I would not go to a football ground now, or a concert, and will continue to plan my shopping trips to quiet times.

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