It is difficult to separate Brexit and Covid impacts, especially as both are virus’ which keep mutating!

But lets have a go. Northern Ireland is slowly descending back into troubled waters with the government stuck in its dogma. Industries like fishing have been hit hard – I guess that as most fishermen seem to have voted for Brexit, that they cannot read? Imports from Europe have slowed, prices have risen. We might notice this more in the summer when fresh fruit and veg from the Mediterranean is due. A shortage of labour is reported across hospitality and agricultural sectors – whilst Patel is busy trying to send Europeans home, the industries are trying to recruit. I am not sure the dire shortages in the building industry are down to Brexit or Covid, probably a bit of both. New trade deal with Australia has not been welcomed by farmers or environmentalists.

Basically the Cabinet was selected to be Pro-Brexit with people of undoubted ability cast aside (by Cummings? Certainly by Johnson). The trouble seems to be that they did not, have not, got a plan (or a clue) on how to deal with the problems (entirely foreseeable) that have and will ensue.

They are still basking in the view that this is a government which gets things done – KILLING OLD PEOPLE IN CARE HOMES, BREXIT, ENRICHING THEIR BUDDIES, SELLING OFF PARTS OF THE NHS, VACCINES, and maybe they dissolution of the United Kingdom, and more likely the selling of patient data from the NHS. This last one has not been touted yet – but wait and see!

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