Time to get the sick bucket out and the mouthwash to clean the acrid taste of populist electioneering from the mouth. We know the Conservative Party took the poison of Thatcherism and has been steadily moving away from its traditional roots ever since. The need to balance public welfare and corporate profit has long since gone.

One favorite topic is the need to reduce tax – When we see the billions spaffed against the wall over the last 13 years it is hard to disagree! But the RW Media concentrates on cutting Inheritance tax, and the tax for the top earners – when did they ever publish an article which analysed the benfits of raising the threshhold fot income tax, or increasing the tax allowances for single mothers?

The Mail and Express are both pushing the anti-war on drivers mantra – I doubt that either will be campaigning to cut the tax on fuel. Councils are to be told to cut fines for motorists – how will they replace the money? Hunt has suggested that to save money, teachers could use AI to mark work. Nice idea, I hated marking with such a passion that I managed to avoid it most of the time! But does this mesan he would cut wages commensurately? Otherwise how does that save money? It would make the job more attractive, but AI would need a lot of programming to give the nuanced advice that even I managed on the rare occasion! Presumably his experience is limited to exam style marking – which would give more profits to the exam corporations like EDEXCEL and deprive teachers of the ability to top up their salaries.

Wow – I was not expecting this to develop into a rant! Even with John Mayall’s ‘Blues from Laurel Canyon’ on the speakers! I will not repeat yesterdays rant about their motorists charter – despite knowing people who love their cars as a fop to their lack of confidence.

I cannot bring myself to talk about Braverman – There are very few people I would enjoy punching – I am not a violent person – but I am developing a list! Braverman (Ok, it is never right to punch anyone, but even worse to punch a woman – Braverman remains on the list!), Rees-Mogg – whose children need to be put into care and given drugs and alcohol!), Coffrey (another woman whose face would probably absorb and dissolve a fist!), I am enjoying this vicarious fight with the Tories – Anderson , Dorries, Johnson, Hancock, Sunak, Hunt, in fact the whole Cabinet! Actual I would not want to punch them – just make them appear in a court where the charge was that they acted against the interests of the British Public!

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