What seems to be missing from the horror that is the current Government policy regarding asylum seekers is/are the personal stories of the actual people involved. The horrors that have led to people risking their lives to escape persecution and seek a safe future. A future where this government basically imprison them and throw away the key – how long does it take to process legitamete seekers? But that belies the the motive of the government – they do not want to identify those who are legitimate. Pandaring to the right wing media and the lobotomised minority in this country they want to paint all foreigners alike.

There is a global problem with refugees due to wars and environmental conflicts such as those caused by climate change. However shipping a few hundred people to Rwanda seems a rather obscure policy! Running away from COP28 is typical of this government. We are aware of the £300 million spent so far, and the hours of government time? If only they put the same effort into dealing with the NHS and the economic crisis!

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