Sunak seems to be trying to dismantle British Democracy. My understanding of democracy in this country was that there is a balance between the legislature and the legal system. Brexit was about taking back sovereignty. we now have an unelected PM introducing legislation which has not been put before the public in a manifesto or general election, and which seeks to circumvate both the judiciary and international law. Indeed this government has a track record of trying to give powers directly to Ministers and avoiding scrutiny in Parliament. This is in no way democratic. If the PM wishes to overall the Supreme Court he should have to call a general election, not push legislation through Parliament. Hopefully the HoL will reject his legislation. His press conference was forthright – he will effectively ban asylum seekers, deny access to courts, allow ministers to selectively disregard international law.

We have already seen hundreds of people arrested and prosecuted for ‘slow walking’ demonstrations against the climate polluters. Legislation to give Ministers the power to basically ban strikes has been drafted. This government needs to go before it totally damages our country irrevocably.

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