OMG – stop! Please stop! The Conservative Party is getting worse and worse! The betting scandal continues with people now known to be involved. A Health Minister has been accused of cronyism after disclosures related to contracts for ‘advice’. DWP flags 200000 people for fraud and error. 75% of the UK’s rivers are in poor health. The list is endless!.

The shit press are now panicing about a Labour super majority – is this so they can claim a ‘victory’ if the majority is less than 100, or 150, or ………

However there are questions still to be answered. The Muslim vote will not have forgotten Starmers blunder over Gaza; the young want rid of the tories but also want a vision of a better future (Starmer seems scared shitless y the Mail, Telegraph and Murdoch!; are there lots of people who are still undecided? Will Farage undermine Labour in the north? Will Farage support/Reform crumble as people become aware of the reality? This last one is unfortunately not so true!

The geography of it all! I am fascinated by this. Cities seem to be largely Labour. However things are changing as University towns are also joining the red ranks with even Canterbury falling. Will the rural vote stuff the tories to the benefit of the Lib.Dems. The Greens will be interesting with Brighton, Bristol and then a couple of rural areas? Will the Muslim vote have an impact? Will the SNP vote hold up in Scotland (where the Tories could be left with 1 or 2 seats at best?). What about Wales where the Labour Party has held sway for a long time – familiarity breeds contempt could affect both the SNP in Scotland and Lab in Wales. PC do seem to have a limited geographic appeal? Then NI – what will Sein Fein do? Will the SDP make further inroads? I suspect that support for the DUP is too ingrained to be undermined

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