So the MSP are trying to say that Labour are releasing violent criminals – to be honest it all seems a bit halfhearted – everyone knows the problem was created by a totally incompetent Sunak government.

The appointment of Timpson seems inspired. At a minimum of £50000 per year to incarcerate a prisoner, and with a reoffending rate of 25% or more makes a transfer of money to Probation staff, education and community schemes makes 100% sense. If they want tips on how to do it РVisit Holland! And in case the knuckle draggers who advocate locking them up at every opportunity forget Рevery reformed and rehabilitated offender equals less victims of crime.

Cooking and plants!

Well the baguettes turned out rather well – chuffed!

And some plants arrived! The indoor plants ordered x2 were strelitzla Reginae – I really ought to read the instructions and details as they grow to 2m! – I guess it is the porch along with the flame lily and winter jasmon and the Benjamin! – It could get a bit crowded!


I am not sure of the answer but it ain’t right! Why should bills go up and dividends and bonus’ paid out when the companies are so publically failing. I would say nationalise them. Is it not a basic rule of capitalism that investing in a company is a risk? These companies have shafted customers for ¬£billions. They are obviously failing so let them fail. If teacher pension funds have invested unwisely they too will have to take a hit. (Just like councils had to with the Icelandic Banking Crisis – when guilty parties were imprisoned!). And if that means me – I accept it! Capitalism at the edge is a cruel beast. PS.Any teacher who loses part of their pension will hardly be poverty stricken!

So let them go bust – take over the roles and employ the workers with no loss of wages. Water rates may still need to up to fill the gap in provision left by the greedy bastards! Will this affect companies investing in the UK – why should it? If successful the investment will make money, if not we (the public) will not subsidise the investments any more. The any more is important! Ever since privatisation the water companies have had a monopoly on supply and a guaranteed income – no risk capitalism does not work!


I have had a little shopping spree! Bought a proper baguette mould and cloth, small loaf tins (to cut wastage and then some plants!

And Because the jungle needs them? Oh well I have bought …..

Item(s) to followQty.
KB8513 Salvia Microphylla Lips Collection 9 Jumbo Plugs Inc: – Item #: KB85131
KB8459 Lavender Duo Hidcote + Munstead 24 Plugs – Item #: KB84591
KB7781 Alstroemeria Butterfly Hybrids 3 Postiplugs Inc: – Item #: KB7781

KA2948 Strelitzia Reginae Bird Of Paradise 9cm Pot x 2 Inc: – Item #: KA2948
The last are indoor plants because 70 is not enough!

I think the lavender will be a hedge alng the front eventually! And hot lips seem to do well so I will dot them around! 12 pots of flowers out front seem ok and hanging baskets looking good – including the herb one!

It also looks like I will get some mulberries this year for the first time. Sunny today so tomatoes might start ripening. I might go and get some strawberries tomorrow – more jam?

I was asked about the football and had to admit that I would not be upset if Spain win – they are an exciting side, having said that, I would like to see England win! But a exciting open game will be fine!

I saw a friend today who is very well off, his wife went to buy some strawberries at a market but came back with none because she could not get them cheap! Why are some people so tight!

FYI there are 33000 sets of traffic lights in E&W! Last season there were 1297 laps in Gran Prix!


I just do not get why they keep banging on about it! What is it that has not been done? Inflicting pain and cruelty on migrants? And then getting away with it by withdrawing from all international treaties regarding human rights or human welfare? Or is it the refusal of other countries to welcome us with open arms regarding trade deals – even the EU! Well FMB! I am not sure what else the useless, lying bastards were expecting? Most have lined their pockets and like James Dyson are now fucking off to screw someone else.

Have we not destroyed the natural world enough? Over-riding EU laws to enable more pesticides to be used, and fuck me – insect numbers go down to critical levels. I hope the bastards rot in hell! Wow – only 11.06 for the venom!


It makes no sense that this issue is still ignored. Hurricane Bryl was the first of the year, and earliest ever, and brought huge destructive energy acrossbthe Caribbean. It is likely to be the first of many this year – Will Trump do a Canute impression on the beach in Florida (without the wisdom of Canute!)? Already the insurance companies are recording high claims – it will get worse and the costs will be passed on to us all (Lloyds of London is still a key insurer internationally).

Elsewhere Japan is recording very high temperatures and Delhi has had record highs above 50C. Crops across Europe are being hit (I tried to buy cherries from Spain but the crop failed!). Farmers in the UK are recording high losses and without sunny weather soon the cereal crop will suffer. On a positive I have lots of mulberries for the first time and the apple tree is loaded. Tomatoes in greenhouse are slow – just 250g so far. But chillies are coming on!


Am I alone in being reminded of 1984 and Band Aid – the opening with Status Quo “here we go…….”.

Labour have indeed hit the ground running – pledges for the NHS, doing away with planning regs for onshore wind farms, meetings with NATO with a positive bent. Green Belt (Grey belt) to be revised. BUT there are warning signs – Thames Water treatment plants are in danger of. failing for 3 million people, thsi and other seeletons are being revealed as the true enormity of the last governments incompetence are uncovered and reported by civil servants. But Ferrari on LBC is upset that there is no longer a Veterans Minister – Mercer was so useless that the job has not existed for years! He was also getting his knickers in a twist over Starmer meeting mayors (A Tory invention) with a view to reducing centralisation on Westminster and promoting levelling up! I only listened for abot 90 seconds and then had to turn off and listen to Morcheeba!

James O’Brien will have his work cut out – phone-in’s work on the premise of people complaining? Are there enough Tories out there who want to complain about things getting better! I am sure that Labour will have some major cock-ups on the way – but I hope and believe that they will be honest ones. The task is immense but already the atmosphere has improved – the stench of corruption has been dispersed and vanquished to seaside resorts like Clacton, Skegness and Jaywick.


I was hoping for a Farage free Observer today – but the gormless mug appeared on P9! No doubt the BBC will continue to promote his brand of racism and hatred.

Otherwise all the words coming out of Westminster have been positive. A Cabinet meeting when most members will have been knackered, but prepared to get on with the job of mending the country! Interesting appointment of GOATS (Government of all the talents) to high places boes well for the future – especially after the merry go round of Tory ministerial appointments. Timpsom, Hermer and Vallance seem like solid choices! And in Miliband we have a respected advocate of climate action. The short straw? Between Wes Streeting with the NHS mess and Angela Rayner who will face virulent opposition to any new proposals!

However I do feel positive that things will get better – but it may take time! I was also pleased to see Corbyn re-elected and he will have other independants and perhaps the Greens to form a pressure group within Parliament.

Reform? – They can just fuck off, and then fuck off some more!


The twat does not understand hypocrisy! We had a referendom on it Garbage Face? But do referendums count for nothing? Actually I am in favour of PR and would be happy to see the Reform Party held to an open account. we woould not have had the disasterous lost 14 years with it. Yes the twats would get time in Parliament, but surely not even more air time>. They could also be held to account on their voting and issues other than racism and cutting tax!

In fact coukd we have a referendum on immigration with strict rules that all facts presented must be fact checked before publication on threat of huge fines/prison?


So it is all over! What have we learnt?

Humiliation for the Conservatives but not a total evisceration – but only just! Big names went down – Truss, Sleaze-Dogg, Mordaunt, Guillis, Mercer, Keegan, Shapps, Chalk. etc.. Sunak and Hunt held on with reduced majorities. Sunak resigned as leader and we wait and see if fhere is a swing to the right?

Greens and Reform both won 4 seats but the former still gets no mention whilst the c*nt Farage milks the press. Reform vote comes are very much of a protest single issue vote (racism!). We have to accept that 10-15% of the population are racist! No doubt the money will pour in for Farage and he will be on TV and in The Mail and Telegarph and Express incessantly. The Greens will continue to build from local strongholds just as they did in Bristol and Brighton. With 4 MP’s they have an opportunity to be heard – specially on climate and environmental aspects. If Starmer really wants to ring changes he could co-opt a Green as a junior minister for Climate, environment or water quality? I guess that this would be unpopular with the 412 elected Labour MP’s?

The Lib.Dems have an opportunity to be an effective opposition – it may take time for the Tories to form a co-herent one as they have been split asunder! I think I saw that there will be a new speaker – they will need to be strong to put Farage and Anderson in their place constitutionally – something they have no intention of doing! Maybe they should all be elected to the most boring committees? The LD’s are effectively with the greens to the left of Labour.

There are also the independants elected on the Gaza ticket! along with the disaffected Labour members headed by Corbyn. It is worth noting that Corbyn got more votes than Starmer’s Labour, but did not have the ruthless organisation that Starmer has developed.

Scotland has seen the SNP (just 9 seats down from 47!) decimated and the Tories have just 5 seats. I think this may be due to the ruling fatigue and the arrests in its leadership! Rather than a desire to promote the Union? Wales went Tory free(down 12) and Plaid Cwmru doubled to 4 whilst Labour went up 9 despite holding power in the Seined for years!

Northern Ireland is usually ignored in general elections as it has fewer seats – but here there were only minor changes(I think?). The DUP lost 2 seats but they remained in the fold (I think)! Sein Fein remained at 7 who will not be sworn in as MP’s.