No not the brilliant shopping district of York.

The governments handling of the NHS supposed pay rise (less than inflation so ??? Junior doctors have been excluded …, why?


I am not sure mainstream media have cottoned onto this affront to democracy. An Israeli spyware firm supplied surveillance software which could target phones. This software was provided to a number of countries and has been used against political opponents, journalists, internationally important politicians, and people in the UK. Up to 50.000 people have been targeted according to leaked data given to trusted media organisations worldwide.


OK I voted against and still think it a disaster. However of more importance is trust. Surely even liars know that when they sign a contract it is not negotiable when and if you change your mind?


Although there was a nice breeze whilst watering the garden at 5 am. At least it is not as hot as Western North America, or as wet as central Western Europe has been or South Island, New Zealand. 320.000 residents of Yakutsk have been warned to stay indoors to avoid the thick toxic smoke from forest fires in this Siberian region. Zhengzhou is trying to recover from a record flood which inundated the subway system drowning at least 12. The rainfall broke hourly and daily 70 year data. Hurricane season in North Atlantic predicted to be less than last year (The weather channel), conflicting with earlier predictions).

Lots of cumulus humbles this afternoon. Met office predicts no rain until Saturday though.

Time for the nasty party to start a campaign against the loss of freedom which will be perceived with higher taxes on fossil fuels. Arguments about the economy and fear mongering will develop.


5 am watering of greenhouse (with added hose the last few days), and then the patio and the front garden. All my mints, sages and thymes seem to be doing well. Chickory has spread a little andI love the blue flowers. Pineapple sage has had a lovely red flower and I loved the flax earlier in the summer. Lots of small white butterflies and one painted lady – hopefully the hot spell will lead to a proliferation of them. I have left some nettles and buddlea for them.

Tomatoes are coming on, and another couple of cucumbers – I reckon if I get 10 that is cheaper than buying them (although obviously they have not been sprayed, etc. – and so pleased see them!). Thinking about late planting of parsley, lettuce, whatever, as there are now spaces in the greenhouse. peppers looking good.


you thought they could not be any worse they succeed. If pinged it is not legally binding says a minister, then Downing Street says you should isolate if pinged. But critical workers will be exempt, as long as they take daily tests and are negative. But who is a critical worker is not stated. Any tax payer could claim to be. critical worker? What about a worker in a food shop? Or a shelf stacker in a supermarket, or the lorry driver who delivers the produce, or the waste collection operatives, any public transport worker, any NHS worker, Post Officer worker, delivery driver, and in this heat an ice cream van worker.


Well it’s hot! 9am and 25C indoors. My Best Buy of the year has been a fan – amazing. Even if for just a few days a year, worth every penny of £46.99. With solar panels no running costs. yesterday it was on for 8 hours. I have not needed it at night yet as I opened the windows wide and only partially pulled the curtains – my plants preserve my privacy, and hopefully safety (big rose bush by bedroom window!). Looks like the same for next few days


Whilst I would be pleased to see everyone take up the vaccine, we live in a democracy of sorts (its failings becoming increasingly apparent) where we have the freedom to make choices affecting our lives, and which do not impinge on those of others.