i am minded to discuss Brexit for the first time for a while. the economic costs of Brexit are clear. No amount of effort by Badenoch and the Daily Express can disguise the damage wreaked on the economy by that vote. I am however more concerned with the damage done to the fabric of the UK. Taking back control seems to have been interpreted by the Government to concentrate power in the hands of Ministers rather than Parliament. The lies told during the campaign have seriously eroded the faith of the public in Ministers and politicians generally.

Let me unpick these a little. The Brexit campaign was notable for the whopping lies told blatantly. All politicians lie, or are at least economical with the truth, however Brexit legitimised the avoidance of truth at all. Politicians themzelves are more likely to eminate from Universities where they read Politics and Economics than coming from jobs where they work for a livelihood, I do not mean a few months as an intern or a job in a corporate entities, but as a proper employee whether in management or on the shop floor. Angela Rayner seems to be one of the few real people in politics. The Covid Inquiry has revealed the shameful lack of scientists and engineers in the upper eschelons of politics and the civil service. The way government has switched people between completely different departments is indicative of a culture where the quality most admired is the ability to ‘put on a good show’ rather than evidence of substance and understanding. To move between department briefs, the inhabitants of these posts, develop the necessary skills of procrastination and fudge.

The budget was obviously a culmination of these skills. The MSP latched onto the bullshit with alacrity – claiming it to have been a huge tax cut. The cut was to public services which will experience a 4% cut – byebye any remaining ‘green policies’. Local councils will find further cuts impossible without closing valuable resources. Pot holes will become larger and more common. The budget also seems to have risked fuelling inflation. Much was said about the benefit of a National Insurance cuts, but nothing about the rise in energy bills, or the costs facing those who have to reset their mortgages. Nothing was said about investment in our infrastructure or National Health System.

So to be generous the budget was economical with the truth, ratehr than out and out lies.


It is a shame this is not getting more press coverage. Johnson has been confirmed as the buffoon he is – no surprise there! Sunak is also emerging as out of his depth and with concern only for the economics rather than people. Again no surprise!

Evidence that this government is not fit to govern – time for a general election.


It has been wet recently. I emptied a bucket about 2 weeks ago and it is now full again. the soil is saturated – a drive along rural roads is like navigating a river. The forecast is for more rain starting early morning and lasting most of the day. It is a credit to the Environment Agency that flooding has not occured around here. However much new housing has been built on flood plains and I wonder how much the flood defences can cope with.


So the government lost its appeal against the Rwanda Scheme. However the topic of migration is still urgent. The Governments processing of asylum seekers is a shambles. £140 million has been spent regarding Rwanda so far (plus legal fees). Processing needs to be speeded up – surely not that difficult? Also we need to have a functioning relationship with the EU and France regarding this. There is no doubt that the public is concerned regarding migration – Brexit was a result of this. What is really needed is a grown up debate which considers the demographics of this country, our role as an international donor to the UN and climate impact amelioration schemes. Integration of migrants into society also needs addressing. For too long we have concentrated on the ‘little boats’ rather than bigger issues.

With more of us old ‘uns there needs to be sensible strategies for dealing with an increasingly unbalanced population.


So Sunak states that he has a unified Cabinet – thus acknowledging that he has not had this before. Braverman has gone and Sunak has appointed Ester McVie as Minister without Portfolio which is basically a sop to the right wing. She is apparently tasked with leading the anti-woke culture war. I thought they had given up on this, it is hardly relevant to those struggling with bills this winter.

Now we wait to hear what the instructions from the ERG will be. They will have been blindsided by Camerons appointment. I suspect they will resort to demands about Brexit – although everyone else has moved on, and about migration. Tje advantage Bracerman now has is that she is no longer in Government and therefore divorced from the problem.


Sacked at last! Cleverly to replace her. Whilst not a moderate conservative he is not of the rabid right and is regarded as a pragmatist. Cameron as Foreign Secretary is more interesting – sending a clear message that there are no candidates of worth in the rest of the party! A safe smiley face he maybe – but surely not the election winner he hopes. We also have to wait and see what Braverman says in the next few days. Rees-Mogg has already cindemned her sacking. The Daily Mail, Express and Telegraph were all too bust trying to condemn the handfull of peace marchers with potentially anti-semetic slogans on, stating to be violent? Tomorrow we will be able to gauge their reaction – they are non-too-keen on Cameron who was a remainer.


The international gap looms again and I have not related on the season so far. First my teams. Sunderland flatter to deceive with good spells followed by a crushing defeat – playoffs if they are lucky as Leicester, Leeds and Ipswich seem to have te top sown up with Southampton snapping at their heels – it looks like 3 or these 4 should be promoted. Bristol City are doing the normal mid table thing and now have a new manager. Plymouth, as expected are struggling just above the drop zone. Bristol Rovers, also with a new manager are also mid table. Forest Green look like heading out of the league unless there is a turn around in their form. Chelmsford City also blow hot and cold with too many draws (lacking a striker??).

In the Premier it again looks like Manchester City will sweep all before them. possibly moving 3 points clear of arsenal if they beat Chelsea this evening. Spurs and Liverpool look good for next 2 places. ManUtd keep winning (badly) so cannot be dismissed. The other team in the mix for top 6 is Aston Villa who are on a role. Brighton and Brentford look to have exceeded their predictions until recently.

Elsewhere – harry Keen is breaking all scoring records in the Bundesliga whilst Jude Bellingham is starring for Real Madrid. Ajax have moved off the foot of the Eredivisie with 2 wins and a draw in their last 3 games.

SUNDAY 11.11.23

Rememberance Day went by and over 300000 people marched for peace in Gaza. The only violence was by right wing thugs intent on creating mayhem at the march. Sunak equated that violence with te wearing of a pro-Hamas scarf bringing to mind the childrens rhyme, sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me. He has still not sacked Braverman who really should be prosecuted for inciting violence. The Mail led with Michael Gove being ‘Jostled and abused by Pr0-Palestinian mob”, whilst the Express led with hate marchers on left and right – the thugs were not marching, and the 300000 showed no hate! But the slaughter of the innocents continues in Gaza.

Stop looking back is my message – history has been horribe to the Jews, but this is not to give a carte blanche to the slaughter of children. The Hamas slaughter was horrific – acts of war usually are- but there will come a time for negotiation. Israel will not be happy until there are no hamas members to negotiate with,; but then they will have to find a way to accomodate Palestians into the Middle East Region. The grieviances they are developing will not be easy for innocent Palestinians to forget.

France has allocated 1 billion euros to Polar climatic research over the next 6 years. In contrast our government is agreeing a new round of exploration licences for fossil fuel exploitation and the number of applications for new wind farms in England is zero! Time for this government, berefit of positive ideas, to call a general election.

America is politically interesting with events over the past week. Democrats won important elections across the country where campaigning on pro-abortion amongst other aspects were popular – yet Biden is less popular than the republican Trump. Maybe Biden needs to hand over the candidacy to a younger version? Biden seems to have got most of the big calls correct with the economy and the environment (not all – this is the USA we are talking about!). Will Gavin Newsom become a name we are familiar with?

In the UK the Supreme Court will rule on Wednesday on whether Brvermans Immigration Policies are legal. If not the ERG and cronies will be calling for the UK to leave the European Court of Human Rights.

Inflation – another thing I do not fully understand! If inflation rockets the government blames The Bank of England and anyone else it can think of. When inflation comes down it takes the plaudits! I thought the Bank of England interest setting committee was independant of government? So who do we credit with inflation falling?


It seems that the Conservative Party is on manoeuvres! Faced with near oblivion at the next e;ection several narratives are becoming apparent. Sunak is trying to distance himself from the policies of the last 13 years – promosing a new start, and planning for the future! As this is being done the likes of Braverman are making a play for leadership of a party that is far to the right of the traditional conservative (who was socially liberal). Attacks on the homeless and migrants are playing to a populist group with large funds based around Tufton Street. Whether “Middle England” will support this remains to be seen. Recent polls suggest that the Respect Party have a limited appeal – Farage is seen as a Johnson like leader for the present. Braverman would like to manoevre the Tory Party to the right to usurp Farage and leave a party of the right with diminished government roles. What is actually needed is increased government roles to enhance social cohesion.

Brilliant explanation of current conservative policy on x by supertanskii – worth a listen, also Dave lawrenvce is always good.


The FA Cup throws up some romantic stories at times before the state funded behemoths of Manchester City and Newcastle United enter in the 3rd round.

This week Cray Valley Paper Mills of the Isthmian League – South East Division enter the draw for the 2nd Round of the Emirates FA Cup. The Paper Mills closed in 1981 but the club, founded in 1919 eventually found a new ground which they lease from Dulwich Council in Eltham. The ground, which will host 1946 FA Cup Winners Charlton Athletic, has a capacity of 1200 with a stand of 100. Cove are 117 places below Charlton in league terms.

This cup run should guarantee their finacial situation for a while!