Not only could there be an explosion of cases in the student body, but also the thousands of ancillary and support staff (many from vulnerable communities). It cannot be beyond the capability of the government to demand that venues for events are well ventilated and ALL participants logged in. If there are cases of covid, all attendees could be easily identified and strict testing procedures put in place.

We also need to know what number of deaths the Government considers acceptable before taking action. At present, despite nearly 90% vaccination, the number appears to around the 50.000 a year mark. Whether this is including, would otherwise be influenza deaths, or on top of the ‘normal’ 25000 deaths from ‘flu is to be seen.

We also need to know under what circumstance new measures may have to be taken. Businesses and individuals need to be informed.

Someone needs to tell Johnson & Co what the term government means – i.e. to govern, to manage society for the benefit of the people. Not passing the buck to others, not enriching themselves and cronies.

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