There is no doubting the incompetence, callousness, moral decrepitude, etc. of this government. They tell lies everytime they open their mouths. The Rwanda debacle is just another stain on their ability in government. It will not stop the boats, nor do they want it too (the boat people are too important as a hate subject for the problem to be solved). So there is no doubt that they must go – but the prospect of Starmer’s Labour is not overwhelminglming! Angela Rayner humiliated Dowden at PMQ’S and we can expect the client media outlets to double down their hatred of her tomorrow, She comes across as an honest politician without the Westminster patena.

I find it hard to think of any positive achievements that this government under its mny mnifestations of leadership have brought to the country. But again ask, will Labour step up and be good enough – I know it is a huge ask but Britain expects.

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