The Government has used Brexit to stem the flow of Eastern Europeans taking these jobs, but British citizens are reluctant to fill these posts. In the short term there is a strong case for raising the minimum wage substantially. This is often thought to increase inflation, but this is true only if companies are allowed to maintain their margins and dividends. Basically the labour shortage could probably be solved by transferring wealth from share holders to employees. But the employees would spend more, the vast majority in local stores, and companies would increase sales.

Share prices may fall and companies would need to be protected from foreign takeovers by hedge. funds that are already circling many UK firms as they Arte perceived to be profitable and cheap. No firms should be allowed to pay bonus’ to directors unless all theirnworkers earn enough to avoid universal credit. Would this lead to directors going abroad – possibly, and good riddance, many are doing a rubbish job at the moment anyway.

In the long term we will see more mechanisation, robots and AI. This should be seen as a great driving force for innovation and exports. We also need a long term population policy to reduce the size of the UK population. With an ageing population we will need greater efficiency and mechanisation.

So rather than growth economically and demographically we need a strategy that can ensure a high standard of living for all, a flourishing natural environment, companies on a sustainable long term economic plan not predicated on perpetual growth. Green spaces need to be protected, not used for more housing.

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