Records continue to tumble. A Swiss Met Office balloon reached its highest ever before being at 0C – at 5300 m. Southern Europe is braced for a new heat wave with temps above 40C. In Canada the military is sent to help fight the wildfire (Shoot them?) and 35000 have been placed under evacuation orders. Tropical Storm Hilary continues to bring copious rainfall, despite the wind speed falling, to s.California and Nevada. 15 natural disasters costing more than $1bilIion so far this year (another record) wonder what is happening elsewhere?

We know that governments can get their acts together when faced with catastrophe – in this country as a reaction. Corporations will have to take a hit, globalisation reassessed. Environmental damage costed and paid to a fund which could invest in insulation and green energy, local food production and scientific research.

To kick start this fund we could have a 90% tax on increases is net payments to executives (to include bonus and wage hikes).

Remember that we have not seen hikes in sea level yet – sea level rise + low pressure + high onshore winds could mean disasters across the world including the UK. 107.9 million people live within 1m of sea level, 431m within 6m. A refugee crisis in the making? When will London rebuild the Thames Barrier – starting the work is getting urgent!

Time for joined up thinking – get environmental groups, and people like Marcus Rashford and Jamie Oliver together with Dale Vince and Chris Packham, then Marina Purkiss and Gemma Forte and Zac Goldsmith (if he can leave racist comments aside!)..

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