So the government is to cut bck on green policies. Maximise profits before losing power? Create an even bigger problem for the next government. Maybe is should be ‘NASTY IS AS NASTY DOES’?

Why does the government not issue a travel warning for Rhodes and Corfu – Oh becausde that could hit the profits of the travel companies – no concern for holiday makers? Why has the government not chartered planes to get people out? Flood warnings acrosss the north of the UK. Sewage warnings across the south west. Of course people would rather nit have extra costs during this economic crisis – but properly explained they would understand the need, especially if subsidised by the government – and NO Starmer I do not buy the shortage of money aspect. The government found a 25% pay rise for the King (on top of the hundreds of millions he is making from offshore wind farms. Selling off Buckingham Palace could bring in a couple of billion!

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