Election America

Well he seems to be getting even more mentally unstable as thee election approaches. He has appointed a Republican donor to be head of the postal service, and he has started removing post boxes and sorting machines. Postal voters are more likely to vote Democrat – so Trump is spewing out false news about postal voters.

His handling of the covid crisis has been appalling, the economy is tanking, BLM movement is stoking divisions across the country, he provokes animosity with former allies, and yet he remains in the running with firm support from white voters who must have IQ’s below measurement!

And his opponent is the less than charismatic Joe Biden a sprightly 78 year old, Trump is only 74!

American democracy always seemed a misnomer to me. Firstly because of the eyewaterinw sums needed to be a candidate – this year running into billions. Secondly because of their strange electoral college system, and the different enfranchisement rules in each state. It makes no sense to have a vote with basically 2 people on the ballot in which the person with the largest number of votes does not win? Trump received less votes than Hilary Clinton. It is possible that a state could vote against the majority vote of its population – what the ….? Democracy – nat as I see it!

Will America descend into bloodshed and civil strife in November? With more guns than people it certainly has that capacity. As actual votes are counted before postal ones it is possible Trump will claim victory was denied him by corrupt postal voting (of which there is no evidence, and has not been since introduced in the 19th century).

And the geography is, as ever, interesting. Will voting be different between urban/rural; between sexes; between races; between socio-economic groups; between educational achievement groups?

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