Covid-19 latest

Forced into action by the 2 amigos (Whitty and Vallance) the PM announced that pubs will shut an hour earlier and will have to have table service. Apart from this there were no real changes except for him to state that if Covid is on the rise again it is the publics fault.


Since becoming Labour leader he has done a Stirling job at PMQ’s, but more is needed. How is this incompetent and shoddy government still level with Labour in the polls? What is needed is a clearly defined and costed economic plan for the future of the country. Jeremy Corbyn’s ideas were widely approved of,


Even the dawn chorus when camping! But numbers of birds in the UK is down by 40.000.000 since 1970; in North America down nearly Yes I do the words million and billion – but the numerals are more stunning/shameful.

Winter and Covid-19

Whist the government has put emphasis on faces, hands and space, the WHO a few months ago published reports on aerosol spreading and the need for ventilation. It seems like we all need to add layers and keep the windows open.